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A little too many for a simple substitution.
Breakfast cereal
coconut candy
custard premium
sweet coconut
whipped cream


I just made a coconut custard as well a couple days ago. You all need to stop reading my mind, it’s creepy lol. Of course mine can’t compete with yours, hence I’m not even bothering. I’ll give yours a try after I get the flavors. Thank you for sharing :wink:


I’m not convinced.


Who makes the sweet coconut?


Flavorah I think


It was from this recipe


Oh, that’s FA Coconut. I like that one a lot; just ran out. I wasn’t as happy about the Coconut Candy (TPA) because, generally I don’t go for candy flavors.


Did you click on the link?


I just did now. Yes, it’s Flavorah, which I don’t have. I don’t have or haven’t experimented with a few of his flavors. I made a solemn promise to not purchase new flavors until I’ve made use of the ones I have. Bummer, I’ll either break that promise or determine to find/create great recipes with my stash. Tick tock tick tock…I’ll let you know. The FA Cereal sounds interesting in how it makes the coconut toasty :cold_sweat:


I’m in the same boat… but I swear I’m going to break that promise this summer, big time


What do you do to preserve the flavors you haven’t used in a long time?


I just keep everything together in the same place. I’ve got flavors that I’ve had for over a year and a half, I haven’t noticed any degrading yet.
They all just go in a dark place, room temperature… a box, a drawer, … whatever you have at hand will work.


That’s what I’ve been doing. My flavors are in handled caddy cases at the bottom of my closet and my steepers are in my sock drawer :rofl: I’m running out of room for my socks.

Something like this for my 30ml bottles:


Ok need some suggestions to get somewhere with this flavour playing with the vta carrot cake its classed as a one shot and is pretty authentic really and the carrot seems strong to me after mixing it with this and that i have found the fw hazelnut is a good companion but feel i need a vanilla cream, or butter, or maby a little sweetener. Seeing as this flavour is kinda a one shot i don’t want to throw to many flavours at it any suggestions would be much appreciated i have moved my private notes to notes so you can see a bit of my process



I would love to get some opinions on this thank you


FA cream whipped may give you the cream , butter and add sweetness


Hi everybody!
I’m raising a personal challenge, and I’m looking for an opinion, since it is a recipe that could be improved with more nuances, but I am interested in keeping it that way…

I’m trying to make “merengada” milk, a typical Spanish recipe made with whole milk boiled with cinnamon and a little lemon peel (to make it less bitter), which is mixed with a homemade meringue, made with beaten egg whites with sugar.

My first approach is:

Dairy milk (TPA) 6%
Meringue TPA) 3%
Lemon Meringue Pie (Capella) 3%
Bavarian cream (TFA) 3%
Cinnamon danish (Capella) 2%
Sweetener 1%

You can drink “meringada milk” with a straw, people usually drink it very cold, so I also consider using ws-23 to give a cold sensation without that minthy touch, but I do not have a good impression on this.

I thought I would use FA Custard because it has a hint of lemon, but it also provides vanilla, an ingredient that “merengada” milk does not have. I know that the Bavarian cream also brings some vanilla, but it is less noticeable. I include it to provide some creaminess, because a “body” consistent of daily milk and meringue seems very poor to me, and the daily milk with the Bavarian cream gave me good results in an almond milk.
the lemon cake is to provide the touch of lemon in an non-acidic way, since it is a very sweet recipe altogether
I thought about using “malted milk” too.

I’m sorry if I put the recipe wrong, I’ve been mixing for a few years but I’m new here!
Thanks to everybody in advance!


If i were to adapt this id probably use , OOO milky undertone and drop that dairy milk down to 1 percent


thanks a lot for your reply! yeah, that was (exactly) my first choice, but that concentrate is not available where I should buy the rest ones, living in Spain is a little complicated to access some of them!:frowning_face:


I probably would start building off (FA) Catalan cream, not because it’s that realistic but in my opinion would archive that profile better.

Every ingredient listed is based on American dishes, and on top not very realistic at that either. I’m not saying they are not good, but if you want to stick to your profile, which seems to highly emphasize the Spanish heritage of that drink, you will have no choice and built from scratch.

Example using lemon zest and lemon of some kind, instead of using a weird version of lemon meringue pie. Pick a good cinnamon, why add the dough of the cinnamon roll in there? Etc.


Hi! thank you very much for your contributions!
I can not use Catalan cream because it contains many notes of vanilla and caramel, which my recipe (ideally) does not have
the use of lemon meringue is because it is the only way I have seen to include lemon in an non-acidic way, and since the original recipe has meringue, it seemed like a sign. other lemons give it a more acidic touch than it should, in this recipe lemon skin is boiled with milk and gives it a rather sweet touch.
Regarding cinnamon, it is again boiled with milk, which is very integrated, and I noticed that this cinnamon roll gives a touch of very sweet cinnamon and well integrated without the rest of the cake abound. The other cinnamon I’ve tried add a touch more “spicy” than I’d like.

Thank you again!