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A little too many for a simple substitution.
Breakfast cereal
coconut candy
custard premium
sweet coconut
whipped cream


I just made a coconut custard as well a couple days ago. You all need to stop reading my mind, it’s creepy lol. Of course mine can’t compete with yours, hence I’m not even bothering. I’ll give yours a try after I get the flavors. Thank you for sharing :wink:


I’m not convinced.


Who makes the sweet coconut?


Flavorah I think


It was from this recipe


Oh, that’s FA Coconut. I like that one a lot; just ran out. I wasn’t as happy about the Coconut Candy (TPA) because, generally I don’t go for candy flavors.


Did you click on the link?


I just did now. Yes, it’s Flavorah, which I don’t have. I don’t have or haven’t experimented with a few of his flavors. I made a solemn promise to not purchase new flavors until I’ve made use of the ones I have. Bummer, I’ll either break that promise or determine to find/create great recipes with my stash. Tick tock tick tock…I’ll let you know. The FA Cereal sounds interesting in how it makes the coconut toasty :cold_sweat:


I’m in the same boat… but I swear I’m going to break that promise this summer, big time


What do you do to preserve the flavors you haven’t used in a long time?


I just keep everything together in the same place. I’ve got flavors that I’ve had for over a year and a half, I haven’t noticed any degrading yet.
They all just go in a dark place, room temperature… a box, a drawer, … whatever you have at hand will work.


That’s what I’ve been doing. My flavors are in handled caddy cases at the bottom of my closet and my steepers are in my sock drawer :rofl: I’m running out of room for my socks.

Something like this for my 30ml bottles: