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Fix My Mix - Bring your trouble recipes here!


I haven’t found one either. So far FW BB has been my favorite, and I add a slight amount of FA Bilberry to help it along.


im going to take one more stab at buying a couple bb flaves and mix them with bilberry or mf bb and if they dont work ill just give them away , im at point where i may think bb just wont work for me no matte what , what pct do you use the bilberry typically when your mixing with another bb


Not had a ton of experience with it, but I’ve used it in the recipe below. Others have said they like this combination with FW Blueberry in the 3% range and FA Bilberry at 0.5%. In my mix below I went higher on the BB due to the heavy creams.


ooooo that looks good ill mix that up but with another bb ill grab the fw but i want to mix this up now lol ty


just mixed 30ml of this except i used Cap Blueberry , i had to try it asap ty


This is a fantastic idea for a thread. I think 99% of my recipes are private because I can’t get them just right… I’ll be back lol


A walk through the data base shows a lot of flavor companies offer a PC.
I have a version but it’s not a flavor I think I even tested being a free one and not in my taste range so couldn’t tell you how on target it is or not. Never was a big Rum fan.
I can open and water test and have the wife report on it as she did more tropical in our drinking days and would be a fair judge.
555 people tried-bought the Capella one :slight_smile:


Thanks Bob. Oh I’m sure I can find a vendor that sells a good Pina Colada one shot. For me it’s the challenge of nailing that elusive flavor. Seems so simple, yes? Well maybe it is and I’m just not finding that simplicity. Anyway, at this point I’ve put on my muscle shirt and puffed out my chest - it may take me till I’m 80 but I WILL win this stinking coconut and pineapple grudge match! :wink:


I figured it might be that. I’m much the same with my attempts to clone French Dude.
Every time I set down for a mixing session I’ll throw 3 or 4 more attempts at that one.
Sniff over the last months try’s and change the blends accordingly.
At least I stopped making batches of maple syrup flavored boot polish but hitting the actual target remains an elusive sum bioytch.
The real store juice has French Toast, Blueberries, Whipped Cream on the box but I get none of them vaping or direct tasting instead I get this wild new flavor I can’t put my finger on that acts like a very addictive substance.
One you should never have tasted in the first place as now your FUCKED !!


I do this too, mix Blueberries. I use Blueberry (FW) also, and Blueberry Wild (TFA). Half and Half. Basically just as I mix strawberry flavors…


All I have is trouble recipes :laughing:


Well post some you’re working on - let the community help. Isn’t that why we’re here? Hmmmmm :slight_smile:


This is one I’ve had on the back burner for awhile. I keep going back to it. I’m looking for a tart, sweet lemon taste out of it, but can’t seem to find it.
I’m afraid to increase the lemon much more for fear of overpowering it.


Have you tried with another lemon or just this one?


Just the one lemon, it’s the only lemon I have


If you’re looking to get another one, the CAP Italian Lemon Sicily is nice. Can you lower the Yellow cake a little perhaps. Add Stevia?


Sure, I can give that a shot. I’ll try just about anything at this point. I’m seriously about to give up on this one


Hey guys n gals. Hopefully someone more skilled than me can help me out. I’ve been trying to get a decent blueberry blend since i started mixing over a year ago. I haven’t found anything I really enjoyed when it comes to blueberry, tried all the usual suspects wild/extra/bilberry/etc. This blend I REALLY enjoy when I finger tested it, but falls flat when I vape it. Should I just crank the flavor total up to fix it?

I was going for a sponge cake, sweet whipped cream, and sweet blueberry. Kind of gets muddied on a vape, but on the finger is delicious. I’m wondering if I can actually achieve the same taste for the vape.

Blueberry Muffin (Flavorah) 5%
Cream Fresh (FA) 1%
Strawberry (TPA) 2.5%
Sugar Cookie .5%
Sweetener (Sucralose) 1.5%
Vanilla Cupcake (CAP) 1.5%
Vanilla Swirl (TPA) 3%


Do you have Nonna’s Cake from FA? It actually may do you more justice than the FW Yellow Cake while also accenting the lemon.

Another thing you can try, if you have it, is replace the VC from CAP with FA Custard.

Both of these subs have a lemon touch to them. So if you already have the flavors I would recommend making a small batch subbing one with the Nonna’s and one with the Custard. Then after you may decide to sub them both - even if that means dropping the lemon. Of course I’m not recommending you go out and buy these flavors just to try them in a single recipe, just if you have them already.

I had made a Strawberry-Lemonade cake, which I’m not sure is all that relevant here, but then did a remake where I dropped the Lemonade substantially. That whole “less is more” thing played out to give me a far better recipe. What may be relevant though is when it comes to lemon cakes, at least the ones I’ve had, the lemon is always rather soft. I think there’s a natural tendency to overdo it when really, the lemon is very noticeable in smaller quantities. And it’s lemon cake, not lemon with cake :slight_smile:


Another good choice is INA lemon cake, almost good enough as a standalone at ~2% from what I remember. Does need a boost as well, however.