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Flavor coil?


Okay, I hate making coils, but love mixing. Is there such a beast out there that will provide good flavor. Let me put it like this, I suck at coils.


It depends on the atomizer. I know @Pro_Vapes loves his deep water ti build.

Personally I like my dual coil ss316L 24g 8 wrap round wire spaced build in the 24mm goon. Ohms around 0.18 - 0.2. It’s a warmer build. But for my vape style it hits just right around 80w since I don’t take long pulls.

Sure a clapton coils may up the flavor a bit…but if the recpie is good it vapes just right for me on the simple ss316L build.


There’s a lot of hype around multi-wire coil builds which was something I was into a while ago. Yes they look beautiful and offer some advantages over certain single wire coil builds, but I found the more of specific wire types used in a build, the more metal taste I got. Metal taste is something I didn’t detect until I tried Ti coils. This wire doesn’t add the metal taste which I now hate so much.


Recently purchased the Smok Stick V8 for a change and I am totally blown away with the taste this beauty provides!
It has the big baby tank which iholds 5ml and is compatable with all the baby beast coils.
It comes with a M2 coil and believe me the taste is really out there!
On the back of this purchase I would highly recommend this wee beauty!


Trying to stay in the rebuildable category. I hate buying stock coils.


No worries bud!
Just thought I’d mention this as it could be a good back up if you want a break?
On the coil front I purchased some made up coils from Vape Club here in the UK
The makers are Diamond Mist and they have been a god send to me.
( I have trouble making coils due to dexterity in my hands due to MS)
I got some fused claptons and some twisted coils.
Might be worth a look?


I thought you were using premade coil wire from geek vape.


I was, but want to get back into DIY or hire someone to make coils, lol.


I care maybe too much for longevity, but I like a build to last 3 months of 2hr per day usage. Once I discovered hemp lasts that long, I abandoned fancy coils as their life is much shorter than the wick. Hemp gives you most of the advantage of a fancy coil due to its killer wicking ability. Combine it with a @Pro_Vapes deepwater build and you’ve got a great setup.

That said , I have never tasted metal except nickel. I use kanthal in my VV PWM mod builds, built like a kanthal Pro_Vapes deepwater in the Cigreen Gear RDA I’ll fog up a room in 2 minutes. IME it’s all about the wick. I have no source for hemp wick now unfortunately, but if you see it for sale, check out my hemp thread and see if you don’t get similar results. What I can always taste is cotton, I can always detect it’s flavor. I’ll go rayon if I run out of hemp.


I use a TFV12 tank with stock V12-Q4 atomizers. These coils make delicious smooth flavor and make all my fruit flavors taste juicy, even ones that don’t taste great out of other tanks. I was never able to get flavor like this with RBA or RDA because I also suck at making coils.
TFV12 with Q4s I give a 5/5 on flavor. Just IMO, YMMV.


I rate how well or how poorly an atomizer works based off of one simple question:

How crazy of a build do I need to install to get tongue melting flavor?

The easier the build, the better the atty. Sure, I could shoe-horn staggered-framed-alien-juggernaut coils into every rebuildable atomizer I own. But I shouldn’t have to to get awesome flavor, dagnabit! My current personal favorite RTA is the Billow V2.5, with a simple dual 26 gauge 316L SS build of 9 spaced wraps and an I.D. of 2.5 mm. The chamber of the Billow is small, so you don’t need overly exotic wire types to obtain some of the best flavor around. It’s a LOT easier to wick than the V2, and with the two-post velocity styled deck mounting the coils is a breeze. The tank holds 6 ml of juice, and has both top-fill and juice flow control so that you’re not puking juice everywhere when you go to button it up after filling.

Are there RTA’s that provide better flavor? Maybe. But for ease of operation and great flavor, it’s hard to beat this combo.


If you don’t want complicated, just keep it simple, I love using twin simple 7 wrap 24ga. kanthal’s. I also make claptons, but nothing wrong with simple single wire coils. Wrap, trim, go…


I’ve made all of the fancy show coils and I still go back to a simple 24g 304 Stainless round wire contact coil for flavor. Nothing else has given me better flavor. Not saying that framed staples or fused claptons are bad just not any better than a good old round wire build for me. Plus they are much easier to clean and rewick in a timely fasion.


I looked at that wire recently. Not sure why they call it Fused Clapton when the core is twisted. No big deal on the way they’re made if the coils are good, just a little odd IMO.


I suck at making complicated ‘Art’ too…but if you can make a clapton, try a twin 26 SS twisted then clapton it in something finer like a 32 or 34 Nichrome…I’ve found this to be a real easy coil to make, it’s a nice warm vape and the flavour is awesome :+1:


i can’t go back to single round wire and i tried. it lacks a certain “flavor hit” you get from claptons, especially after you let it sit for 5 - 10 mins in the tank and the wick soaks really well. what i found is, i can get a similar flavor hit with a twisted wire. just simple 2 strands twisted together - which is a lot easier than making a clapton, takes a lot less time, and less gear, since you don’t need the drill, and you can just twist the wires using anything - i use a paper clip and shape it like a large “S”, hook the wire in one side, and twist away.

but here’s an extra trick for flavor, once you twist the wire, untwist few times in the opposite direction. let the twists “open” a little. this creates holes between the twists, and when you make a coil with that wire, it wicks with juice in-between and adds more flavor to the vape. best do this with SS 316K, so if you like 24 single wire, then try twisting 26 or 27 that way … if you like 26 single, then twist 28. i sometimes use a finer single (say 32) as a 3rd twist in opposite direction to create these opening, gives the clapton effect but a lot easier (search “chain coil” to know more about the technique).



My goto has been simple spaced 24g Ti coils. What I’ve found what makes a huge difference is the condition of the wire prior to coiling. 90% of the Ti wire I’ve tried has been very dirty and if not cleaned will taste awful. I’ve recently purchased polished wire on Ebay and this stuff is clean and ready to go right off the spool. I’m also enjoying simple Ti claptons made from 24/32 Ti.
For more versatility, you could also use SS wire. I’ve loved both contact and spaced coils from a wide range of gauges. They’re long-lasting and are easy to clean.
Don’t forget the wicks! Bad material will make for a bad coil regardless of the wire you use. Personally, I enjoy the Kendo Gold or rayon. The average organic cotton has a taste to it that I don’t care for. I need to try the hemp and see what that’s all about.


I like stainless spaced coils. From single wire to 2x24 -32 clapton, they all produce great flavor imo. I’m especially enjoying a couple of Pharaoh RTA’s with single coil claptons. Just worked out that I got the resistance I wanted, great air port coverage and a lot of surface area.


I loved the flavour I got from the coils included with my IJOY RDTA Box, I had them soaking in vodka to clean them and the wife chucked them out :frowning:

Nothing I have tried has given me as good flavour.


Those were GREAT coils!