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Flavor coil?


I know. I even asked IJOY what they were made of but they would/could not tell me.

What i do know it they are flat claptons and not fused as so many reviews say.
I am thinking 0.3x0.8 with 32ga wrap all in Ni80.


i would recommend Fused Clapton SS316, kanthal second :stuck_out_tongue:
or simple kanthal claptons…

in general if you want a better flavor imho you should target on MORE surface of the coil on the wick, and dual coil builds… this way you go for more vapor, more flavor… that’s all in simplicity

PS: if you don’t want to mess with these wires, i would suggest you try 22 Gauage Simple katnthal A1 wire :slight_smile:


Stainless Steel Triple Core 32×3/40, more of a petite Clapton for my wattage range (60) but the flavor is magnifique.


I am the same way! I have tried to go back to single wire just to save time building coils, but I find that it provides a drier hit than my Claptons. Maybe dry isn’t the right term, hard to explain, like the flavor off the Clapton wire is more moist and dense.


Bumping an old thread rather than create a new one! Have been playing with various configurations and materials and was wondering why there is not much said about Nichrome 80 in this thread?
I have always used Kanthal in various ways for coils and it is adequate, but recently built some fused claptons with Nichrome 80 and also with ss 316L. Using a wasp Nano with the Ni80 literally blew me away! Was like 5 1/2 0r 6 wraps on 2.5mm dowel that came out to .22 ohms and the flavor was outstanding. Built the same type coil with SS and it came out to .16 ohms and noticed a drop in the flavor. Any ideas why SS didn’t perform as well?


I use tri core fc in both ss 316l or Ni80. I’m not sure if I could tell the difference in a blind taste test.


For me, ni80 ramps up faster and taste cleaner than SS. It is also easier to clean or get clean than SS. None of my SS builds seem to hold up as long as ni80.


My guess is that maybe it was too hot of a build for the rda. For example. In my kfv5 I like using 26g ss316l over 24g. The 24g I think gets too hot due to a slightly low ohm and my style of vape

Now if ni80 vs other wires. It’s just about preference. People will come out of the wood work to say what’s better and so on. Again it’s preference.


more likely the difference in the heat flux of the 2 coils. if u find it doing well w/ fruit , try a custard and vice versa


Well my excuse is that I’m very sensitive to specific metals. I should only be vaping kanthal, but I hate the taste im getting from that. I settled for ss and it works surprisingly well for me.

I know we have a bunch of people here with the same issue as mine, maybe the reason other materials are not mentioned as often I would think.


Ever tried titanium?


I know what you mean-I could never figure out why I would get an itchy throat with some factory-made coil heads and not others. Turns out, a fair amount of companies use nichrome for their coils and I’m allergic to nickel. I build with kanthal or SS and haven’t had any more problems since.


I don’t have issues with metals but after trying almost everything, i settled on simple 26ga ss316L coils. For single coil i do an 8 wrap coil that comes to around 0.5ohm, and for dual I do 14 wraps that brings the dual build to 0.5ohm as well


Per coil? What atty are you shoehorning those monsters into?!?


Currently i have that build in the footoon aqua reboot. it easily fits in the drop (current build is 10 wraps tho) and it also fits in kylin mini.

26ga is a pretty thin wire :slight_smile: when you wrap it up, and don’t space it, it’s not big at all


Just counted. 12 wraps and plenty space for more :slight_smile:


I’m still trying to grasp heat flux and other intricacies of coil building. But for now I am liking these Ni80 builds. I have a lot to learn. I have been building smaller gauge coils for my old Kangertech RBA’s and keep surprising myself with what I can get out of that old jewel.


What is this Deep water Ti build?

Will have to order some more wire in different gauges and do some more experimenting!

Titanium is used with TC? I haven’t explored that rabbit hole yet! I don’t think I am tasting metal in any of my builds. My palette is still not quite right has only been 4 months since i put the smokes down.


Titanium should be used only with TC. That’s what I heard at least. Never used it myself


That’s what I thought. Taking my baby steps but may have to try it at some point! Especially if i can get better taste out of a good recipe!