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Flavor coil?


Sometimes the simplest is the best :slight_smile:


The other thing to consider beyond the build is the rda and airflow/chamber size and the like. For example I have the rebel recoil and only like custard and cake type vapes on it…to me it’s not good for fruity vapes…like I loose some of the high notes.

Just something to consider.



I have to be honest, till I saw you mentioned it some months ago, I wasn’t even aware of titanium. But to that time I didn’t have a mod that would perform well enough in tc.

Since I own now a 250c, I definitely take a look at it, and maybe give it a try. Lightning Vapes is the only place that sells it, in the US?


Unfortunately just round wire isn’t something I use. Tried different gauges but just get mediocre flavor.

I use quad core fused, triple fused, staggered fused claptons or aliens they ohm out at around 0.25-0.35 single, dual is much lower of course.

It’s still thin wire tho, could go 10-14 wraps but that ramp up would be horrible lol. I stay mostly around 5-7 wraps and occasionally space them, depending on my mood that day.


Temco has Ti Where to buy Titanium Wire


Yep… I was about to say the same… good prices too.


The Kanger RBA for the SubTank line is a mighty little jewel, ain’t it? It’s what I learned on when I first started building, and even with as much as I’ve learned I still keep mine handy for when I’m low on juice or go out of town. I can vape all day and still have some battery life left over when I use my Subby. Twisted 28 gauge spaced coils are perfect for that little powerhouse!


I usually stick with spaced coils, as I get a little better flavor and don’t have to hassle with working out hot spots.

That’s the great thing about vaping tho-So many ways to tune your vape to get maximum enjoyment!


Nice! Thanks for the link! I can see some experiments in the near future!!

Yes Sir it is!! I usually take that to work with me. Batteries will last all day and usually refill the tank mid day and I’m good! I keep cramming more exotic builds into it and it just keeps getting better!


I have no 28 AWG but I did a 26 AWG twisted and then wrapped a 36 awg around it and it worked really well. Been messing with so many coils in the past few weeks and can’t remember what is in there now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but its reading .43 ohm and tasting fine!


Just make sure you clean it before you coil it. A lot of Ti wire has some oil or greyish dusty stuff on it and you want to get that off with some alcohol and paper towels. I use a little steel wool pad under running water and it works well.
All my Ti wire comes from this dude:

Works for me and the flavor is fantastic.