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Flavorah-based recipes


One of my current ones is this… and the new teas are out tomorrow!
Red Tea Slushie

But my very fav is my Lemon Tart Pie
I do need to clean it up a bit, it still needs some adjusting…


Ok, in the first recipe I have the Guanabana, and the second I have the lemonade and the yogurt :frowning:
The usual problem … You should look at my stash and do it on purpose … :sweat_smile:
Thanks for sharing, when I pass new order of flavors, I will take into account one of these recipes;)


I like your approach to Flavorah flavorings. Very much. The attitude of ‘Less is More’ (IMHO) is smart for most flavorings.

FYI: The FLV Fan web page has a link to Cashmere and not SmokyBlue ?


Thanks Alisa. :slight_smile:

Not sure what or where you are seeing that… my website links to here, I pull up my profile for here…


I finally started going through my comments on my recipes. For some reason we do not get a notification when someone comments? @daath
I digress and am going to take a look at how i use these flavors


You’ve turned it off in your settings.


I didnt realize that what email notification meant. My bad. Thank you


im reading you advise which btw is sound andbit seems like you have done a lot of testing, but i am confused on the whole percentage thing , why is it so absurd for someone to use percentages? .50pct in a 10ml is .05ml apprx which is apprx 2 drops so isnt it all just the same ?? i use cinnamon crunch as a single flavor at 3pctish and love it ive tried it all over the board with different percentages and i dont get the full effect until to 3pct mark , im not trying to argue just pointing out that .5 pct is 2 drops basically btw i am testing all the FLV flaves i just got at 1 pct and under lol


There are many posts that u have to bite your tongue on but perhaps u defined percentage for someone.


@fidalgo_vapes using the old bottle tips… Using my scale…
and for the sake of those that do not have a scale that goes beyond the standard .01g…

1 drop = .02g (grams)
and 1 gram = 1 ml

It also has to do with how many of those drops creates 1 ml.
It takes 50 drops using the old bottle tips.
the elr calculator is set at a standard 35 drops per ml…

if i use 2 drops in 10ml that comes to .04g
your .50pct is .5% where mine is .07% big difference there
not to mention your drop rate may or may not be set correct too…

Weight is always better than an average % used. It’s more precise and more accepted in labs, at least where I work. I hope you will look harder at how you are doing things and play around more with ideas… Tasting FLV at this level, if you have a decent pallet, you should be able to tell that flv has ranges on all of their flavors, and certain mute points as well as back tastes when it is too high.

This is why I do what I do with the flavors and manufactures I use… start low, take notes… :slight_smile:

This too might help you out https://sciencing.com/calculate-percentages-grams-6942118.html


Not sure on your maths there (or my maths below please correct me if wrong but i have worked off the total pg vg weight and used .02g per drop based on a 10ml mix) but the ratio of pg/vg will make a little difference (not huge but given we are talking small amounts it may be relevant)

20pg 80vg 12.17g (no flavouring)
2 drops .32%
3 drops .49%
4 drops .65%

30pg 70vg 11.94g (no flavouring)
2 drops .33%
3 drops .5%
4 drops .67%

40pg 60vg 11.72g (no flavouring)
2 drops .34%
3 drops .51%
4 drops .68%

50pg 50vg 11.49g (no flavouring)
2 drops .348%
3 drops .52%
4 drops .69%


maybe im wording things wrong or maybe im not understanding you heres what i mean check out this test

so you see in 10ml the percentage im using is .50 or half of one percent , the grams are .05 which is apprx 2 drops , what im trying to say is your test of drops 1 to 8 per 10ml is anywhere from .25pct up past 2 pct ( i havent done the math) anyway maybe we arent understanding each other , and i am to use to using percentages to change to drops , lol. i will keep my eye on the amounts though and probably will retest cinnamon crunch just to see if i was off , i do use MF and have always went from low to high so that wont be a problem


this will probably make more sense than my rambling lol ty


Your drops are off.

check mine versus yours… you have 35 drops per ml instead of 50, which makes you off.
my popcorn, used in this recipe is only 2 drops in 30ml


my turn to ramble, its already derailed. But once u figure out what each drop weighs like u did its all still a percentage so just call the % .49 or .51 whatever it may be that your dropper gives u. Using drops w/o a scale is fine and dandy but not sure why u need to know drops unless u dont or desire to add on the fly. i know what the average of my dropper gives me so i can add an average .25% w/o dragging out the scale.


hmmmm i guess im just not understanding because my drops are coming out exactly what the recipe calls for , is it that you have measured each drop out and set that ass your default? anyway thats the beauty of diy right there are no wrongs or rights as long as your happy and im happy lol


Yeah… you aren’t… best way to find out what I am saying is to find a 10ml bottle and a set of scales.
Find out how much one drop weights… and then find out how many drops makes a ml… then maybe by doing that, you might see what I am talking about.

However… if it works for you, then cool… but to get into depth with the flavors… you really need to go as low as you can to see where it is you can taste them at.

Here is a 3 part vid off youtube with my friend Christian Combes…


kinako soy - 0,01
It must be hard to put half a drop, right? :sweat_smile:


That is all fine and dandy, if you are mixing personal juices and not selling.
Half the recipes for flv here, are way over flavored, using the standard 35 drops per ml.
It gets even more complicated once you add in other flavor manufactures.

it is an art, a science and you should know down to the .01g how much of what is in your juice…
I don’t like averages and prefer to be precise for replicating what I do, and do well.

Matter of choice. :slight_smile:


It’s fun, you should try it! :slight_smile: