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Flavorah-based recipes


Courtesy of @SthrnMixer from a previous thread.


Here is my all Flavorah offering.
It is a really great creamy tart yogurt complimented by fresh berries.
A great summer Vapes that is scarily realistic to a big mouth full of yogurt and berries!
Hope you try and enjoy!


You know, it’s been over a year and I am JUST NOW understanding what you meant by this!! Haha, I didn’t realize, until today, that I typed “apple” for “able” by accident :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Truly a blonde moment indeed


hahaha only took a year and 6 months :smiley:

Hmmm. Now I feel like something summery to vape! :slight_smile:


But what matters is, I got there in the end :wink:


Applesolutely! :smiley:


Oh! Oh! I get it! I see what ya did there! You said applesolutely, instead of absolutely! You used APPLE in place of abs because I said apple instead of able. You cheeky bastard, I’m on to your trickery!


Here is another all Flv recipe that is simply delicious.


Does the milk and honey have a strong milk taste? Im filling my flavorah cart up and skip ones with milk or cereal titles because i am not a fan…


I get a rich sweet milk taste, but not out an out milk or cream?
If I had to stick my neck out I would say it has a chocolate taste to it? Strange eh?
I wouldn’t say it was an out and out honey taste either?
Others may get different though?
Quite a complex layered concentrate IMHO that sits well in a mix and helps meld it together.
I hope this helps but I would recommend it, as it adds a great smooth sweet note to a mix.



Had to post because i have never used this many flavors!! If you mix it, let me know!


More than welcome to search my recipes… I have a ton of all FLV


Hell yea. Thanks man!


Side note: why do you use such odd percentages @SmokyBlue


I looked over a few mixes. Seems somewhat standard. 0.8 0.2. And so on.

I mix a lot of 0.25 0.5 and 0.75. But to each their own. I did see a few 0.01 which to me means one drop.


my understanding is that FLV is a high concentrate line and most of their flaves could be used at low percents , however i only have used a handful of flavors so im far from being experienced with the line


They fall in the same conceptual line of FA. A few need a slight higher percent, creams can be low, a few random fruits are very strong, some fruits are way off (I get mint notes from kiwi), and some spices are ultra low. But that’s my general experience since I only have 15-20 flavors.


I test out my flavors in 10ml bottles, using bottle drops. Normally from 1-8 drops… I know the drops are 50 to 1ml. Knowing all of this helps to configure recipes a lot easier. You get the feel for it and the flavors will flow.

I find that sometimes even 1 drop is too much for a 10ml, and so I will upsize it. sometimes 1 drop is too much for even the 30’s and again, upsize, till I feel it tastes good at that point. I know that each bottle drop from the old bottles comes to .02 grams on average. (it’s more like .0179g to .0213g). I do not mix by percentages, as it is very inaccurate to start with, and a personal preference.

One drop extra can lead your solo flavor to do a few things… mute, leave a chemical “trail” or taste in your mouth, or you can “push” these and loose flavor notes the higher you go.

Steep time… if it takes more than 3-5 days, you are over flavoring.

If you’d like to read over my notes, the tips and tricks category might help explain it a bit more. The site is a bit rough, but it is where I leave notes on Flavorah. I have been using these for years now… and very happy to work with anyone for recipe help.



What is your favorite recipe?
I would like to try one of your recipes … :grin: