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Flavorah-based recipes


Cool. If I’m following properly, doesn’t that mean your MLs are anywhere from .9g to 1.07g if you were to use 50 drops on an lb501?


50 drops per ml… times .02g = 1gram

only for scales that go to .01g, yes it will be a solid 1g nothing above that or below it.
My ohaus scales can go .001g but… even the calculator here, rounds that up. ELR doesn’t use 100.00%


Right on, I’m still curious as to how you can be accurate using drops when you know that 50 drops is somewhere between .9g and 1.07g(.895g and 1.065g).

If you’re just using drops and no scale, it’s the same variable nature as far as I can see. Drops are just not precise. And, neither is a .01g scale. So, it seems we are all imprecise, but fairly equally reproducible.

Edit: actually, the .01 scale is more accurate, because I can usually stop at 1g, and 50 drops is still in that large margin of error without the scale.


So I was Lucky enough to win something from our folks at ecigexpress,(big thanks to them there} and ordered the some Lemonade by Flavorah, I wanted to do a Lavender lemonade close to yolo, I am just intrerested in your thoughts and recipes of all things using Lemonade any thoughts,suggestions or % would be Helpfull, I made it before with FW flavors and it was good but now I have F.A. Lavender and Flav. Lemonade one the way. I know I will have to adjust % but hoping for more suggestions beyond just that. btw I mix with a scale and not drops And if it it is a good recipe I go right for the 125ml


Flv lemonade is pretty spot on. Slightly tart, semi sweet with a taste of lemon. I use flv lemon with it to booste the tart. This is a fruity lemonade recipe i love. The ice in it gives a cooling sensation (like menthol with out the harsh sting)
When you come up with a recipe, please share! I have been looking to cook up another lemonade!



I’ve had a few Flavorahs I didn’t like but it can’t help but wonder if it’s the concentration. Got one now that’s all Flavorah and the total percentage is 1.51% with 8 different flavors. Incredible taste. Vaping it as I swype.


I did this as a tester when I got the tea’s. I know the % look high but I can’t put it down! Its a sweet cream tea with a lovely honey taste on the exhale.


i dont think your flave totals are high , ive recently started testing my new flaves and again testing my older ones and i have followed thw advise to go very low and although there is a nice flavor having them so low i dont get the full effect , let me give everyone an example : for a while i have loved flavorah cinnamon crunch and used it as a sf at 3 to 4 pct just the other day i took it down to .5 and 1 pct at thw lower percents i do get a faint taste but couldnt imagine using it that low with creams and other flavors to build a more rounded. cinnamon crunch vape , so all of this wow everyone is using too much is an opinion and only an opinion … btw looks good to me


I’m the same way! I love being able to taste all the nuances and notes of the flavor and it works better with % that are higher than the median.
Oh btw I’ll have to try that out with the cinnamon crunch. I love that flavor!


Been using a lot of flavorah over the last year and i find a good general percentage range for an all flavorah recipe is 3.5% - 6%, with most recipes around 5%, and i havent expierienced any abnormal fading, even at the 3 - 4 month mark, when using flavorah with other companies i use it like i would use flavour art, i have experimented with mixes @ 2.5% and they lacked depth and tasted watered down compared to the same recipe @ 5%


Same here too… my site and my spot on elr shows notes and recipes… most are around 2-4 % flavoring. I might have one as high as 4-5% total… but not often. Like I said on my site, these flavors are not from your average manufacture. These are really special, as they do change from low to high in taste.

Not saying anyone is wrong, but if you are used to in your face flavors, with higher % used, you might not catch it on the lower usages at all. Not your fault, but there are a lot out there that taste what I do, using flv at lower amounts and it does not mean you all are right, or wrong… and same with us lower tasters. We all are not wrong, and as long as we all enjoy it and are able to share our experiences without being pointed at too, it’d go a long way with the community here. We all do not taste the same thing, and if we did, vaping would be as boring as smoking. :kissing_heart:


In the mean time… been mixing tonight, and will be waiting on testing new flv recipes…
I enjoy them and I do like to share!


In the beginning FLV flavors had a range up to 5% SF, but I’ve notice the last 2 or 3 releases are much more concentrated than their earlier releases… which is great IMO. I find myself mixing .8% or less for several of the newer flavors.

EDIT: I’ve also noticed as with some other more concentrated flavors, steep time has also increased.

NET Rating 14ea FLAVORAH synth "tobacco" samples

I’m really loving this one!!


I finally posted up my frosty root beer for someone on vu last night, nice in a tank or dripper.


has anyone used the lembra bread with success ?? ive tested it at .25 to 1 pct and am getting a note similar to the crunch cereal which is not good at all , if anyone has any suggestions id love to hear , i did want to use this in a orange /cranberry muffin top mix


This sounds so good, I have none of these flavors of course but will put them on my shopping list. Thanks for sharing.


Yea I can’t believe the flavor of the biscotti!! What a great flavor!!! I can’t believe I missed this one. I’m really loving this one myself. I had to make up a 60cc bottle. Def. Worth buying the flavors for, if I don’t say. Hope u enjoy it as much as I am :two_hearts:


just mixed this flave up last nightbwith some others to test today , some flv flaves have an off note that doesnt agree with me usually the cereals or bready type flaves , except the cinnamon crunch lol


I have the same issue most of the times but not just with flv. I yet have to find a cracker, cookie, biscuit, crust that doesn’t have this “dark” feel too it.

I’m not even sure what note it is, but my body don’t like it, hard to explain since I can’t name that “offnote” :frowning: but I can tell you inw biscuit has it, fa cookie too etc. Maybe flv doesn’t, I shall see…