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man im so sorry lol i love inw biscuit , its crazy what some people taste and others dont


Yea some of them seem so much stronger then others! The biscotti is fairly strong but if u like the cinnamon crunch u may like the biscotti too! The first day or two its kind of strong but it fades and taste just like biscotti, to me anyway.


adding my latest flv recipe :smiley:


Please check the notes on my recipe. Thanks!
If you try it, please leave some feedback.


Indeed. We know that you and I and several others were here using FLV before they started selling to the public.

I’m going to stop right there because there’s already enough BS bragging going on in this thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Im hoping this isnt pre mature , after 3 days this is exactly what i was hoping for a creamy cinnamon crunch cereal taste …


Looking good @fidalgo_vapes … yeps here it comes… I can not do cinnamon crunch at anything over 1.2%
Who knows, it might just be me :wink:

Here is mine… not sure when I will get a chance to mix again for a bit, will be busy. :smile:


i dis use cinnamon crunch at 3 to 4 percent in the past … so my percentage on this one went down , i am going to try it at 1.5 percent and add a drop of rich cinnamon per 30ml or so ??? im not sure if ill need to use a drop per 15ml or 30 yet … but ty i do have a few more that im working on as well so stay tuned …


Will be interesting to find out, @fidalgo_vapes :slight_smile:
I use 1-2 drops in 30ml and some days it’s light and others its too much… I blame body chemistry for that :wink:
Rich cinnamon is always gorgeous! <3


I just love Punkin Spice, I mixed it with banana last night and good good good !


my first try with Biscotti, the other day, it taste like burnt biscuits, and I love burnt biscuits, but don’t like to vape it !! used at .10 in a mix, I’m going to try it out agian in 1-2 weeks


it will only get better… now if I can find my bottle!!! :octopus:


biscotti needs to steep for at least a month.


Did you lose it on purpose, Jk, I seen your contributions to the flavorah receipt book and have watched some of the things here, congrats on that. I find most of the notes you have very valuable, and for that and all you have done for mixing notes for us to use, I would like to say thank you.


Thank you @nicomanteno:slight_smile:

I just released a new recipe…


After over a year of tinkering with the idea of a good pretzel juice… yeah… :wink:


My vote is for two drops/30ml. Of this…


so thats 9ml of Pg and 1ml of rich cinnamon if i want to make 10 ml right ??? ya that two drops i used destroyed every other flavor and was not pleasant to vape


New name. New percents


Dude, I’m so sorry it’s taken me nearly 3 weeks to respond!

Yeah, that is the ratio right there.