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Flavorah-based recipes


Hmmm… I dunno dear. It may be one of those subteltys of flavor that we either love or hate subjectively? Like, I think Blue Cheese tastes like soap, but I love love love cilantro that others hate.


I could be totally off my rocker …
Maybe I need to go buy some Ajax and taste it :stuck_out_tongue:


It know it’s me and my taste buds. I just don’t like the flavor. It stood out in two mixes I made. Same effect on both. I was looking for light menthol effect and it was the loudest flavor in the mix.


Oooooh boy oh boy oh boy!!! Going to have some fun this coming weekend. I just ordered some 5ml bottles, so I can share all of these wonderful flavorings with @Lostmarbles . I’m sure he can come up with a few great recipes too!

Oh, and I have to share that this recipe is a hit with 2 other people so far that love
creamy-fruit type ejuice:

Kirk’s Custard Sauce :

2% Boysenberry (Flavorah)
1% Cranberry (Flavorah)
2% Cream (Flavorah)
3% Vanilla Custard (Flavorah)

Flavor total: 8%
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Just 24 hrs steep and this is very good.

Coffee Nut (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Catalan Cream (FA) 2
Coffee (Flavorah) 1.5
Nut Mix (FA) 1
Vienna Cream (FA) 1.5

Flavor total: 6%

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Ok, this new batch of flavorings would have been perfect for the Iron Chef competition. See who can make the best German Chocolate Cake. I just made mine but haven’t tasted it. If smell is any indication though I have a total winner on my hands. But we’ve all been down that road :slight_smile: OMG I have the freshly mixed batch in the beaker right next to me. Call 911 - I think I’m going into diabetic shock!!!


What percentage are you mixing at?

I just mixed up 10-12ml of these at 1% just to try and get
a ‘feel’ for them:

Tricks Cereal
Chocolate Deutsch
Candy Roll
Bing Cherry

Anxious to see how these and others turn out.


I haven’t taken the time to do any single flavor mixing with them yet. I still have another few MF ones to test. It’s a time consuming albeit important thing, but I haven’t done it.

Now, saying that let me tell you that with FLV I have always started out mixes at around 1% unless I have a hunch I should use more or less. Scientific huh? So in this GCC recipe I just threw together I had a hunch about the Chocolate Deutch and used 1.5%. I have experience with FLV Sweet Coconut and used at 2.5%.

Just tasted the mix (there are several other flavors in it!!!) and it’s decent, but I can tell it will need a tweak or 3. But I’m 100% on the right track with all my ingredients I think .


One I can tell you I’m VERY sure doesn’t need a whole 1%… HONEY BEE.

I put 3 drops in a premixed Almond Cream ejuice 20ml, and it totally
overpowered it.

But… .it’s GOOD. It actually tastes like HONEY!


Yeah, that would certainly be one of my hunch flavors. I was thinking 0.2% to start.


I have like 8 FLV flavors. Just ordered all these…
Sweet Coconut
Wild Melon
Lime Flavor
Green Apple
Vanilla Custard
Greek Yogurt

I already have:
Cinnamon Crunch
Rich Cinnamon
Milk & Honey
Crunch Cereal
Blueberry Muffin
Peanut Butter

What did I miss?


BOYSENBERRY!!! You have GOT to get Boysenberry!!!


I will be placing another order with them in a couple weeks. I have made it my goal to finish off my FLV flavor orders before the end of the year. And the beginning of the year I am buying nothing but MF and keeping stocked up with what I have.


I made a test batch with the Chocolate Deutch-1.5%, Sweet Coconut-.5%, Caramel-1% and Peanut Butter-1% , I warmed it up a little and let it spin for 30 min or so. After it cooled off I tasted it and put a little on a new coil, tasted much like a mounds candy bar with chocolate and coconut dominating the flavor which seemed just right. I made up a 30 ml batch. After a day the coconut had kinda slipped into the background with the caramel and peanut butter. It was still good but not quite what I was after. My 30 ml mysteriously vanished shortly after my sister tried a sample of it so I am gonna remake and bump the Coconut up to 1.5%. All flavors are Flavorah.
ChocoNutty Haystack

Try it, rate it and any feedback is welcome. :slight_smile:


What was your opinion of these Alisa? I haven’ tried any except the chocolate yet.


That Chocolate Deutsch is beyond excellent.
The Candy Roll and Bing Cherry isn’t strong enough I think.
Candy roll definitely has alcohol in it, but it’s weak. Bing Cherry
is just weak. But, again… I just mixed at 1% so I don’t really
have a ‘feel’ for them yet.
The Tricks at 1% doesn’t taste like any cereal to me. Not sure
how to describe it. I’ll have to remix those 3 again at higher percentages
to find out. Think I’ll start again at 3% next time.
I’ll put my discoveries in the flavorings description.


Awesome! I love it when that happens.


Candy Roll - Still trying to figure this one out. I mixed up 10ml of this 2 weeks ago at 2%. Today, it still has a little of the alcohol taste to it, but it’s like a sweet, clear syrup flavor. So, I think it’s going to be mainly used as a sweetener.

Bing Cherry @1% is a light flavor. Sweet Black Cherry candy-like. But, at least not cough syrup, like a lot of cherry flavorings. This will make a good mixer. Maybe in a bakery ejuice.

Tricks Cereal @1.5% tastes like … ummm… cardboard? not sure how to explain. Don’t like. Maybe it will give a mix that cereal flavor needed. I hope someone with cereal-type experience will review this one and let us know what they think.


I’m really enjoying this.

Carolina Pipe (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Black Honey Tobacco (TPA) 1
Caramel (Flavorah) 2.5
Cured Tobacco (Flavorah) 1
Nut Mix (FA) 1
Vanilla Bourbon (TPA) 1
Vanilla Butternut (LA) 0.5
Virginia Tobacco (Flavorah) 2

Flavor total: 9%

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It’s finally on the way.