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Flavorah-based recipes


To hell with stuff. You’re still here! Everything except for you can be replaced, and I’m so happy you’re ok.


Oh my goodness. Thank the Lord you are not hurt.
I have great empathy for you, dear. PLEASE let us know how we can help.


First off … thank God you are ok. I am empathetic to your dilemma as my home town (Columbia, SC) is still recovering from the epic “Thousand Year Floods” we experienced last October.

I would be happy to make up a care package to send you so that you can continue to mix and get your lab back on track. If you need other stuff like shampoo, canned goods, etc … please reply with a list of needs and I will do my best to help you out as much as I can.



Same here bud. I can’t do a ton due to looming taxes and slower business, but I’ll help all I can. Let us know what your needs are!


You guys are all way too kind!! Thank you so much for the offer alone but I will be ok. Thankfully I just finished transferring all my flavors that were in glass vials, into 30ml drippers.

I did have a few refill 4oz glass bottles that shattered but not too many. At least this broken I can fix…


So,so sorry to see that much devastation bro. I wish you well my friend. So sad to see and loss of life. How sad. :pray:


Glad to see that you are alright in all that destruction.My thoughts and prayers to all.


Well it took me 2 days but I’m back…bigger…better…and now with tiles!! Haha
I rearranged my room and now my “lab” takes up about 1/2 of the room :slightly_smiling:


Okay yes I cheat!

Very nice!!


Nice and tidy. :yum:


Ok, looking at the first photo I observe a few noteworthy things I will comment on. First, I love how you’ve used those crates! That’s bloody brilliant. Second, If I were to be that organized my wife would ask me who I was and what I did with her husband. Next, what’s in the treasure chest? Is that where you put only your most prized and coveted recipes? I love it. And last, where is your stereo? I mean really isn’t it humanly impossible to mix without some good tunes going?

My friend I’m glad to see you bounce back from your ordeal. I truly hope you sit and do some mixing and that its good for the soul.


I wish I could say it’s something mysterious buuuuuut…

It’s only my back-up bases and amber bottles :wink:

I put a lot of love and care into building those wine boxes into shelves, so thank you!

Oh I have a stereo and a flat screen TV in my bedroom so don’t you worry :wink:

6.1 and boomin! Basically I have in my bedroom alone, what normal people have in their entertainment rooms hehe


Man, I wanted to make the first comment on that cool ass treasure chest! LOL

@DarthVapor That is a wicked setup brother! I love it. I do however feel a thread split coming on. We should call the new one “The Empire Strikes Back!” Seems only fitting since mother nature tried to beat you down and you told her to go get ######.


Very nice! :+1:


Thanks! Ever since I was a kid I have collected things like that. Trunks, chests, vintage boxes and obviously wine boxes :slight_smile:

I really like old chests for some reason. I think they look cool and they make for great storage while also being used as a table or whatever. I think I have around a dozen now. Sadly I was forced to sell/leave the majority of my collection when we moved down here but every once in a great while, I will see one sitting next to a dumpster.
I realize how disgustingly hobo of me that sounds, but all of my favorite chests/trunks I have found in the trash, that treasure chest you speak of is one of those finds!

Here’s a few I just pulled from storage to pack stuff in. There’s a bit of product placement there for scale :wink:



So so sorry Lars (and Jo) to hyjack the thread like that, so back on track!

I just received a package from him and I got the Green Apple. It was the only one he didn’t have when we received the review samples. It smells like apple candy, which I love, just not in a vape for some reason.

Apple is the only flavor I haven’t been able to produce to my liking. I’m talking straight apple mixes, not using it as a boaster, I’m sure you guys know I use the shiznet out of the fuji! I just haven’t been apple to find many apple flavors I care for.

Has anyone used this in their recipes? Because I’m kinda leaning towards IMF on this one :,( He did throw in a few cantaloupe because he knows how freaky I get over my melons!


Would you say you are un-apple to get a good vape? :laughing:


LMFAO! Haha thanks for that! :wink:


Several reports from UK mixers on the FLV Green Apple have mentioned that it’s pretty weak compared to the other delicious fruit flavours.

But the rest of the range are taking off like a rocket with both UK retail outlets frequently running out of stocks of a quarter of the range. And the next order for the largest of the retailers to be placed tomorrow, will include some, if not all, of the most recently released flavours.

Looking forward to Chocolate Deutsch!


It’s not for me but I’m not a chocolate vape guy either. Are you in the UK?


Yes, I am indeed. I’ve been enthusiastic about FLV since April having picked up on it via Reddit.