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You know sometimes it is only because I have to hit an even number for my final %. If I am without my personal ejuice calculator, I have a quick reference guide for my tester’s %s and the difference for my VG’s SGs.
I’m sure that really didn’t make any sense, hell I couldn’t even type it! Basically I have a chart in my little black book of recipes from 1% flavoring up to 20% flavoring. So in example…

1% = 12.49g VG
2% = 12.36
3% = 12.24
20% = 10.09

That way I can quickly write up recipes for 10 ml tester (makes the math on %s uber easy) and just reference the chart to see how much base I need to add…feel me?

So when I am being to lazy to type up a recipe and get my #s that way, I like to keep the recipes even. So when I add up my final %s and find 14.6 as my total, I will just put that .4 difference somewhere else to have an even 15.

When this isn’t the case, I’m normally thinking a flavor needs just a slight boast. So 1.5 becomes 1.6 or 1.8, etc etc


Yeah, just to be clear I am not talking about the numbers. I am talking about the ratio of the actual flavors as I perceive them. Nothing is as it should not be. It couldn’t be any heavier or lighter on any flavor and taste right. It’s like a perfect balancing point. Luck, skill, little black book, whatever the method, I’m still impressed.

Now go make some Flavorah stuff for this thread!


Oh ok I feel ya! I thought you meant all the .03, .7, etc…

So you say you were given the oak mix? Are they handing it out somewhere or how does that happen? Haha

And thank you man, seriously, I appreciate the compliments (and faith)


I thought the same thing!! The forum is spread across the world, well, at least half of it…it was no small feat getting that bottle of ‘lumber’ to New England!


While over here on the other side of the Atlantic, another mixer adds FA Ylang Ylang to his shopping list.
And recommends Ylang Vanilla Oak to a vaper in Brazil…

Does the nth degree of separation thing happen when somebody tells @DarthVapor about his own recipe?


If you like flowers, get a big bottle of ylang. It’s similar to jasmine, but has a bit of an exotic, freaky side. If you REALLY like flowers, give my Pearvana a shot. My juices aren’t subtle at all. Sledgehammer for your taste buds, they are. Can’t copy the link on phone, but there’s only one Pearvana right now, so easy to find.

Believe me I was surprised to get an actual Darth juice. It’s a small world these days though. Ima vape it a bit more and review. Hmmm, I got all screwed up here. @Whiterose0818. . .did I not get this through @LordVapor? Weird. I swear I’m not high.



I sent him a sampling of what I have left that you sent me Darth. It was mentioned Hemp wick is kinda woodsy at first and needs an earthy flavor to break it in. So I thought your Ylang’s Vanilla Oak would be perfect. I sent TRW some of the bottle you sent me because I really wanted him to try it. It is so darn good!


Cue in Sister Sledge “We are Family”


Gotcha :wink:

I think it was the casual “I was passed” that had me a bit, wtf?! Haha

@LordVapor, check out some of my newer Oak mixes if you like. I’m really loving the Oak wood!

So my neighborhood in Sarasota was devastated by tornadoes last night (siesta Key, Sarasota)
Houses completely demolished, houses on fire, adults killed, children killed and a lot of insanity.

My lab was completely destroyed, as well as my spirits… I keep saying things can’t get any worse for me…

Yes I still have my life, so there’s that but wtf!!

We lost all our power and I was pretty much positive we were in the middle of a hurricane… Sea shells embedded themselves into trees!! I have never seen anything like this before and I just moved from tornado alley 3-4 years ago!! The extreme force it takes to pick up shells and embed them into a hard tree trunk is jaw dropping!! You can’t even throw a shell at a tree without it shattering!!




OMG I am glad you survived. Oh I am just so sorry to hear this. I am as shocked as the next. Tornadoes do touch down often but it’s the hurricanes that usually brings them. Man. let me know if I can help you. So So Sorry.

Post a gofundme account ?

that looks seriously awful


I’m not going to lie, I was pretty damn scared! Then when we started to hear people were killed, it just got worse…

I did learn one thing… don’t ever buy a smart car!! They don’t remain in their parking spots during a tornado…

Thanks Amy


Without giving away my exact location, I was in the car when I heard over the emergency broadcast that Stickney Point rd @ Siesta was where all the destruction and devastation was…

Guess where I live…

Stickney and Siesta…


So sorry Darth. Like you needed any more shit thrown your way. I hope you recover quickly. If there is anything you need, just holler.


Very pleased you’re still with us and in one piece.


Holy crap, man! I’m very happy you’re still with us! You’ve been having a really annoying time, recently, huh? If you need anything - we’re here - just say the word!


Cheese and rice, guy! Is that your house?? Ditto what everyone else said. Give a shout if there’s anything I can do to help out. Glad you’re okay.


You and your family are alive and well!..that is all that matters. :wink: My thoughts are with you my friend! :pensive:

I’ve been through my share of tornados and hurricanes; it’s never a bowl of cherries, but, if you get out of the situation with your life and are able to tell the tale, you’re doing great! :+1:


No, sorry if it looks confusing but that isn’t the inside of my house. That’s my neighbors and my house isn’t near as bad as a tree through the window.
Just a lot of broken stuff and the worst possible tragedy ever… my lab toppled over :.( This thing is built tough and it’s solid, even though it goes all the way up to the ceiling. I made it so solid that it never wobbles or moves at all, it’s in the corner up against the walls and may as well be part of the wall it’s so solid!

What I didn’t test, was the exterior walls and what would happen with high impact debris and smashing into the side of the house…

Thanks everyone, I’m really not looking for sympathy (well outside of the lab and the 400+ bottles everywhere hehe) and I just wanted to share the experience with you. There’s far worse off people in my area, not to mention the people who lost their lives. Outside of the basic trauma of being in the middle of something like this, driving nonetheless, I have my life and I have my house, which I currently rent, so fuckall to the exterior damage :wink:


Really sorry to hear about the hard times. Glad you’re ok though. Hopefully, if you have renter’s insurance you can recover a lot of your lab and build a V2. Must make it bigger, stronger, and with 600+ flavors to choose from, and all the magnetic mixers and ultrasonic cleaners and doodads!!