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Flavorah order


thank you mamma i have done a bit of reading , and plan on starting low i even found good suggestion chart on Flv website but i do appreciate the reminder :wink:


im pretty stoked , i do have a few i like and have talked about trying more long enough … i really was tempted to grab a bunch of their milk / cream / custards but i wanted to try some of their others first since i am pretty happy with other creams etc


Well, feel free to visit my page and look at my flavor stash, im no expert but i try to get a good handle on the flavors i have :slight_smile:


ill check it out for sure


No mention of Alpine by anyone? I’m a little surprised. :confused:


It is super yummy. I enjoy it from .25 to .5 percent. Not sure what that translates to drops? But its a floral strawberry that turns chemical with over use.


I distinctly recall two people “mentioning it” last year… But I didn’t have but one or two FLV to speak of (and had issue with the attitude of one post), so I had no way to speak in depth to what was being said.

I did however try to see if there was some underlying reason why the two individuals believed what they did (perhaps it was hardware related, or power/temp related, as we frequently see affecting a given perception). But it really ended up falling flat (IMO) as none (if any) of the ELR vets really spoke up in support of the notion at the time.

It’s something I’ve not forgotten since though, because I was wondering (and still do TBH) how there could be such a huge discrepancy between the two viewpoints.

Continuing my thought above, but with your thought here in mind, I have to wonder if there is the chance that FLV has been increasing the strength, or have so many just been “in the dark” for so long?

I mean, how unique could their process or materials be to render the purported idea (as I understand it) of going from:

Twisting (either morphing or losing traits…)

and then repeat the cycle (or most of it) a time or two, before it’s considered by “both sides” to be undesirable.

I think it would be a worthwhile idea to perhaps present a new thread on the idea (call it “Flavorah Potency 2018” or something similar) to try and see if some of the more established ELR users with a long history of using FLV, can come to a consensus on which ones can be considered “ultra concentrated”.

As I’m just beginning to get into FLV, I fully plan on testing as always, and will see if I can share where I can. But I can NOT offer anything about the historical percentages obviously.

I’m mostly curious if this is something that’s developed in the last year? Or if others have FLV flavors from their beginnings as a company, and are willing to go back and retest and see if these claims stand true over the long haul? Or just more recent purchases (even an original flavor could have had it’s potency increased).

Hopefully everyone gets what I’m trying to say here…


Thanks for pointing that out. Raw rhubarb or dipped in a tiny bit of sugar is something you’ll find Europe a lot, I actually do quite enjoy it :slight_smile:


I agree with @Alisa. Every single flv flavour I have I used at pretty much under 1% - I have read a lot of what @SmokyBlue has on her site http://flvfan.com/ and while it is hard to convert her use of drops to usable % since 6 drops (at ballpark .02 g per drop) in 10 ml makes it a bit imprecise (since i have a few flv flavours in non flv bottles and I don’t know the pg/vg ratio of her 10 ml) the information is very good and well worth a read.


actually it isnt that hard to figure percentages out.

If you know you added 3 drops to 10ml and those 3 drops weight .06g then you figure out how to make the calculator say .06g and it will bring up percentage.

I run all my flavors thru 100%vg, 80/20 and even 50/50

There is not much change… and less is so much better. I keep saying this and hope one day someone else just might understand and enjoy playing with their flavors as much as I have had fun these last 5 yrs… I see a few that listen… but more often want to run with 1% all the way up to 13% (review off either ecx or nr) and it just blows my mind. but eh… easy come easy vaped :stuck_out_tongue:


Try drops in 10ml before jumping to .25% and you might be amazed… :slight_smile:

Nothing has changed in 5 yrs… these are ultra concentrates…

Learning to mix from low to high is nothing new… just how low can you go?
This can be done on other manufactures too, and in fact has helped a few I know to mix better juices.


I’m no stranger to the premise, as I do what you recommend here already, only with respect to Medicine Flower. (I use MF butterscotch at 3-4 drops per 30ml quite happily).

I didn’t realize FLV had been around that long already. But thank you for “logging your vote” (so to speak) :wink:


.07ml or .25% roughly 2 drops
.15ml or .5% is 3 drops
.30ml or 1% is 6 drops
I googled ml to drops more specifically the main percentages i use. .25% .50% and 1%
Helped me understand in terms of how i personally mix.


As far as your post, i have not heard anything about varying potency. Honestly, i believe different peoples palates and mixing habits are to blame.
Take alpine for example. I have seen people use an unheard of 3 or 5 percent for mixing single flavor…i cant imagine that going well for anyone…
Edit: i did email a rep to see if i can get an answer:) keep you all posted!


flavorah has a great guide in their " all about mixing " section it gives a Single Flavor percntage recommendation and most are 1 and under i believe ,…


Here’s a link. I just looked at all the ones I have and I am way, way off their suggested %s.


Nor do I recall reading such. But then again, I never specifically searched for such previously.

Also why I wouldn’t use Alpine Strawberry as a reference when asking those people. It is a recent flavor. :wink:

I would probably inquire about things like Red Touch (aka strawberry) or Red Summer (aka watermelon)… Which I presume were in the very first release of flavors (aka “core” flavors).


Oooh!!! I mis read!!! I thought it was an umbrella statement regarding all flavors!!! Derp derp


mmm depending if you use their tips…

I get 50 drops per ml

From direct out of the old bottle tips, one drop = .02 grams which is .01ml

Even looking at one of my recipes here:

3 drops is .20%

which your 3 drops is .5%


Alpine has been out for a long time… Probably a few years…

I can’t use more than 1-3 bottle drops in 30ml, or .14%