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Flavorah order


Which leads into the issue with “drops” all drops are inconsistent when not using lab grade equipment.

Between finger pressure, ambient room temperature, and a list of other factors drops for me is too inconsistent to translate a recpie 100% effectively to another user.

Yes, measure by weight can also be inconsistent down to 0.03grams (about a drop depending on the bottle viscoisity and that same list) the repeatability between user is much easier. The same repeatability is even better by volumn is the user is actuality using something that can measure 0.05mls ect.


they are if you are only using one company and they have uniform droppers.
It matters how many drops per ml too…

my scales go to .001g and its fun to see the various weights… still… there is something to think on…

35 drops per ml
50 drops per ml

if you don’t know what you have, and measure out all shotty, sure… you will have issues.

Goes for any company, and gets harder when you mix companies and droppers…

after all even a percentage is just that… and you can be off on amounts there…

what to do?? hmm

it’s why i have stuck with flv all this time, and I don’t miss out, in fact I make new discoveries most of the time. Keeps me entertained, and when I look around to see who is doing what and how… does make me think.

but like I do say… mix how you are comfortable with. have fun… it is your diy after all.


What are you going to do with the new flv bottles with those droppers?


So far all but the kinako soy and the avocado drop .02g evenly… still need to count drops.
However… standard 30ml pet bottles will drop consistently too. (again, .02g) so on the chance the tips are wonky, will be rebottling, as I do mix with weight and my scales tell no lies. :wink:


Havent tried flv mango but do like euroflavors yellow mango. Heads up on biscotti, it tastes like burn toast, imo. Not a huge fan but did use it minimally in a sb jam toast


ty ill keep that in mind while testing


I love flv mango. It creeped its way into a lot of recipes!


Okay, i have questions about an order too
Anyone have thoughts on these…
Honey bee, creme de menthe, coconut, frosting, marshmallow, milk chocolate, tropical citrus, cotton candy, cookie, cupcake batter, cookie dough, cinnamon crunch, chocolate duetsch, blueberry muffin.
Placing a big order (replacment flavors not even on this list hahaaha)any insight would be awesome

  • im really trying to expand my bakery line as i have many fruits


chocolate deutsch - definitely
frosting - definitely
i have sweet coconut which i really like but i think coconut is different

I have cotton candy (which I believe is an actual cc flavour not just EM) and marshmallow on the way. I have a few of the others but I haven’t used them enough to pass any judgement


Cinnamon crunch: More cinnamon than crunch … not that I know what crunch tastes like, if anything … but whatever it is suppose to taste like, it is overpowered by the cinnamon imo. Not an outright bad flavour, but you can probably find better.


Honey bee flv is very strong. I have my second tester of Honey bee and açaí flv steeping now. I did just one drop in a 15ml bottle. Overall I liked it…it does have a bit off an off note that I can’t place but the rest of the flavor is just store shelf honey bee honey.


i love cinnamom crunch , i used it for a cinnamon toast crunch. cereal obviously but now i have it in a custard apple pie so you can use it for the cinnamon and to help the crust in a pie that need those things


i was wondering about that but couldnt find info


Cinnamon crunch is a great standalone
Chocolate deutsch - :+1:
Creme de menthe - taste like after eight :+1:
Blueberry muffin - lot of blueberry, no muffin for me


super excited , what a surprise its tuesday i ordered sunday and i received some samples what a great company, ill be busy and Flavorah just won my business thank you


So happy for you man! Customer service is a main thing that sells me on a company! Flavorah def has that!!!


I have heard this from others about blueberry muffin. I may just create my own vs buying that one. The same thing happened with berry cheesecake…over all, no cheesecake flavor and not the berry i prefered. Thanks!


very rarely will i buy anything besides a simple single flavor to build the profile i want , too many times the multi flavors have been duds , there are a couple like RFSC strawberry millshake that have made the cut


Help that you are 100 miles from them. Lol.


shhhhh lol im only 45miles from ecx and that wiuld have taken till wednesday , plus the samples that wasnt expected at all :wink: