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Flavorah order


Just ordered 23 flavorah flavors, very excited to start mixing !!!

, My Scales are ready, going to Tare them out, when they get here !!


When i look at the picture i thought, ‘wow, this guy’s so happy he took a picture of the cash register!’




well, that is according to AWS 501 scale, But these scales have to be X’ed out & Y’ed out. eg. X-axis. Y-axes.
I read somewhere, when measuring Flavorah, that you have to measure weight in the 100th or 10th thousands of a gram !!! NOT !!, anyways, I am just messing with this picture, !!! this is DRO on my lathe !!!


Think blueberry muffin was the first flavorah concentrate I bought…have continued to amazingly buy mainly there poorer ones. The blueberry isnt awful in it…but tastes watery. You cant really say anything negative about the muffin element…as there isnt one…at all for me.
Most recent concentrate of theres I do really like is there Lime flavour. Saw diyordie raving about it as a great popsicle type lime so bought it to use in a recipe like that. Personally not really like that at all, its a really strong and really authentic lime to me, not tried many limes but by far the best of those I have tried.


ROAR !!!


Ive been wondering about lime. I may have to try it. Thanks!


I just received my order from Flavorah, and soon as I opened the box, that is all I smelled was the lime. out of 31 flavors. That lime has got to be strong, and I mean they where sealed in pouches!!!


If you like vanilla pudding and pound cake the (flv) van. Pudding and flv pound cake! are both great flavor! They are spot on and have versatile uses is mixes. You cant go wrong with either of those!


Do have the pound cake, like it but dont love it…Pandoro is the pound cake of my choice


Never tried pandoro is that FLV? Now I’m interested! Have u tried FLV van pudding with LB vanilla ice cream yet? If u like custard wow! It makes a great one!!


Pandoro is Flavour Art but the kitchen line so prob struggle to get it in America. I love lb vanilla ice cream, though think prob used it so much now its lost a bit of the magic to my tastebuds…never tried flv vanilla pudding as tried so many vanillas and not had much luck with cake/pudding flavours apart from pandoro, ooo golden sponge cake and sasami crumble cake which is probably my favourite as so versatile. Are others I like such as flv pound cake, but havent loved any. VTA pudding base is pretty good though


I just got the vta pudding base and VTA milkshake base flavors recently. Haven’t mixed them yet. How is the VTA pudding base? I’m looking forward to giving it a trying it.

What’s the FA Pandoro like? So ur saying they dont have it here in the US?