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Flavors eating plastic bottles! Request for flavor sellers/rebottlers to sell in glass bottles only


I had to move recently and will setting up the “lab” again i noticed many bottles had irregular mis-shapenness (made up word? Lol) and i quickly realized that the flavor were actually eating the plastic as “thin” spots in the bottles could be felt where the bottles had deformed. The worst of the bunch a bubble gum flavoring stored in a supposedly safe HDPE bottle whose lid was slowly melting and actually dripping down into the bottle!
I have noticed the LDPE bottles will not keep flavors or eliquids well and both finished juice and flavors will darken and expire in said LDPE bottles. Soneone mentioned the Cap 15ml bottles containing one of there first ever expired flavoring. I know @BoDarc has mentioned the necessity of glass but i believe his warning has mostly been ignored (by myself as well lol)

Long story short i think we should push for resellers/rebottlers to sell in glass and glass only!
I for one would gladly pay slightly more instead of having the pain of transferring everything over to glass myself.

Here are pics of the damage.
This is a serious issue and potential health hazard


what about the P.E.T bottles or all plastic ??? using glass is of course the best way to go , but then you have the droppers to deal with and those arent that great either ive read that those shouldnt be used for long term either , or if you use a cap then you have draw the liquid out with either a syringe or glass dropper , at that point imo a person might as well go back to measuring instead of weighing , for me personally i dont mind plastic and havent had any issues id like to hear @ecigexpress @BullCityFlavors @Nicotine_River @Walt_RealFlavors opinions and what they assume cost increase would be , dont forget not only would there be a cost increase for flavors it would also increase cost for shipping especially for the 4oz and bigger bottles , then the free shipping minimums would have to be raised ,
just my opinion


Of the three used most LDPE, HDPE and PET im leaning towards the hard style PET like walt uses are best. Although just because you cannot see a reaction occuring does not mean a reaction is not happening. Im keeping all PET as no reaction seems to be occuring, the rest are going into glass. The HDPE are melting! All my flavorah and Nicvape shipped in HDPE show signs of melting on the inside of the bottle at the thinest point at the top of the bottles where the threads are. The LDPE are obviously deformed from a similiar chemical reaction occuring


I keep all my bulk flavorings in glass and refrigerate at 50 degrees, i have 15 ml and 30 ml pet bottles of each flavoring for mixing, i am transitioning to 15 ml bottles to reduce the exposure time of the flavorings. Does anyone have experience with euro droppers ? They look like they might work in glass bottles ??


Ive noticed that plastic bottles are deformed during manufacturing sometimes, if all the bottles are deformed in the same way that might be the cause ? Just a thought good luck with your melting issues i will definetly watch out for that.


I agree with the guys here in that PET is the way to go with storing flavors. Can put those in a 30ml bottle with dropper tip.


I’m turning into 100% PET, as the darkening in LDPE is obvious. I did find ONE thing about PET that wasn’t really of “concern” but you should be aware of. It resolved entirely about multiple re-uses and when or if the bottles get “crinkely”


The small 15 and 30ml pet bottles are horrid for e liquid but fantastic for thin flavor. Cheap enough to replace. I’m using the 120ml and 60ml PET bottles with twist cap from NR. Perfecto!


In regards to what you tagged us in,

Glass is ultimately the best solution when storing contents of any kind however, using glass does have some downfalls. We’ve noticed that when mixing juice by weight that having the ability to squeeze the flavor from the bottle itself is easier and less time consuming. Also, glass is slightly more expensive than plastic and has a higher chance of breaking/cracking during a shipment which could be dangerous. Finally, glass does become heavy when multiple bottles are ordered which would result in higher shipping costs.

What we recommend would be to pour or transfer the product into glass once you receive the contents. We do our best to only use PET Plastic bottles (unless our supplier runs out of stock) every chance we get since that seems from our knowledge to be the most reliable plastic. All in all, glass is best however it most likely is not an option that will be available from our store just because of the reasons listed above.

Thank you! Let me know here if you need anything or have questions! :slight_smile:



agreed ty for the response


This is what i recently have done. I transferred all larger quantities into glass and smaller amounts in “hard” style pet 60ml and 130ml with twist caps for mixing by weight. All LDPE and HDPE had to go!


That is the perfect way to mix! Small increments for mixing and larger batches in the glass for storage! You have exactly the right idea :slight_smile: