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Flavors to avoid at all costs!


I knew it, another cat lover. My wife and I are cat lovers as well. Don’t flip your wig now, but, we have 14. Suckers for strays I guess. Bacon and cat piss, hmmmmm, you may have something there…lol


I do not easily flip my wig. I’ve had 14 once upon a time. They are great fun though. One of them got a little pissed that I was paying to much attention to my coil making and juices and pissed all over my printer to get my attention. It worked! :grin:


Yeah, sounds like the feline persuasion. Perhaps if you taught it to build coils and blend juices you could keep it away from your printer. Might work…lol


Sure, and then he will make me eat cat food and piss on a box while he will be busy vaping my shit. What’s worse, he will want ansjovis and bacon :cold_sweat:


JoJo said “I do think for those on a budget and just getting started it is a good idea to try and find flavors that the majority of people find pleasing. This reduces the chance of someone getting discouraged with what they’re doing and giving up.”

I just wanted to take the time to thank all of you for your input and suggestions. I have my first DIY vapemail on the way, yoohooo.

I took 2 recipies from ELR that sounded good to me and my ole lady, and bought all that was needed to make them. Will rate/ comment them. when they are done. Trying to build up my flavor supply from the recipies at ELR . Gonna see how this works. I bought all small sample sizes except that I bought 30 ml of the FA Cappaccino (dark bean) because I am a coffee nut, and JoJo said that it was the only coffee she really likes …

and I am placing an order @ nicotinelabs right now for Watermelon, Honeydew, and Mocha, based on ringlings endorsement.

And I am considering FA Fuji apple based on suggestions here.

So thanks to everyone for your input, because it does give those of us an idea where to start and what not to try. Anyone suggest any coconut or pecan flavors ?



Congrats and welcome to the dark side!! Gosh, I hope you like the Dark Bean, I’ll feel like a total jerk if you hate it. :stuck_out_tongue: 30ml should last you awhile, too. It doesn’t take much.

The only apple flavor I have is Fuji and it is probably the only one I will buy because, IMO, it’s amazing. As for coconut, I like Capella’s. So far, it’s the only flavor I have in both FA and something else where I don’t prefer the FA. But, it depends on what you’re going for in a coconut. I use coconut in a coconut rum that is one of my favorite juices and it needs a sweeter coconut. Capella’s is kind of like the sweetened shredded coconut you can get or the type you’d find in a coconut desert. The FA coconut is more of an authentic, eat it straight from the shell or coconut water type coconut. It’s not sweet at all. It’s good, just not what I was wanting.

I’m considering ordering those three from NL as well. You’ll have to let me know your thoughts. Ringling and Amy both love them, so I’m sure they are great, and I need all three of those flavors.


Thanks for the warning I’ll stay away from the chicken and waffles lol


Love is such a strong word. Though I will admit they have 3 flavors that are very good and I am not able to find acceptable replacements, does not mean I like this company. Truth be told NL products in bulk are approximately 32% higher in price than Capella and in my opinion NL flavors for the most part do not compare with Capella flavors. I’m actually pretty close to loathing this company. By continuing to buy their watermelon and honeydew I am saving a premium juice blend that I worked quite hard on and would rather not discontinue. This is the only reason I continue to buy from them. Though I think there is not better watermelon, honeydew, and mocha, let it be said that I do not in any way recommend this company…


Isn’t it though? LoL. I was referring more to the three flavors you guys were talking about than to the company itself. I’ve been following some of the discussion about them and I agree that the fact that they charge so much is ridiculous. I’d never even heard of them before the discussion about watermelon. I haven’t and might not order from them simply on principle alone. They need to be a little more realistic with their pricing. They aren’t exactly the courvoisier of the flavoring world…


JoJo said “Gosh, I hope you like the Dark Bean, I’ll feel like a total jerk if you hate it.”

No, not at all. I am a grown boy, it is just that I can usually spot honest people. Even lurking on forums, I figure out pretty quick who’s opinions I will take seriously and who to dismiss out of hand. I have a pretty good idea about, well 6 or 7, good, and only have reservations about 1 or 2 here. Not mentioning names. :smile:.

Anyway, 30 mls, might last a while, but I fell in love, yeah, that strong word, with an ejuice made here at a B&M, and I KNOW that they ain’t gonna give up the recipie, ( :wink: ringling ) so I will be mixing my own in an effort to replicate it. That is why I asked about the burnt sugar in another thread. If I perfect the mix, or get close, it will be my ADV for a very long time.

BTW ringling, yeah, I understand doing businesses that you are not fond of, but sometimes it is a necessary evil. I am looking for the best flavor I can find. Saying that, I am going to MaxVG, cause for some reason, vaping makes me itch. I think it is the PG, but I will soon find out.

EDIT: BTW, IRL, when eating watermelon, I am one of those that loves a generous amount of salt on my watermelon, yeah, I know sort of weird, but try it sometime. So … is there a way of adding salty to a mix. I was thinking of a Saline solution, high in th esaline, but is there another way to get salty ?

Sorry if I have gone on for too long, but just wanted to let you all know, that I do appreciate your willingness to share the info, and hopefully soon I can pass it on to and return the favor. :smiley:


I like salt on melons, too. And pepper. :smile: But, not that I’ve found. I posted something to the same effect and the general consensus was yes, you can use saline but it is more for making the juice ‘wetter’ and it gunks up coils really quickly. I haven’t tried it yet, though. The closest I’ve come to a “salty” vape is Salted Caramel by Flavor West…and it’s more of a butterscotch salty than a true salty salty if that makes any sense. I’m not sure anything in a vapor is going to give you that same salty taste since the ‘taste’ from vapor is more from smell and salt is a tongue thing. Without any smell, most juice just tastes vaguely sweet. The only thing I can think of that would work is dipping your drip tip in some table salt. LoL. Feel free to give saline a shot and report back if you come up with anything. I’ll do the same if I get around to trying it.


Will test saline and report back, for the rest …

Nothin but a big ole :smile:


Totally agree. Case your interested here’s the full story of their pricing. When I first started out they were Vapor Shots. A 4oz of almost any flavor was $10.80 except some of their tobaccos which were more. I thought this to be a little high but the quality was good and my customers liked the flavors. THEN, along came the merger with Flavor Envy. In the blink of a eye a 4 oz bottle of flavor went from $10.80 to $16 plus. I believe a 50% rise in price. I emailed them and told them outright that I would not buy from them ever again with prices like that. The search was on for replacements for main stay flavors which I had already created premium blends with. Caramel was replaced with FW Caramel Candy and TFA Caramel Original. VS banana (this one is a good one too) was replaced with TFA Banana Cream, and so on and so on. In June I ran out of VS Watermelon and Honeydew which are flavors for one of my most popular Premium Blends. After ordering FWs and all the talk of all the other companies versions here on ELR it sounded to me that the only way to keep this blend was to buy the VS flavors. So, I logged into FlavorEnvy.com and was redirected to the now NicotineLabs.com. I was at least pleased to see that they are now charging $13.29 per 4oz size now. Perhaps Flavor Envy put themselves out of business with the $16 price. I guess they now compare with Capella price wise on the 4oz but not on larger quantities. Still, I don’t feel most of their stuff compares on flavor to Capella. So what it boils down to, with a discount code and a a slight discount to up to 8oz bottle I ordered the watermelon and honeydew only to continue to be able to offer my customers the same recipe they love…


Yeah, I think I’m gonna pass. I’ll try some others first and if I just can’t find a good one and I decide I have to have it, then I may order from them. TPA Ripe banana, banana nut bread, and banana cream plus FA Banana has me set on banana for awhile. LoL I like Capella’s Cantaloupe. I’m curious if FA or Inawera (I know you can’t get those for shop purposes) have any good melons. I did mix up some strawberry melon using only capellas and loranns without the TPA watermelon to see if that was where the ABC gum flavor was coming from. I haven’t tried it yet, though. We’ll see.


Funny thing is, in the reciept/ info I got at my CC company, it show Vapor Shots as the business.

Just thought you might get a kick out of that little bit of info. :smiley:


If you ever decide you need to order from them let me know if you need to know the better flavors so as to distribute the ship cost…


It’s also funny (as in weird) that they brand the flavorings as “Delosi” but they own that company. I wonder if it has anything to do with the legislation issues currently going on.


That would make perfect sense to me. Just may be the case…


Well, JoJo, since we are still at the “flavours to avoid at all costs” it is back to the ansjovis if you want salty!


Just ordered some Inawera watermelon. Will let you know when I get it. I hope it is better than the Flavourtec.