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Flavors to avoid at all costs!


Hi noobie_Mixer as far S coconuts go I really like LA’s coconut over capella’s but with Capella you do get 13 mls versus 3.7mls of LA price is usually a concern. Cap’s coconut is weaker and I ended up needing more.
TFA has a few that are very good as well a lot of ppl like coconut extra which is a bit more potent and I like coconut candy it is Sweetner than the average coconut and a tiny on the weak side which is fine when you do not want the coconut to dominate which it easily can. Pecan I haven’t delved into that much. Look into FW butter pecan.


Thanks Amy2, I am looking at my 4th order ( in 3 days) yeah, am spending a bunch on shipping, but … I think I am getting the better flavors … so it all washes out. Oh, and LA - Bavarian Cream is on its way, I beleive that is one you suggested already.

Thanks for the info on coconut. I had the VS/NL chocolate coconut suggested and is on short list, but was looking for something to mix into a custard base. I will look at LAs and am considering coconut extra as well. I am going to a higher VG mix, so sweetness may vary. But thanks again.

BTW everyone VS/ FE/NL went up on their prices since yesturday. Doin it again ?


I found this list on another site… Feel free to disagree.


TFA Holiday Spice - Smells… okay, like artificial egg nog flavoring. Inhaling it is instant nope. One drop will ruin any 10ml mix for me.

Runners up:

TFA Gingerbread - Keep your licorice and clove out of my gingerbread.

TFA Horchata - Red hots, clove and grass.

TFA Blackberry - I can’t even put into words why I hate this one. It just isn’t right.

FA Pineapple - I may have gotten a bad one. Some people say it’s fine, some people say it’s gross. Nobody would ever say what I have is fine. It tastes and smells like pineapple, roasted garlic and B.O.

FA Mangosteen - I heard mangosteen were delicious and wanted to try one. FA fruits are pretty realistic. So I ordered it. I don’t want to try one anymore.

TFA Blackberry a shot at like .3-.5%. I found it ruins juices if it’s any higher.

TFA bacon. Not even once. Well actually 8 but definitely not twice.

Tfa cheese cake…straight up cheesy feet. Do not open bottle in an enclosed area. Tfa kona coffee… The smell of death

Flavorwest custard. Tasted like industrial floor cleaner and incense

ECBlend’s Apple Pie. Who the hell puts massive amounts of Anise in an apple pie flavor?

TFA boysenberry, and TFA passionfruit.

TFA Honey, Green Tea and Cherry cola

TFA Pizza

Maryjane(TFA) and Coffee(Kona)


I disagree on the blackberry, green tea, and cheesecake, but I’ve not had them from a different company. They aren’t my favorite flavors, but they aren’t horrible IMO. Just got Horchata and haven’t tried it yet. I’ll report back if I do. I bought a juice about a year ago made with TPA Pineapple and I still have most of it. Probably should throw it out. It wasn’t awful but it made me cough like crazy.

I agree on the gingerbread. It is pretty awful even at tiny percents. And the Holiday spice and Bacon, only mine are Pumpkin Pie Spice and Crispy Bacon by Cap. Same sentiment though. :smile:


Never tried TFA Blackberry but I will say I use a lot of it. I use FW Natural Blackberry which I feel is very nice. I’m guessing this person does not like the green tea because just as I did, mixed up a batch of juice only to find out when the green tea steeped, it became VERY strong and ruined the blend. The cheesecake, truth be told it is not the first time I heard bad comments about TFA cheesecake. I use FW cheesecake so have no opinion. Now the FW Vanilla Custard. I think this person must have accidently blended up the custard with his industrial floor cleaner, and damn it, put out the incense dude, you’re getting ashes in the juice. Honestly I only use FW vanilla custard for mixing. Like many vanilla custards it is a spicy custard. I don’t care for this but for those who do I feel it is dead on. The Horchata, I bought some so I hope it doesn’t taste as described. I did buy the Smooth Horchata so there is a difference. Still have not tried it yet. TFA Bacon, maybe they should have mixed it with Chicken and Waffles, lol. I do actually agree with most of that list but as they say, taste is subjective…


Oooh so you may want to check out OOO one on one flavors they do offer VG based flavors in a few. I love their marshmellow vanilla as well as their creamy milky undertone their custard was uh ok many better out there IMO. Figured I’d throw that out there while your on a spending spree! :blush:


Horchata ???

My wife has been pestering me already, any suggestions or opinions. It is one of her favorite drinks, and I have to try and do one for her vaping needs.


Somewhere in these threads this was talked about and the Smooth Horchata was said to be the way to go. I have the flavor but don’t have the time to play with it. One of these days maybe, certainly not today. Earlier I finished up 800ml of different premium juices. Still have some bottling to do yet but had enough for one day…


yeah, still a couple more days before I can start mixing. 3 different shipments coming in, besides, lots of recipies for Horchata out there.

Thanks for sure though.


Cathouse Vapor sells LA coconut in 30 ml bottles for $4.50


Just got the Inawera watermelon in and put a drop in some water. It tastes a hell of a lot better than the flavourtec does. It pretty much tastes like fresh watermelon. It smells good too!


I :heart:️ Cathouse vapor !!! I need to take a look again since they are getting more new flavors daily it seems.

I saw your post on the INW watermelon!!! This will be in my next cart … Excited!


And Amy2, do not forget that there are 2 10% discounts this weekend. I am at their site right now filling out my wish list.

Oh, and I am getting the LA coconut per your suggestion.

Last thing, you have an opinion and a source for Horchata ?


I’ve used only the capella’s version and I wasn’t impressed at all. It needs more milk so idk about TFA some say the smooth version over the original do yourself a favor and pick up some malted milk TFA. It may give it more " body"


Malted Milk added, thanks


Just made another testbatch of Tiger’s Blood with the Inawera, had a shake and vape and I can definitely taste watermelon, not candy. No plastic either like you get with the flavourtec. It hasn’t steeped yet, but the first impression is good.
So flavourtec watermelon should be on the list of flavours to avoid. I will get rid of it asap.


Flavor West has more nasties in it than any other flavoring company i am aware of , sickening.


I’ll leave this one alone other than to say I totally disagree…


I second this statement as well ringling ! FW can be so versatile they can be used at higher %'s w/o tasting nasty, honestly they are often better tasting at higher %s .


For everyone still looking for a good Cherry flavor try Inawera’s “Wisnia Cherry”, it’s realistic with no chemical aftertaste.