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Flavors to avoid at all costs!


Try Fig instead of Raison and see what you think. I don’t like my Rum much. I think it’s TPA, but not sure. It could be an ejuice I bought pre-mixed before I bought concentrates. That reminds me I need to try the TPA Raison that I have. I still have about 80 flavors I haven’t even tried yet.

I need to tell you all about my RTA’s that arrived. I’ll post it on that thread. Is that how I should handle that? Or would just one post/reply be the best way to handle it in the future. Guess I’m going to the thread I started and reply to myself.


It would be nice if someone made a summary after this link is running for a while. Like a table with each flavor mentioned with the number of bad recommendations and a recommended alternative brand. It could/should grow into a list for newbies to save money by buying the best brands of each flavor. It would really be nice if a company would take note and make improvements to the bad flavors.


Whatever you do, start off at a low percentage with the raisin; say, a 1/2 % (.5) to start. It’s super potent.

One of my fav ADV has fig in it; love the FA fig!


Sounds like a job for @NewDrip :wink: That’s sort of been his aim for a while now. I’m kinda iffy about the whole “best flavors, worst flavors” thing because I feel like taste is way too subjective for something like that and it’s hard to do when there are so many different flavors from so many different vendors. It’d be like telling someone who has never had a hamburger, “McDonalds has the best hamburgers even though I’ve only had hamburgers from McDonalds and Burger King” or “THIS thing should be best for everyone because it is best for me.” But if it’d help, my personal opinions on the matter won’t stop me from putting a list together. My biggest goal is to be helpful to those here who need it while gleaning as much from others as I can. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way, though. :smile:


Boy have you hit it right on the head. That is one of the reasons that I suggested a thread on each major Flavor Company. You just can not group all that together in one thread and grouping those who do use a certain vendor’s flavors could have a much better discussion. BUT, even after grouping the FWs with FWs and the Caps with Caps, etc there’s still what? Taste is Subjective! Their will even be lots of disagreement even when grouped together.

I totally agree and would concur as to my personal feelings toward helping out others. I won’t lie to you, I learn a bit myself hangin out here. The day you quit learning is the day you die, at least that is how it should be…


I think you’ll find opinions on the worst flavors to be nearly as subjective as those regarding the best. F’rinstancek FA Bread Crust had been considered by many to be unvapable until recently when an advanced mixer figured out to dilute it, then dilute it again (much asz with Tobacco Absolute)m after which it became a tasty addition to a peanut butter & jelly ‘sammich.’


Mangosteen (FA)

I won’t say it’s a flavor to be avoided, but I will say, you have to really be careful with the percentage used in your mix. Respect the Mangosteen! Start looooooow, say .25 or .5 % and work your way up. Nice flavor at low percentages.


The Inawera rum is to die for good! Got to let it cure for a bit before vaping; say 2 weeks at least.


I’m going to try fig Again without too many flavors involved so I can get an appreciation for it. I tried it at 3% the other day with some cream and it was pretty good. Guna give it another shot.


The fig mellows out with steep time. And I’ve found, for me, about 1.5 or 2% in the mix is sufficient.


TPA CARAMEL man this tastes and smells like a vacuum cleaner bag …


Next time get the caramel (original), that is good !


pretty glad i bought a 3ml to test it out maybe some friend will come and say wow my days of childhood haha sad caramel right there.


I couldn’t agree with you more about the Rainbow Drops…I was very disappointed. IMO it seems very lemony after steeping for a few weeks as a single flavor mix…I really think that if is was mixed with a couple of really good fruit flavors and some sweetener it might taste like skittles but I haven’t tried it yet


TFA circus cotton candy omg yuck


Don’t know if I’ve already posted this or not, but I’ll post it again as a warning to all…

Flavorah Clove… Throw it in the garbage can now and never think about it again! :poop:

I tried it as low as .1% (point one percent)…nope! Practically made me sick to my stomach in all 4 recipes I tried to make with this stuff…just awful!


Thanks for the warning! I’d been eyeballing it trying to figure out if I could come up with something like a clove cigarette. Not that crazy about clove anyway, so no big loss. :smile:


Yes, you did, but some flavours need at least 3 warnings :grinning:
Anybody tried using it for cooking? Just an idea, it might be wonderful in some stew.


I resemble that statement a month in to starting my vapor experience I had tried too many mixes at once for the next week went through more toothpaste mouthwash huffing coffee and pickle juice and pickles I’m surprised my taste buds survived


You just reminded me to go and make this recipe I finally had success with, public.
Skittle Drops : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/313403/Skittle+Drops+

1.5% Ethyl Maltol 10%
1% Fuji Apple (FA)
0.5% Lime (Flavorah)
0.5% Orange Citrus (Flavorah)
8% Rainbow Drops (TPA)
1% Raspberry (Flavorah)
1% Sour (TPA)
1% Strawberry (Flavorah)

Flavor total: 14.5%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/2wk3

I don’t normally use EM, but this mix really needed it.
Turned out to be 4 stars! A Fruity/tart mix that definitely reminds
me of Skittles.
Steeped 3 weeks!