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Flavors to avoid at all costs!


Okay cool…I am getting some sour and orange on my next order and I will definitely be trying this one! Thanks @Alisa!


I’m a big spice/floral guy and I ordered some FA Oregano that I was going to mix with strawberry and citrus or watermelon or something. It tastes like giving a rim job to Barnie, which is to say that it tastes strongly of cheap Chinese plastic and ass and not at all of any naturally occurring plant or food product.

Avoid FA Oregano (which I doubt is high on anyone else’s list anyway, but there you go)

Oh, I forgot, I screwed up and ordered two bottles. If any of y’all wants one you just let ol’ TRW know.


Try it in some home made salsa.


I don’t have TPA Sour… I wonder if LA Tart & Sour will be a good sub. I also have Citric Acid… Does it provide a sour note too?


I’m sure it has been mentioned already, I just don’t feel like scrolling thru 125 comments, but…

TFA Granny Smith Apple!!!

I usually try and blend or cut a bad flavor to rescue it and not let it go to waste but this…not even God can save!!

I tried a blend of different apples with only .02% Granny smith and it still was nasty!


Really, I blended it with 2 other apples and Quince (which is the balls!) in equal amounts and thought it was OK, a little "jolly rancher-ish.


I have never used LA tart & sour myself, nor straight citric acid. So, I don’t know. Sorry.


I have the LA Tart&Sour and I’ve only used it once but can’t remember how it was. Sorry thats no help. Got it at Walmart 1oz for .49 cents. Just tried on my finger and it a vary tangy sour taste with no chemical after taste if that helps any at all.


My ADV so would really love to have that recipe LOL Deadly sin. Tried so many time to get that one right!


That can be used as “Sour” as an additive to boost fruity flavors.


Ginger is good though. I’ve got some Zigzag Clove. The only ejuice I ever bought from the 7-11 store. Just yesterday, I put a drop of it down under my drip tip in my apple vape. It numbs your tongue. I followed it with Gingerbread. Not too bad in very low amounts like TPA Raison.


Pumpkin spice (TFA) unless you like clove because that’s all I get from that


Good to know! :wink:

I liked a good clove cig, back in the day. I finally found a couple of tobacco flavors which carry the clove scent and taste without being cloying; tried to use the FLV clove for this purpose before making my discovery…nope, wasn’t gonna happen with FLV!

So, you’re not a fan of the TFA pumpkin spice, huh?


It wasn’t for me. I bought it to try a pumpkin roll but it definitely didn’t give me the nutmeg and cinnamon I hoped for :slight_smile:


Maybe some pumpkin spice? Or pumpkin spice tea even? I see clove in a few teas I have…
Kind of feel like everything has its place in this community. Maybe just not the place your trying to put it. Like I’ve commented before, and others above me in this thread have mentioned, TPA Mary Jane. Tastes like pine needles to me. Since last year I found I love mangos, and at some points I get this almost piney flavor from that, so maybe the Mary Jane would help create an authentic mango flavor? I’m sure even bacon can be thrown in something haha not sure what maybe just maple syrup and waffles for S&G haha


If you are looking for nutmeg i recomend tfa Holiday spice but beware it is quite potent start at .25% or its like smoking straight spices. Unless thats what you want!


My first bad Flavour Art…mangosteen. A fruit I truly love, maybe the tastiest fruit on the planet…is made to taste like a solution of windex and palmolive. I may try and let it steep, this is as an SvV.


Nope…won’t help.:pensive:

I feel that Mangosteen was made and sold by FA as a cruel joke on the DIY vaping community…even as I type this post, they are still in their lab :laughing: in tears, laughing about us trying to make it work in a mix.



I love the fruit…but I cannot understand how this is supposed to be a flavor. It’s more an aroma of chemicals. It’s like getting your mouth washed out with soap. I am really surprised it’s from FA.


add LorAnn Washington Cherry to the list. I don’t know what that flavor is. Stale dirt from a cherry orchard 5 weeks after harvest? To the IMF she goes.