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Flavors to avoid at all costs!


Key lime pie, sleepy’s version is delicious IMO


Bubba’s Pig Sap by Flavor West … I can’t find a use for it.


Oh my goodness, someone actually bought it! :open_mouth: I see it every time I shop at BCV and both cringe and am intrigued. I’m guessing it’s a caramel apple covered in bacon bits? My only foray into the bacon flavor world ended so badly that I’ve sworn off all the bacon flavors. LOL


Perhaps if you asked the people who found a use for TFA’s Chicken and Waffles. If anyone could tell you, they could…lol


LOL … yeah I bought it out of sheer curiosity. It was inexpensive too.


there isnt any flavour that i would say is inherently bad, but there are some that i have to go out of my way to use

mostly liquors and tobaccos


Ditto for me with FW salty butter balls. I mixed it single and it was ok, but i haven’t really used it since. LoL

@i_L_lamp I know what you mean. There are definitely certain flavors that are used for very specific purposes and not much else. Absinthe for me is one of those that I use, but only if I want an absinthe flavored juice. :wink:


Ive gotten a few weird samples before too like nut flavours and ginger but ive come to use them alot. Espectially ginger, i use that with so recipes its dope


LOL I could see Chocolate Covered Bacon maybe… hahahaha. I can’t stand the stuff but my college girl likes it


Salty butter balls… why does that not sound enticing?



Hahaha totally forgot about that. It reminded me of Schweddy Balls from SNL.


I forgot that one! So funny :smiley:Noone can resist my Schwedy balls.


lol @daath and @JoJo … those were both great!!! :joy:


its actually pretty tasty…:slight_smile:


lol I was going to ask if there WAS a good bacon but from what I’m seeing that’s a shot in the dark LOL



Emailed Flavor West …


I received Order # 100077621 which included 118ml bottle of Pistachio flavoring Batch Code #487011227 Mfg Date: 12-03-15

I use a lot of FW flavorings, and never experienced one that is so ‘off’. I really don’t know how other to describe it than ‘dirty socks’ . Will you PLEASE check this particular batch of flavoring and let me know if it’s as it should be? If it is, than I will just have to get a different brand. I’d just like to know.

Thank you!

Reply from FW

We do sell quite a bit of the flavor. Sorry you do not like it.

Thank You!
Sarah Sterns



They gave you the “cat stare” of indifference reply!


Wow…someone needs some customer service lessons!


Is it just me or does unsteeped Bilberry (FA) taste musty as hell? It like sucking blueberry juice out of the chamois of a pair of well worn bicycle shorts. I’m not saying to avoid it, I’m just glad it isn’t salty.