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Flavors to avoid at all costs!


heheh Bilberry (FA) definitely benefits from a bit of steeping ;D


In my pursuit of a good blueberry base blend; I tried this flavor at several percentages in several blends but just don’t like it… This was the first FA flavor I’ve tried that wasn’t a hit. Personally, I wouldn’t know what the hell actual billberry is supposed to taste like but if they’re true to this flavoring; count me out. Tasted like the bitter, dark skin of some wild berry. Nope…nope…nope…

Would also like to add…

CAP Egg Nog - Vomit flavored tree bark

FW Eggnog - Eating a clove cigarette dipped in raw egg would be about the same effect


I made a Bilberry yoghurt and left it (forgot it) for 3 weeks. It’s not bad at all. I must admit I haven’t tried it fresh.


I love FA bilberry but Inawera bilberry tastes like perfume.


I did not know a bilberry was real. I just assumed they tried for blueberry, got to that flavor and we’re like “Screw it, close enough. It’s Friday.” You learn something new. . .

Alisa, I meant to say that customer service, and I only call it that so you know what message I am replying to, was BS. That would normally put a company on my sniper, do not even do business with vendors that sell this brand, list. But FW introduced me to my first tasty DIY flavors. Please direct their sorry asses to this thread so they know that there are a hell of a lot of strong competitors to their flavors and if that curt response is how they treat their customers, I will not be refilling the several bottles I need of their flavors and will instead replace with alternatives. Even my beloved salted caramel.

Seriously, someone gets a BIG bottle of your flavor, suspects something might be off, reports it to you in an easily usable manner…and you blow them off? That’s a middle finger to you customer.

Watch how I blow vendors off. I’ll also bring my FW recipes down. . .not that I have a lot of recipes, it’s just the principle. Sorry I am always the one to yell loudest when people get hosed, but it just pisses me off when companies tolerate that behaviour. It reflects a certain culture IMO.


You are right, therabidweasel. No doubt. I’ve let the Flavorwest issue sit on the backburner, not sure of what to do, but this 4oz bottle is sitting on my desk, waiting for me to do SOMETHING. I’m going to make a phone call Monday morning. Hopefully, I’ll get SOMEONE there that gives a damn. May I quote you, if need be?


I figure if I put something on the Internet anyone can quote my reply. . . hehe, that is why I’m kinda secretive about my identity. That and weakness.

That’s very nice of you to ask. I was serious about directing them to the thread, so yeah, sure! You might also direct them to the Medicine Flower threads and then Nicotine River’s. . .so they know what good customer service looks like.

Ive never dealt directly with FW and this really irritates me. They have the best tasting caramel-adjacent flavors of any I’ve tried and some good fruits too. My favorite recipes all have an FW as a key component, so if I have to switch it’s going to be with regret. But I think I’ve demonstrated my resolve in dealing with poor customer service. I just can’t let go of this stuff.

Seriously, they can’t just say: Thank you very much for notifying us of your concerns, we take product quality very seriously. While we’ve found this batch to be within our specifications there could always have been an issue with temperatures seen during storage or shipping, or perhaps the flavor does not agree with you. If we sent you a flavor with which you are familiar and perhaps a few samples of others would this resolve the issue satisfactorily for you? . . .I guess it is more words.


I really don’t want to be reimbursed in any way. I just wanted someone to care. To go check that batch and make sure it’s up to their own standards or not and say so, either way. That way I will know if what I received is what they meant it to be. Hope that makes sense. Anyhow, I WILL call them Monday morning and report back.


I knew that from your email. . .I’m just saying that they should have made you some form of offer for not just going out and bashing them on the fora without giving them a chance. Now, they DO owe you IMO.


Alisa, play hardball if necessary. Tell them you are a member of ELR and you are more than willing to start a new thread about the bad customer service you have received. That should open a few eyes. Tell them to send you a new one if there is a problem with it…


Whaaaat??? I just read through this topic and no one commented on TFA Blue Raspberry ?!? I’m shocked. Worst flavor ever from my experience. I usually use Liquid Barn’s Blue Raspberry and was looking for a replacement. FAILED. TFA’s version is like a cheap perfume mixed with something foul I can’t put my nose around, nor do I want to! Sorry to say I dumped it. Tried to sweeten it, tried to mix it with other fruits, nothing worked. . . .


So… Jason, from Flavor West called me back this morning about that Pistachio flavor. He
said it is as they meant it to be, but did offer to replace the one they sent me. I declined, as
the flavor is horrible and I’ll never use it. I told him I’ll be sticking with TPA’s version of Pistachio,
since it actually resembles pistachio. lol


Do you know if you eat a little piece of ginger it gets rid of car sickness. I keep it in my car for my tummy. You can buy it in the supermarket as Dry Ginger. It is covered in sugar, real sweet and spicy hot.


Yup, you are right. Blue Raspberry TPA is horrible. I had it as a single flavor in my cupboard and it’s been steeping for about 3 months. It’s horrible.


Ginger tea was the only way I could eat anything during the first four months of being pregnant with my daughter. I wound up losing 15 pounds before I could actually eat again. I lived on plain bagels. I hated the tea, but I could keep down a bagel after drinking a cup. First meal I had when I got my appetite back was barbecue! LoL. I still hate ginger tea, but it’s definitely good for nausea.


You know FA Espresso (dark bean) tastes like burnt popcorn at first. But it evens out into an inoffensive coffee-ish flavor in a couple of days. I know who I’m talking to, but did you let it steep well? I just discovered TFA Black Tea needs basically 6 weeks until it tastes like spot on black tea…drink it every day, know the flavor. Anyway, pretty impressed with how they can change. For a while I had my 30ml bottle of FAEDB up for free. Now I’m hoping FA Sesame and mangosteen might be the same way. The sesame tastes so burnt it’s absolutely revolting.


More steeping… You could be right… But, if so, I’ll just buy the TPA anyhow.
I mixed two bottles of Xan’s Cheesecake Dream. One on 01/03 with TPA Pistachio and one on 01/08 with FW Pistachio. I started vaping the TPA version and loving it after 5 days. The FW version is still icky today. But, I will not throw it out. We shall wait another week and try it. Then another, just to be sure. :slightly_smiling:


I really enjoy the mad hatter and it’s only $7
The mini freakshow is a bit hot and has some spit back issues being a reduced cap style atty…the Kennedy is a huge favorite for it’s taste and ease of slapping that cap on without aligning the hole patterns…
The Veritas was my favorite flavor atty until the N-22 as stock it had restricted air flow so I’ve worked it drilling a bigger hole…very tricky and the above don’t need that.
I polish all mine up to mirror finish using a zero fit tip and #1000 then #2000 wet dry…always tape the back with duct tape and adding soap makes less scratches flavors seem improved w polishing…cleaning is quicker and I’ll do this service for you or anyone…Mack’s Elixers Gregory Bahr FB


Thanks so much for all your trial effort and info for me!
Yummy and can’t wait.


I screwed up so bad with my FE pistachio that I don’t think I’ll be mixing with that flavor for a LONG time