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Food for thought..?


Hi Guys and Gals,

I had a thought whilst browsing recipes that there are so so many recipes posted that are either copies of other recipes, or just outright rubbish. Now I understand that taste is subjective, but I feel like a lot of it comes down to people new to DIY and not understanding enough about the mixing process. Lots of recipes have huge flavor percentages, which is a common mistake for beginners (I think we’ve all been there). I found that my mixing improved considerably after 2-3 months of trying out other peoples recipes and trying to understand why they used particular flavors, why they used certain percentages etc. Alongside research on flavor notes etc.

tl/dr Do you think making a rule that you can’t share your recipes until you’ve been a member for at least 2-3 months (or some other time frame) would cut down on the amount of sub par recipes? I’m open to constructive criticism and/or having my view changed with reasonable arguments as to why this wouldn’t work or is unfair etc…

Have a great day!!

Somebody Stop Me!

I often scratch my head when I see some recipes put public. But I have learnt to deal with that. All though I do se a problem in this effecting, percentages in recipes, Single flavor recommendations stats. Shit recipes can be putting the numbers off.


I agree. I’m learning to deal with it haha I just get to the stage where I’m not even looking at a recipe when it’s named similar to something else or if it’s a copy of something. I’m possibly missing out on some good recipes because I don’t have the patience to sift through the crap. Maybe I need to work on my patience lol


The biggest problem I believe, is that many seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that you can make private recipes, and publishes every bloody thing they do, even their single flavour tests and unfinshed recipes :rage:
It is probably the same people that also uploads pictures of every single meal they eat to instagram/facebook/whatever.

I don’t really think a 3 month trial period would make much difference, but I also can’t see any major downsides to it, perhaps some experienced mixers new to ELR might get a bit annoyed, but I’m sure they would understand. So if it can cut down on all the crap, I’m all for it.


Hmm… Maybe even just making recipes go to private as default, rather than the default being to publish, would help the situation? Or some kind of foreword to new members explaining the purpose of publishing, and not to publish unfinished/test recipes. Or a system where recipes can be downvoted and if enough members downvote it, the recipe gets unpublished?


that is the default


Ah, I stand corrected. Thanks


Sry, if my short response sounded rude. That is what makes the whole practice that much frustrating for a lot of people. You have to go out of your way to click that lil box and make it public. The whole debate of when or if someone should publicize a mix can open a big ole can of worms.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s something i do regularly keep it private till you think it’s worth it ( have 4 versions of Churrios but only made public the last version and all 4 weren’t that shitty… just not right) so it’s up to the individual to decide wether it’s worth it or not.
Unfortunately lots of them just publish recipes for the sake of it, but there again it’s up to you to evaluate whether that recipe it’s worthy or not, the same goes for DIY pour le nouls or Kritikal or 99, you look at the recipe, look at the flavours, the percentages and just discard it if it doesn’t sound right.

Next one please! :rofl:


Nope, not rude at all :smile:
Ah ok, I should have expected it to be a sore point actually haha I didn’t think i’d be the first person fed up with it…


Tho I am upset you don’t want to see my bowl of chili


I was guilty of publishing lots of overflavored, newbie junk when I first started. After I hung around and read and read and got to see the etiquette of the more experienced mixers and got my head on mostly straight, I went through and made the truly junk recipes private. A lot of those, I thought were good at first. I also thought you had to make a recipe public in order to share it for the purpose of getting advice. Sharing a recipe url as private has helped me to not junk up the database .

The thing is, I didn’t know any better. If there were a dedicated beginner resource that covered recipe publishing ethics, I might have seen it and acted more thoughtfully. If there is one up there already, or if it’s covered in another resource, I haven’t come across it. I think it could help to have a few guidelines in a prominent spot for newbs.


I would love to know how you do that… since day 1, quite a few days ago, I have found this infuriating. A lot of times you even see the same recipe with the same name and slight variations of %'es… and all the single flavor tests, with or without variations on different nicotine %'es…
It’s often a daunting task to find something interesting to mix and takes so much time to sift through the rubbish.
And I’m pretty sure this is not only annoying for people browsing recipes but it also puts an unnecessary load on the server.


I’m a big fan of this proposition and I’d probably go a little too far with it if I had my go with it too…

People could for example need to earn a certain amount of points before they can publish recipes, like people need points for stuff on the forums (like private messages, editing titles, etc).
Requirement of steeping notes, proper recipe notes, correct flavor names (no dupes etc) and so on. No single flavors “recipes” or one-shots (they belong on the flavor pages / flavor notes).

I’d also make a difference between your own recipe ratings and ratings from others. I might want to give a 5-star rating to my own recipe but I’m biased, that should stay a personal rating and not visible to others.


errr…you don’t have to make it public? :blush: Damn, i didn’t know that. So that’s what the Private recipe Sneak Peek thread is about! :rofl: Seriously, I thought those guys were having to make their recipes public n order to post 'em in that thread :blush:

Well that just goes to show that either:

  1. jay2 is an idiot
  2. we really do badly need some guidlines on this , or
  3. both of the above


It’s in the wrench drop-down when you are viewing any of your sasved recipes. Share url privately. Hit that and it will refresh the page. Scroll to the bottom and find the new private url to copy and share. It took me a while to find it, too!


Ahh! Damn. so if i just re-privatise any I’ve already shared, then the associated URL will stop working? I’ve got one that isn’t even mine. I copied and shared it just for the sake of answering a question. and put “FOR DEMO PURPOSES ONLY” in brackets after the title . I would dearly love to make that private! But first I’ve gotta ttack down my link to it, and change it, hmm?


If the link you shared previously is still in a thread somewhere, it will take someone to the recipe site with a highlighted message that reads no such recipe exists, or something like that. We do need some guidline resource on this!


I agree! I was usuing star-rating s to sort the sheep from the goats in my private recipes, but then, after publishing a few of 'em, the star ratings became an embarassment. Wasn’t sure what to do about that! First i deducted one star from 'em all , to avoid looking like an egotist. But that was a bit silly, so then I just cancelled all my star ratings…or tried to! no matter how i tried, some of those cancellations didn’t take effect until today (after system maintainence)

Again, guidlines on this are badly needed!


Yeah, that’s what i thought :(. But what I’m thinking of doing is finding the associated post and editing it, to substitute that private URL.