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Food for thought..?


I just checked the guide page under resources. On this subject, it only has a section on how to share a recipe privately. No mention of why one would want to do such a thing, or why one would share a recipe publicly or should choose not to share.


You should be able to find these in you Activity log on your forum profile page.


Breath in the out slowly.

Here is my method.

I have tpa kettle corn coming in. I know of a few mixers that use this as an important light ingredient in their mix. For which I why I ordered it.

I will pull up the flavor in the flavor list
I will review single flavor and average mix.
I read the notes if available.
I will sniff the flavor.
I then look at 15 highly rated recipies in the mix
Then I look at recipes from a few select mixers.

Then I may pic a few test recipes to mix as closely as I can and make a few others in my own design based on what I have learned from reading.

Normally most of my mixes turn out pretty good. V2s even better.

The key is to read read read. Research and read some more. Ask a friend and have fun.


I’m in two minds about this. They were anoying me, admittedly but then I was thinking " I don’t know,. That might be actually useful to a newbie" . Then , to my immense surprise I found a few such recipes useful to myself . One reason was because I use Medicine Flower ,and a few other under-used concentrates, quite a bit, and found single-flavour recipes for some where there were no flavor notes! also, in some cases, the recipe notes went into more detail than most flavor notes do!

The lack of flavour is , at least partly because the associated flavour notes also vanish whenever somebody removes a flavour from their stash! @Ken_O_where said that some of his notes went missing that way!

The second way in which I found a single flavour recipe useful might have been a workaround for the above problem . I clicked on a recipe by @SessionDrummer , and found , to my surprise, and delight, that it wasn’t a recipe at all, but a huge collectiion of SF testing notes for a bunch of RFSC flavours. I actually marked that one as a favourite! :grin:

There are all sorts of ways of using this recipe database. I wouldn’t be too quick to judge.

That said, what really annoys me, is when somebody wastes my time looking at a recipe that he clearly hasn’t even bothered to mix, or at least didn’t find it worthy of comment after he had mixed it.


Yes, I think that’s what most people here do and my post was perhaps a little exaggerated to make a point… but you have to admit, things would be so much easier, faster, more efficient if all the crap recipes would suddenly be private :smiley:


yep, @Chrispdx put the case perfectly . :+1:

To put it a bit more concisely: most of us are searching by flavour stash, often looking at just one specific flavour to see what other mixers are doing with it. The resulting recipe list is much more maneageable, and much more useful!

By the way, did anybody else think this thread was going to be about food flavours (as opposed to drink flavours) ? :laughing:


Besides the great methods @Chrispdx mentioned and since anyone who reads this uses the forums, I use the forum search. It gives u “live”, current mixes from threads like Summer Vapes 2017 ! Let’s see them WIPs & Recipes & What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)? I typed kettle corn in :
Private Recipe Stash Sneak Peek
which unveils:
Pure coincidence that @Chrispdx mentioned kettle corn and i enjoy @core 's mix


Even before I was on the forums, I used to have a lot of trouble sifting through all the recipes, too. It’s just the way it is. I guess after a while I’m more zeroed in on what profiles I want, and like others have said, I pretty much stick to the forum members for new ideas. Not wanting to add to the confusion, I have zero public recipes. I’m not quite confident enough that any of them will garner any positive reaction so I just don’t publicize them.


Heck yeah it does. 95% of my recipes are posted on the forum side. Lol. It takes me a year to post a single recpie on the other side.


well when I search for inspiration, I mostly look at flavor profiles and combinations.


This alongside a rule of not copying other people’s flavor notes would be nice. A bit of an an undertaking but I am tired as hell of reading the same copypasta notes when trying to read about flavors…


Wasn’t sure what I was going to find, but all day ivr been trying to figure out how to create Grand Marnier in a vape… the flavor and experience of opening through exhale notes…


That would be interesting. I know a few companies make a cognac. Haven’t seen any bitter orange flavors before but at worst you could throw in some FA bitter wizard. I’ve found alcohol flavors hard to get right. Like you mentioned, it’s not just about the flavor, but the aroma, the aftertaste etc.


i find tpa orange cream is a lot like grand marnier… doesn’t need much work imo


Loranns makes Orange Brandy flavoring, hard to say if it will taste the same as Grand Marnier, but its a place to start.


Not sure how this got derailed into an orange liqueur conversation. Maybe you guys need a new thread?



First off, when it’s that time of the day and someone mentions a drink, even in passing as @jay210 did… “By the way, did anybody else think this thread was going to be about food flavours (as opposed to drink flavours) ?” … I’m likely to consider the beverage.

And I haven’t given up, I actually answered my question with a simple Bing search.

I finally found HIC’s GRAND MARNIER MOUSSE on VapingUnderground. I also found 2 versions of it here, but they haven’t updated the ingredients nor do they use his recipe ratio. He clearly states in his comments: “Some people double my percents… The important part of recipes is the flavorings and ratios - the total percent is whatever works for you”.

So why is it that neither ELR version is true to HIC’s nor do they offer any reason for the variance. Why does one of them have a top banner “This recipe is a copy of: HIC’s Grand Marnier Mousse” while the other does not. They both cite the same VapingUnderground posting. While there are only 2 recipe’s in question here, it is demonstrative of the bigger issues. Ten people don’t all need to post the latest YouTube recipe. If Freshepies posts something new, I make a private adaptation of it and would only make it public if I feel I made a significant alteration others might find useful.

“Got a Light?” is a good example of such. My version pay’s homage to his but is geared for both the Menthol vapor & anyone looking into Nic Salts. Both the recipe name and the notes I included point this out.

Now let’s look at the two Grand Marnier Mousse authors on ELR. One has 22 recipes, and you can see a bit of personal experimentation going on but nothing ground breaking and it’s all short lived. The 2nd author has 141 recipes * of which 8 were not entered on the 1 other day they used their account and made public 133 versions of “HIC’S XYZ123 RECIPE”. I think this is the sort of behavior @Eigengrau would like us to consider curbing.

That said:

Here is the HIC’s recipe (which was updated last fall to swap in the Royal Orange):

2% FA Brandy
2% FA Custard
2% FA Orange Royal (or plain FA Orange)
1.5% FA Bergamot
0.5% FA Fresh Cream

HIC’s also went on to answer my query:
“For the liquor cabinet, I would use equal parts of Brandy, Orange, Beramot, and Custard. I’d suggest 1.5% each. That is a straight Grand Marnier type flavor. That’s the formula I use for mixed drinks type vapes, and as the base for Grand Marnier’s special flavors. mmmmmmm, one of my favorite liqueurs!”

Before I let you all put down your vapes, which I hope you have been enjoying while reading my diatribe, PLEASE LOOK AT THE FLAVORINGS RESOURCE FOR BERGAMOT. One run through of this sidebar of a flavor and you will find the very basic issue we should be addressing first… people not entering flavoring names correctly. How often should we ask this be reviewed to clean up the wasted space on the server here?

That’s it. G’nite and…

Cheers all!


*facepalm *
I just knew that was gonna be my fault . :blush:

This kinds reminds of the the way our dear old Briitish rail network has to keep closing stretching of line during the autum n on account of “leaves on the tracks” . Yep, a fallen leaf is enough to derail a train, if you’re not careful. So they say (though I didn’t believe it 'til now :laughing:)

Ah well, my actual point was that nobody , but nobody is gonna guess what this thread is supposed all about from the title are they? So, where;'s the harm in just letting it turn into it a free-for all? Maybe i’m easily amused, but I’m finding it pretty damned amusing that it’s currently about the last thing you’d ever guess from the ttle.

Maybe we ought to just move it to the pub? :laughing:


We couldve just continued here i suppose


As the OP of this post, I am outraged, I say, I say, enfuriated, I say, I say, affronted, (spittle flying) that you would flagrantly take liberties with MY thread… Oh, the scandal. Woe is me :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, move us to the pub. I feel much more at home there anyway. :wink:

As for my equivocal, misleading, click bait title… Ambiguity is my specialty… :grin: