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Food for thought..?



We are now in the pub!

I just used my “regular” superpowers for the first time . I shall try not to let it go to my head.



I took the liberty of ordering for you. http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2265687
Did I overdo it on the notes?


looks nice ! Cheers! I wonder if I can possibly come up with a PG-free vesion? (not with my pesent stash , sad to say. I’ I’ve yet to get my hands on a decent, PG-free brandy )


Whether it is carpentry or cooking, often folks are quite proud of their beginning efforts while others may consider it trash. I’m a bit new here, but have been DIY mixing for four years and some of the recipes I’ve perused here do seem ghastly.

As a beer judge I’ve sampled some nasty things. Often I’ve been asked to not be too accurate in my assessment and provide some positive remarks. Why would I want to do something like that? Apparently these brewers may be looking for encouragement for a beverage they think very highly of. The theory is Not providing any may cause that person to simply give up.

Heck, while what we may consider these recipes posted by newbies to mixing here sub par, they may in fact be far better than what they have been vaping before. (Especially if their past juice was from a rack next to the cash register in a gas station :wink:)

Could something they view as negativity to their recipes (again that they are proud of) cause some to simply go back to stinkies?

If so, I think I personally would rather wade through the “outright rubbish”.

There is a Beginners section in this site. Perhaps a “Beginners New Recipes” area could be added and encouraged to be used ?

Just my 2 cents…


I hadn’t considered it in that light. I really don’t mind wading through the swamp if it keeps even one person from the stinkies. Great comment mate :smile:


My bad, you guys. Didn’t mean to ruffle feathers. I recently read all through hundreds of comments on the rules thread and forum founder thread about etiquette and moderators and such. The general consensus on derailed threads, and there was a lot of input on this, was that we should try to avoid it and self-moderate the threads. I saw a giant derail about to happen and acted. I was also a step away from asking OP to rename this thread so people would know what it was about, @jay210! Nevermind all of that.


There are a few good threads with some nice tips and recipes for beginners. I can’t find it right off but didn’t look very deeply yet so that’s my fault.

If anything would need to be done with sorting, maybe something like an asterisk denoting a new ELR user versus an older one, although time registered doesn’t really equate to good recipes over bad. It’s just all so subjective I’m sure there’s really nothing that can be done about the setup that would be truly definitive.


That is one opinion and very different from mine. If you go back to sinkies because someone doesn’t like your noobish over-flavored unbalanced recipe, then something’s seriously messed up with you and you may want to see a pro to talk over and work out your issues…

There’s nothing wrong with keeping the place a bit orderly and not making a mess, especially if the place is not even your own and others have to deal with your mess one way or another. There’s nothing wrong with a few enforceable rules to prevent people from willingly make the place a mess either.


I agree with that. If you’ve gotten deep enough into vaping that you move into DIY, you’re likely not to run back to analogs if someone says you mix like a groundhog. If that was true, I would have gone back two years ago! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Side note, I no longer mix like a groundhog)


I had an idea that when someone in their 1st month or 2 goes to make a recipe public, that a little bubble alert could pop up and read something like:

“Are you sure you want to make this public? Is it a Single Flavor Test, a copy of an existing recipe, or a slight modification of the last 3 recipes you’ve made public that are all nearly the same?”

Maybe something more professional and a lot less condescending, but you get the picture.

Maybe better, an alert that says you have to type something in the notes field before you can make a recipe public.


Nice idea! I think, perhaps we need to bring this to the attention of @daath


I really like that idea too. At least it puts the onus on the user and not the site. A little ‘slow your roll, tiger’ is a good thing.


I like that idea. The problem I see with the beginners section in the forum is that some people don’t come here. They stick to the recipe side of things and don’t get a chance to check out the info


I think (or at least thought) he was talking about the recipe side.


Yeah, sorry, might have replied to the wrong comment. Someone had mentioned the beginners section at the start of that conversation :flushed:


Well we could have a couple of people be recipe curators/moderators and sift through it all and set duplicates to private, I’ve seen one recipe spammed multiple times and all that changed was the amount that was made.


I think this is a great idea and not only for new members, and with a mention that recipes can also be shared privately (and how). It’s always good to double-check when you’re putting anything public on the internet.
I wouldn’t do it with a single checkbox or popup either but really add a few more obstacles (i.e. a couple more clicks) so that people have a moment to think about their actions. Like sharing a file with someone, you actually have to do a couple steps to set that up and you don’t want to share all your files necessarily.

And a proper etiquette (or whatever you want to call it) pinned post in the beginners forum would be useful as well. I think that would deal with the majority of this problem and it’s easy to point the worst offenders to a post.


If you notice the user doesn’t visit the forums or doesn’t even know of the existance… should be easy enough to post a link in the comment section of their recipe :slight_smile:

BUT, what would be really nice is if on the recipe side of things, we could send PMs to users outside of the regular comment sections. The comment section should just be comments about the recipe and even there you see the thread derailing from time to time.


Imposing restrictions on posting recipes, meeting certain criteria before being able to post recipes == stifle creativity and I don’t think it should ever happen. I have seen some brilliant pairings from new mixers (and some terrible ones). Who are we to stop someone posting a recipe.

If you know your flavours you should be able to sort the wheat from the chaff for yourself or even create a better version that suits your taste, as far as new mixers seeing a recipe and making it and it is not good well is there not a lesson there?


Adding a couple more obstacles before something is published publicly is not putting restrictions on what can be published, especially if the recipe is an adaptation in volume, nic or VG/PG ratio of another public recipe.

In forums (at least on the desktop version), you get nag messages as well if you keep replying to the same person for example. It doesn’t prevent people from still going ahead with it. Just a reminder to people that there are other people in the thread too.

I’m sure there are enough people who don’t even understand the difference between a public or private recipe, so that extra obstacle I’m talking about could be just a nag message with info and links that you can click away if you want to go ahead and publish.