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Food for thought..?


Actually, I’m glad to hear that. The laws have obviously changed and for the better, imo. As a former writer, I always believed in digging into the depths of your own creative process, leaving the ideas of others behind and forging a new path. Thank you for posting the Legal Zoom article.


Hi Eigengurau.
This a good topic that I have no answer for though I do have a question I hope someone can answer on about this same level,I found the adapt button in recipes and changed the percentages and then saved them to my profile,as I like a 8 milligram of nicotine for my stuff and when I got into this I got a kit through (LB) and the nicotine and VG percentages were different form those found in many of the recipes.
At any rate if I have saved the adaptations in my profile this isn’t being listed as being my recipes is it?
I didn’t join this forum to be offending other people as a scab,I don’t think those are public though if this is so I’ll remove them I just saved them in my account to make it easier when I go to mix.


Yes, they have you as the author, but it will have a “This is a copy of…” at the top, if you didn’t change the flavor %. It will also have “This recipe was adapted from …” in the notes, and it will have a “Adapted from this recipe”-button as well.

The recipes you created are private and only visible to you, so no worries! :slight_smile: