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Food Recipes:


Food Recipes:

I love to peruse the dessert websites when I get a new fruit in; to get ideas of combinations, textures, and yes, even recipes. Look at a food recipe and keep it simple. Experiment, play around. If you notice that the recipe calls for creams, see if you can’t break it down and figure out some creams that would work.

A perfect example is the milkshake again. You know that you’re going to need strawberry (pretty obvious), so you use 2 strawberries. One for a fleshy meaty texture, one bright to keep it going in the flavor so it doesn’t fade away. Ok, that’s ice cream right? So we put in some ice cream, but VBIC is a little on the spicy side so we tone it down with the dairy/milk because what is ice cream? Milk. I personally find the vienna to be a nice sweet and creamy light vanilla addition to the VBIC and it just helps level the cream side out. The entire time I made the recipe, I was thinking of a real milkshake. What flavors would I get? Then I made it accordingly.

Pies, creams, custards, cakes, fruits, mixed drinks, tobaccos, sodas, slurpees, tea, coffee etc. all have real life food recipes/versions. Look at what’s in them. Study multiple recipes of the same thing to find the common flavors. Use what you have or order what you need to accomplish the recipe. There will be many times that you will already know what a flavor will do because you have used it before.

A good example, is if you are looking for a flaky crust. If you’ve used biscuit before, you know it can provide something along those lines. Get you a couple of booster notes like a bread or a cookie to accomplish what kind of crust you are looking for. Each one will be different for each recipe.

Different cultures have different tastes; different ways of cooking and producing a taste. What may in America be recreated with Bavarian cream, in italy, they might use a more vienna style. I can’t reiterate this enough. LOOK AT A FOOD RECIPE. It will save you a TON of headache. Knowing the ingredients is half the battle.

Garage sales have some of the best cookbooks. Big Betty knows her stuff. Many of the older ones will have gem recipes that cannot be found online. If you really feel adventurous, actually make the food recipe. You will know exactly how the crust should taste, feel, flake, texture. You’ll know if the fruits are soft, cooked taste (perhaps a slight ferment/bake thing), juicy, dry. You’ll know if it’s creamy rich, creamy thick, creamy light, vanilla cream, etc. If you have the opportunity to try the food version before making the vape version, I’d definitely recommend it.


the only problem for me , is when i try a food recipe first i get caught up on trying to get it exactly like the real thing , which we all know is unlikely , but i do agree , just dont get caught up with the idea it has to be exact , with that out of the way you will have a better experiance


Why can it not be exact? Keep trying untill it IS. Its all about balance,know how and being resourceful. When you get a new flavors have you ever had that aha moment and at last a flavor profile becomes complete. It can be done may the force be with you.


one can believe what they want , and i believe that the taste of a vape cannot be exactly replicated although it can taste like something and we do strive to get things as close as we can this belief of mine cannot be swayed


My thin mints are EXACT in taste and texture


Give it time. One day you’ll find something that is exact and it’ll hit you.


in your opinion they might be , in my opinion there isnt a way to have a vape have the same texture as a solid MY OPINION


Time ??? ive vaped for years and have had 100s of different vapes IMO ive never tasted something that. is exactly the same as the real food especially in texture , i get what your thinking but for me it isnt EXACTLY identical ( difference between vape and actual food ) i dont need time the opinion wont change but thanks for the professional opinion smh



this would be so fun to make with the kids , ty im always trying to find things like this to do , friday we are making pizza from scratch the dough and all


didn’t want to jack this post, created a food recipe thread for food recipes.


ahhhhh now im wondering what you posted


Oh goodness, folks, I just had peach ice cream for the first time in my life today.

need to get a recipe, stat lmao