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Gear Heads Only


Just to offer anyone interested in why I said what I quoted myself saying.

This video is a real good one so you can see how to achieve a good solid small block chevy engine on the cheap developing over 350 HP.


Life got busy and the tractor project got more complicated. More to come very soon on that. Currently waiting on more parts to come in.

A few weeks ago I got very lucky and finally got my hands on something I had been trying to buy from a neighbor of mine for about 3 years now.

1980 Cushman Truckster

The exterior is rough but it runs and drives great. I did have to put a new master cylinder on it to get the brakes working. I got this on a barter deal so right now my total investment is 50 dollars to purchase and another 70 dollars for the master cylinder.

This is the model with a hydraulic operated dump bed. It is also equipped with a PTO drive in the back for operating PTO driven accessories.

With my knees and hips getting bad this little Cushman makes getting around our mountain property to do little odd jobs so much easier.

I will post some more pics soon and will also update what is going on with the tractor repairs.


@wvsanta I have never seen anything like that. Wow, hydraulic dump AND PTO !!! You’re making me want to find one of those now.


Wow, the internet IS good for some things !!!



I want one and I don’t even have land!


I’m sure you’ve already seen Ford just rolled out there 10,000,000 th. Mustang.


@SessionDrummer @Lostmarbles

There are literally hundreds of different versions of the Cushman’s.

Mine is one of the Off Road versions and the ones like I have were mainly found at golf courses for doing maintenance.

There are also road legal versions that were mainly used in big cities. They were used by police departments, meter maids and even the USPS used them.

Here are just a few



Police use

Trash truck

Golf course or grounds maintenance



Some of you know I have a very rare 2002 SS Camaro. We ordered it to be one of a kind. The entire drivetrain has been overhauled and upgraded. It puts about 450hp SAE to the wheels.

This summer I put on slicks, Toyo Proxes R888R:

Im putting in a chromoly road race K member:

New chromoly upper and boxed lower control arms with rod ends:

Im also installing a master cylinder brace and new Wilwood brakes all the way around. Ive beem waiting on the brakes for over a month and will post when I get them. They should be sick. Here is the MC brace sitting as it will be installed:

Heres under under the hood:


I’m not much of a gear head myself… I just want to share some photos I took at a local car show a few years ago.



@wvsanta is that tractor a Massey Ferguson 50?


1974 MF 135 with the Perkins Gasoline engine.

@Pro_Vapes Those are some nice rides thanks for sharing.

@therabidweasel Looking forward to seeing more sounds like a nice ride.


Ah, I have a mf50 and it looks nearly identical lol


Very similar for sure.

MF50 Data


MF135 Data



That first one is GORGEOUS! 55 Chevy 210, right? Sharp looking ride, that!


Damn, son! And here I was, thinking I was hot stuff after replacing the power steering pump on my 87 F150! Would love to see the finished product.


@therabidweasel what kind of Camaro? I know of the slp,zl1,1le etc… I used to be a big f-body guy especially the 3rd gen gta’s but over the years I found my way to the y-body side but still love me a good f-body. What’s done to the engine?
I currently have a c3 corvette showcar but unfortunately it’s a mild 355 and an auto but it is the only fully open no t-bar targa top c3 corvette I have seen. I also have a 96’ Collectors edition corvette with a blown Lt-4 and a zf-6 6 speed pushing 645 to the wheels.

Over the years I’ve had many cars that I try not to think about since I bought and sold them for about 1/10 to 1/25th of the current prices which I’m sure the older people remember. 68 gto, 88 notch mustang, 62 impala, 61 impala BUBBLETOP, 68 firebird Sprint 1 of about 2000 made, to many mopars to even list and many many more. All work from motor to interior to paint and body were completed by my father,brother and I.

Earliest thing I remember is watching my father assemble his SOHC ford cammer engine and then being allowed to help pack grease into my fathers 68 judge wheel bearings at the age of 6 or 7.

Below is a pic of my vette early this spring before the front was dropped 1.25 inches, 6/4 piston C6 brakes installed and complete tear down and repaint… currently in the pain stakingly slow re-assembly phase.


Tractor project update.

After getting everything tore down I started to replace the rear main seal and discovered that the thrust washers in this engine had been damaged. So the project came to a screeching halt so I could order more parts.

I took the crankshaft completely out to check all of the main and rod bearings. I got so frustrated that I failed to take many pictures but I did take enough for you to at least get an idea of what I found.

Amazingly all of the bearings except the rear main lower half were in very good condition. That one had what looked like aluminum metal fragment deposits on it that came from the rear main seal housing that had very minimal damage from the thrust washers. I did check the crankshaft and it was in excellent condition and was well within tolerances for standard size mains and rods. At this point I was so frustrated I failed to take pictures of it all.

In these pictures you will see what the thrust washers looked like that came out. Set 1 fell out of the rear seal housing when I removed it from the back of the engine. After finding those I removed the oil pan and found set 2 in the bottom of the oil pan.

This is a view that shows how bad the were bent.

The 2 that I found in the oil pan

After finding this problem and checking all the bearings and the crankshaft I ordered new main bearings, thrust washers and the gasket set for the bottom end of the engine.

This is what the new set looked like before they were installed and as you can see from the picture this set sits flat on the surface of the bench.

Sorry for the lack of more pictures but I had some unexpected help show up so I just did not take time for more pictures.

This picture is of the rear main bearing cap (red circled area ) after everything was put back together and torqued to specs. This is where the thrust washers install.

And this is a close up of the thrust washer installed on the front side of the rear main cap.

And now the back side before the rear main seal housing got installed.

Work is continuing and I will update again very soon as it all goes back together.


@Pro_Vapes, i’m a Chevy dude, damn nice looking Chevy’s there !!


I agree… It was a thrilling experience for me and those Chevys… :+1::tada::+1::tada:


Progress is very very slow…but yalls that knows what safety wire is knows these babies took all day. Feels good to be working on something.

@wvsanta absolutely loving your posts. I spent my life growing up with a very similar tractor, living aross the street from a rural tractor repair shop. Thank you for some deep memories. Keep posting those pics and sharing the story! Im a huge fan