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[Giveaway] Vaptio- Enter to be a lucky tester of the newest ET AUTO Kit!(-Dec17


This time, Vaptio would like to proudly introduce the newest product ET AUTO Kit to you:

Cool ET-Head Design
Patented Ceramic Atomizer (Cotton-Free Tech)
Quick Charge System
Magnetic Insert Part
Simplicity Without Any Buttons
Innovative LED Tail Lights
Quick Charge System

More details

Wanna have one? We could like to invite 2 lucky testers to share experience on ELR of using it!

Easy to enter:

Just comment your thoughts of ET AUTO Kit according to information from the home page: ET AUTO Kit

Winners will be announced on **Dec 17 ** .

Good luck and hope you will enjoy the kit!


My thoughts… To bad my head is empty… I will give it a go anyway.

First, I thought ET, as in extraterrestrial? So I had that thought while I was looking at the device and scrolling down, down, down. Oops, then I saw that the ET was shaped like the Millenial Falcon. YES… am I right? Then I saw it. The ET (alien) is actually on the mod. I like to be right but… am I? The reason for the doubt is the comparison to tail lights on a car. Now if it was the Tesla (the one that was shot into space) that would have been very clever indeed. So I found that I do have thoughts rattling around in that empty space I call a skull and am glad for it.

Then I had another thought and that was this. We have a resident ET right here on ELR @CosmicTruth might be interested in this here ET device, I mean he is an alien right?


:thinking: Star Wars for the new generation I presume? LMAO

Back in my day,…
I remember when it was still the Millennium Falcon! :wink:

The times, they are a changin’ :grinning:


LOL, I wish I was in the “new” generation. I’m getting to old for this $h!t.

That always happens when I try to get clever, I make a fool of myself, luckily I don’t mind being a dumb dumb. I don’t really have any clever comebacks so …


Just blame auto-correct. :wink:


I would like to test this one. New interesting features.

Patented Ceramic Atomizer (Cotton-Free Tech)
Quick Charge System
Magnetic Insert Part


design is nice, many color options and i like the camouflage green one


nice looking colours, decent battery and interesting coil


I think the Red Tail lights would go good with the Black or Red device.

But if the Tails Lights were Black-Light it would go well with all the colors, and bring out the whole Alien feel to them.


Always carry 2-3 small vapes with me. Easy to pocket. But gave away my suorin drop and air cause they didn’t cut it.

Maybe with the cotten-less coils , 10W and bigger battery for a small device will be a good thing.


Oh ya, That dam# auto correct gets me every time!!


ET AUTO Kit has an interesting and unique design; I have not yet seen devices in the form of space ships. I think that it will be convenient to keep it at the expense of such a form, and small sizes make it very comfortable to carry in our pants pocket. Battery: 550mAh - I am sure that it will be enough for the whole day with active use. I like this POD. If I’m lucky, I can still try it.


This new pod looks intriguing and compact should suit my soon to complete homemade nic salts experiment. Good luck to everyone!!


I have not used a pod system yet. Buy this one looks really good. It looks to be an advanced pod system and the design is great


This whole ‘lucky tester’ trend is bullshit (pardon my french)


Nice design)


I like the simple design and colors The possibility of getting no dry hits on a pod device,is very intriguing.

" ET AUTO, with cool ET head design, is born to durably create pure stable flavors and prevent dry hits. "


Cotton-Free Tech is most interesting to me in this kit!


Looks like alien boat)


Interesting cotton free tech