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Good Deals 2017!


Let’s just make everything new and shiny! :smiley:

Post the deals, coupons, sales, discounted stuff, etc. that you discover here!

Deal, Royal Hunter RST RBA at Eight Vape
Looking for a new mod...suggestions?
Vape Mail 2017!




hohm wrecker g2 mod still half price. amazing value I reckon


Use the code g2flashx1 for standard and limited is g2flash


I think the one’s that say 171w has the newest update 2.5.7 in them I’m not sure but I hope they do :+1:
Good price now they will probably sale out soon


from tracking back the firmware updates.I assume that its the same hardware just with the recent firmware on it. I remember in the Busardo video that Ben from hohmtech said they could get more watts out of it. But didn’t want to get in that war. Hence also the cheeky extra 1 watt. I suppose if the demand ever requires it they can just up it again.

I can’t wait to get mine. I ordered 2 at that price. I think they have really added to the tech sector. Using EPT rather then TCR for Temp Control I really look forward to playing with. Gret value for that FSK chip for a man on a budget. Now hurry up and get to Australia. That’s another thread back to some good deals people.

Anyone know where i can get cheap OBS engines to Australia? I 'm thinking Fasttech at the moment. Any codes? Look at me, fishing away, begging?



LOVE that tank. I have been using it every day for a couple of weeks. Tighter draw than others, but great flavor and I love the side-fill port. The best thing is the top air-flow IMHO. NO leakage! Ever!


I’ve been using the tank daily also. Love it. It doesn’t quite have the flavor of other RTAs but the engineering on this thing and the ease of wicking and use make it a great tank.


The G2 and the Slice with the FSK chip are my favorite mods, love the Finder DNA167 too but the FSK chip is more flexible. I do have a new users guide on another forum for the FSK chip, really helps as it works differently than other mods. If anyone is interested just shoot me a PM so I can send you a link or let me know if there is an appropriate section to post it here.


I really like the tank, has great flavour and as you mentioned no leaks at all. I have a crius too which I also still really enjoy. I have some of your ry4 to try in the engine soon :smile:


What tank would you recommend as having better flavour?. I only have 3 rta’s so my experience is very limited. I would have thought flavour would be more down to the build, wicking and the settings of the mod you are using, more than the actual tank.


I also have limited experience with RTAs but of the few I have the Engine is last. Not saying the flavor isn’t good but my favorite is the Smok TF-RTA, followed by the Griffin 25 and then the Engine.

I have two unopened Cirus’ that I want to try but I’m a little under the weather right now and not getting much flavor out of anything.

It could be the build on the engine that is not giving me the best flavor. I still would recommend the tank for the brilliant engineering and it being virtually leak proof and easy to fill.


And I’m still using the SS coils that came with the engine. Have you tried any different build on it and did you find a change in flavor if so?


The build makes all the difference from what little experience I have. Someone suggested 6 wrap dual claptons at 3.0 id, I think it might have been @Grubby or @SthrnMixer They take things up a notch from round wire builds or twisted.


I seen a few reviewers had the griffin 25 plus as their tank of the year. What I also noticed was that all of them had built them with fused claptons. That’s why I reckon it’s hard to pick a tank for flavour unless you try the same build in both and on the same mod. I could be wrong but that makes sense to me lol


I will give it a try. I figured since they put the SS coils in there I would use them and make them last as long as possible. I do get better flavor when I run them in TC. But I still thepink the Smok and Griffin are better on flavor.

How does the flavor compare to the Cirus for you?


The engine has better flavour but I only have dual 26awg SS coils in the crius most of the time. I did do a quad 2.0 id SS build for the crius that was kicking ass. Really drained the juice and batteries though lol


Check these out for the crius


I’m snowed in so this will give me a little inspiration to do some builds. My engine is dry at the moment so I may make some claptons to put on it and try.

Thanks DC!


Hope you’re feeling better soon buddy :thumbsup: