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Good Deals 2017!


That would be a great buy if they had any stock.


Hmmm, They did earlier today. Must have Sold out at that price :+1:


I know, I would have bought one to try for that price. I’ll check back though.


Great to see you posting in the forum bud! =D

I remember quoting some of your notes (into mine) on the recipe side! Looking forward to reading more from you!


Really great deal!!!

CSVape.com Anniversary Sale: 40% off here thru 6/8/2017
Free shipping for orders over $50
I got a couple of new mods this week from them. Everything was fine. First time I ordered from this site.
I’d get this at sale price if I needed more mods: https://csvape.com/vape-mods/asmodus-klohm-box-mod.html

I got an asMODus Minikin 2 180W Touch Screen Mod at 40% off, but they obviously don’t have any more. This is my first triangle shaped mod. I love it and it is raw (no paint) silver) Here’s a link of it somewhere else, so you can see a picture of it: https://wholesale.asmodus.com/collections/minikin-v2/products/asmodus-minikin-v2-180w-touch-screen-mod-raw-pre-order-by-email

ALSO First time I ordered from efun.top last week. Prices were really good and everything went well. For example, today this looks really good.

https://www.efun.top/joyetech-evic-vtwo-mini-tc-box-mod.html I got 2 no temp control 50 watt Sigelei for $19.99 each. I got them to give to family that is just starting to vape. Simple and true. The Sigelei Ebook with temp control sucks even for $9.99 because the juice will go right down in it if your tank leaks.

I had to do some shopping because I gave one mod setup to my plumber and gave both of my Alien mods with Baby Beast tanks to my brother-in-law and Father in law because they are vaping rather than smoking. I also gave them about 15 bottles of juice that I made for them. I’m so proud to be helping them and they are enjoying it and not smoking. !!! Now, I’m giving them chargers, batteries and each a 60 watt Sigelei with a Cleito tank. I gave them Nautilus tanks, so they are all set now as soon as the batteries arrive. Can’t believe the sales I found.


Wow, you go girl! Thanks for helping out like that!!!


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You just can’t beat 5 gallons of VG for $46 !?!

Memorial Day 2017 Deals!

Holy shit you can bathe in VG for that price.

Memorial Day 2017 Deals!

Just another great part about this site…everyone helping each other when ever they can.


Every time you post a link it is to vapourdepot are you affiliated with them?


What did you get? Pictures or it didn’t happen :wink:


Yes, he/she is and has been warned about posting links outside of the Vapourdepot vendor thread.


Binned !?!


You mean banned? No. Just told not to post links outside of their vendor thread. I was not aware until now. Strike one is a ‘verbal’ warning. :wink:


IPV5 black or silver $29.99



Heres a good deal for our UK friends. Noisy Cricket for £3.90 and an additional 20% off when you sign up.
Would have jumped on a couple but it doesn’t look like they are shipping to EU.


Next time… the “Chokey”! :scream:


thanks www.realflavors.com
Watermelon - Super Concentrate - 1oz Bottle 1 $0.00
Cinnamon Roll - Super Concentrate - 1oz Bottle 1 $0.00
Taffy Base - Super Concentrate - 1oz Bottle 1 $0.00


That’s crazy! They’re basically giving away one of the best series mods ever