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Good Deals 2017!


Many deals today

BCF has customer appreciation with 15% at check out. Code THANKYOU

Nicotine River has 20% off Flavor Art. Use code ART

3FVape has a Squape X style RDA for $11.39

Don’t forget the 3 free flavors, they pick the flavors, from Real Flavors. Spend $25 and get a free bottle of their choice.

Have a good weekend all!


Thanks for your agreement on this guys… quite frankly I was in two minds whether to reply or just delete my account. I don’t have time for sarcastic comments from doctor chod.
Perhaps this place is friendlier than I had thought last night


The Doc is a good guy. Text can be ambiguous and I wouldn’t take it to heart. Welcome and thanks for the savings tip.


How dare they have a sale after I’ve placed a large order! Thats just wrong!

Oh well, there goes August’s vape budget.


Boy… I wish I had seen this deal before they all sold out! :rofl:

100% off is the best deal I’ve ever seen so far! :clown_face:


Advanced Vape Supply is having a clearance sale to make room for new items. VAPE20 for 20% off and if you spend over $20 you get a freebie of their choosing.


I got a Smok gx350 kit with tfv8 cloud beast And 3 spare coils for $53.95. Regardless of a couple people having problems with the buttons, after getting them wet, I still couldn’t pass it up…


I used coupon code “Ecig10” yesterday…
Not working today. But there may be a new code. And even if there’s not, $50 shipped for the mod and tank, is a steal


Sometimes they have a code listed on the banner.


Lightning Vapes will have a 25% off on most wires this weekend until midnight Monday. Use code YAYWIRE25 at checkout.

They also say this in their newsletter:
Note that while we source spools from multiple manufacturers, we will only ship Daedalus compatible spools with any Daedalus order. If you already have one and need wrap wire, simply mention in the cart notes that you would like a Daedalus compatible spool and we will be glad to accommodate. We are phasing out non-compatible spools for our thin gauges.


Just had an email saying 50 percent off everything… UK shoppers…
Code… vape50


You legend… :+1:


Bought this kit for wrapping some coils, very high quality kit. Case marked Coil Master. Best price I found on Amazon. Received it in 2 days with Prime.




Just got 40% off and free shipping. My total was $210 for 2 chargers and 4 mods.
Note that only one mod is on sale and the discount code : CSV4 doesn’t work on sale items. It does work on all other items. Color choices are getting sparse this morning. Keep trying.




7.99 USD - 4ml Sub-Ohm/RTA. I haven’t given this one a go yet, but I’ve used the RTA deck on the Limitless Sub-Ohm tank and it works very well. I ordered a couple of them to add to the horde. Your choice of SS or Black.


EDIT: the deck on this one actually screws down onto the base unlike previous Tornado versions where it spins freely until the barrel is screwed in (I hate that).


Kidney Puncher
Griffin RTA by Geek Vape
$4.95 Clearance Sale


That’s a good price.


@DrChud Said this is a good place to post this kind of thing (I hope I am in the right place). I am pretty new, so I am still learning what is in what place. :blush:

After my last post about how little people use NicVape’s E-Flavors, NicVape contacted me and gave us a code, for ELR users, to get 25% of their E-flavors, which can be combined with their current deal, of 25% off four 60mL bottles of E-flavor or 25% off five 15mL (pick your own flavors). Basically, you can try their flavors for 1/2 the price right now! IMO, they are good flavors.
The code is rckchik and is good until 5/31, but the discount for the combo packs only lasts until 5/28. :smiley:
If you have been interested in trying some new flavors, now is as good a time as any!

Post if you take advantage of the deal… Just curious to see how many people try it.

PS I am not affiliated with NicVape, I just like their stuff. LOL


Not sure how great of a deal this is, but figured I’d give back since I’m always sponging off you guys :slight_smile:

LG INR HG2 18650 20A 3000mah (2 Pack - Brown)
$10.00 + ecig10 code still worked for me. Shipping was $3 to Tx