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Good Deals 2017!


Csvape.com has alien kits for $42 and evic primo mini mods for $21. The primo are under deal of the day and you get 40% off with coupon code CSV4.


Just bought two red ones for “beater” mods. $19.00 each with a total shipping charge of $4.35. Not too shabby.


Just ordered another alien kit :alien: I got it for 42$ from csvape.com I’m so happy because I lost my last one at the park recently! I couldn’t pass this deal up! I had to keep clicking on different colors unto I found one I stock. Theres a few left so get em while they last at this price. Its also free shipping. Use the code above csv4. Awesome deal!


Kidney Puncher is selling nice little mtl drip tips and a few chuff caps for 95 cents each.



I ended up taking the bait on the 30% off sale, so thanks for the heads up! Added more to the Ina arsenal, though it left less for my BCV order.=(

I had to wait until Sat morning to get an answer to a question from Joe. Not that he was slow, or I was impatient, I was just up all night, and ended up doing that order first, as I awaited an answer. A huge part of me wishes I’d waited, but…I’ll definitely make it up to BCV the next time (without question)!
Still have several FLV (and others) to buy!! :grinning: (240 flavors, and I’m just getting into FLV… SHEESH! Damn this rabbit hole!!)

Anyways, I sorted out the confusion with regards to Vapor Tek vs VapersTek. (Turns out we even had a thread on here asking what happened to Vapor Tek.) Two different companies with very close spelling, and one defining consonant (s)! Lol
VapersTek.org is obviously still very much in business, while Vapor Tek seems to be missing in action.


Can’t beat the price with free shipping, $4.27… if you can wait for it coming from China. I bought two sets.


It says the material is nickel. I thought nickel isn’t vapeable, it’s actually dangerous? Unless I am remembering wrong…please use caution :frowning:


Interesting read on Nickel Wire for Vaping


It’s usable if done with the appropriate Temp Control setting. However, judging by the resistance ratings listed in the pictures of these coils, I would imagine that the wire is most likely nichrome, possibly kanthal. Nichrome wire is NOT the same as nickel wire used for TC(Ni200). Also, since the name “kanthal” is a trademarked name of the wire alloy, maybe they’re trying to work around getting their listing pulled? I know a while back that the trademark owners sent a whole slew of “Cease & Desist” letters out to wire suppliers and coil companies, so that might be the reason.

That, or they don’t know what kind of wire it is.


Thank you for your input. I have only been vaping for a couple of months, and what I have learned so far is a lot. But what I know now, I’m sure is just the tip of the iceberg. I have looked at many sellers of similar product and nobody goes into any detail about the material used.

Found this description on a spool of Clapton Wire:
•Iron-chromium-aluminum (FeCrAl) A1 Heat Resistant Wire – Same alloy compound as KanthalTM


I did a bit of sleuthing and discovered that the wire is apparently kanthal, based on the description I found on a couple of vendor’s sites. Here’s an example from Element Vapes:


You’re getting a helluva price break on that! When you get the set, I’d recommend checking that the resistance of the coils inside the box match the specs printed on the flaps. IF they’re kanthal or nichrome, they’ll read fairly close. If they are indeed Ni200, then I would imagine the resistance would be REALLY low, like in the 001 ohms resistance range for those complex wire types.


This is the real Kanthal wire company


But I like to use 316L SS wire



is anyone aware of any mods in the 20 to 25 dollar price range ??? im hoping for a dual battery and shipping from within the USA ty


Depends on what you are looking for.

You should check out Eightvape.com

They have a bunch of nice older mods in that price range.


nothing special just something that works lol my other half beats everything up so i hate spending money on vape stuff for her … ill check it out ty


I’m the same way. I work a dirty job so my gear takes a beating. I keep the nice stuff at home and take the knock around gear to work.

Edit: now that I think about it the ipv400 that I carry to work is from eightvape


i just checked it out definetly some good deals ty , the knly one im familiar with are the kbox line the ipv im unsure of never have owned any


Just got my two kbox 120’s. For 19.00, I ain’t bitchin’. Don’t think that this is upgradeable though. It isn’t and Kanger should be ashamed of themselves for lying.


i seen those i still have a 200 , 120 and 75 that all still work im thinking of grabbing one of those and the ipv6 thats 25 dollars for her upgrades and tc doesnt matter , i owe her a new one lol


Jump on it!