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Good Deals 2017!


I bought that set too, pretty sure it’s kanthal also, I get “that” taste from them. That, and the aliens don’t really look like aliens lol. Still a cheap way to try some exotic builds.


im ordering tonight just want to look through the mods again , they sure have some good deals and a lot of products ive never heard of , id rather buy the name brand at least ive heard or used them … btw im glad you confirmed this company im always leary using a company for the first time


They are legit. Shipping was pretty quick, cheap and they email you updates on all shipping changes. Color me impressed.


Eightvape is definitely legit. I have ordered a few times from them. Use coupon code 8cops for 5% off.


Nice just in time ty


Great! I’m glad I got you before you put your order in :smile:


@fidalgo_vapes I have an IPV and that mod is the best little mod I’ve had so far! Its the only one that’s held up for a whole year of vaping now. I’ve already gone through three mods and this little IPV is still going strong. Mine is only an 80w but I only watt at low wattages’. It give a little punch. :blush:. Srry if I seen this too late.



Just got stuff from them and everything was double wrapped inside a roomy box.
Very happy.


Special Price $9.50


25% off the entire store at Vaporworld.biz It will show up in your cart. This was a good time for me to use up a $10 reward points code. I needed some more D1 coils. The D1 has surprised the heck out of me and I have been using it non stop here lately. Its big and bulky but a flavor machine!


I stumbled over these looking for something else. Too bad i dont use them anymore but perhaps someone does,this is cheap price https://www.vapehappy.com/collections/vapehappy-deals/products/new-kanger-sub-ohm-coils


I picked up a resin 810 tip from gearbest at a great price. It has a beautiful finish and feels nice on the lips but it doesnt sit as tight as I’d like it. They stay in pretty good and haven’t fell off or anything but once they get juicy it comes off really easy. Still a good buy imo



and of course i dont have the time to check what i need ONE day sale HATE IT lol , but i appreciate the post maybe ill make it home in time


Cheers Mr Turner :wink: scored a bit of a collection :wink:


RTS Vapes – www.rtsvapes.com


SALE DATE: JUNE 21st, 2017 – JULY 9th, 2017



Laboratory Glassware

  • Beakers

  • Cylinders

  • Funnels and more

Plastic and Glass Bottles

  • LDPE Plastic Child Res. Bottles

  • PET Plastic Child Res. Bottles

  • Clear Glass Bottle w/ Child Res. Cap

  • Cobalt Blue Bottle w/ Child Res. Cap

  • Sizes from 15ml to 250ml

Concentrated Flavorings

  • Flavour Art

  • Hangsen

  • Flavor Jungle

  • Capella

  • The Flavor Apprentice

  • Flavor West


  • Luer Slip Syringes

  • Luer Lock Syringes

  • Sizes from 1cc to 60cc


Dang it! :rage:

Nicotine isn’t on that list. :sob:


4th of July is right around the corner :wink: it’s usually like black friday for the middle of the year.


$4.80 for a 10ml of Capella… LMAO
(before ‘sale price’ of course)

I’ve bought 13ml in original packaging for less than half of that. (That’s 30% more product for 50% less money) It’s no wonder they have a surplus!!

They do have “first quality” flavorings though, and the ones I’ve gotten there (on 60% off, and 70% off sales) have been in glass bottles (which I appreciate, and adds cost), and orders have been timely and well shipped. But do be alert to what is and isn’t a good deal when browsing their site folks!!

Sorry if I sound like I’m raining on your parade JoJo. I did try and post the positives.


Yea I noticed that myself. They do have a few hangsen flavors I want to try that no one else carries along with banana fosters fw. Shipping prices are pretty bad for a few items but whatever. I do know they are fast shipping.

They’re bottle prices aren’t much to write home about either. I was looking at the 50ml hdpe and 30ml pet bottles. I was trying to get free shipping but that only applies if the total price with the coupon code is $75 not before the coupon code.