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Good Deals 2017!


You might have dodged a bullet with that one lol


Yes, so I’m reading.
528 say they don’t do business with 3fvape?
Something fishy going on there…:wink:


So basically what they say is that they are selling authentics without authorization.
And by the way that vid isn’t telling me anything other than the fact they are showing 2 different Goons which both could be clones for all i know.
I mean they do have a shit ton of clones to choose from don’t they…


That’s what it looks like they’re saying, but they all do that. I didn’t even look at the video and to be honest I probably wouldn’t know a clone from the real thing anyway. All the stuff I have is authentic, at least that’s what I was told lol


What a let down. A all round disappointment!


I know this much and that is if i would be in the market for an authentic Goon i wouldn’t buy it from 3fvape, i would go to a reliable shop or directly to 528customs and buy one there.

I mean it would totally suck after all to buy one from them and later on do a comparison with an authentic and it shows that i got a clone for the same price as an authentic. Better safe than sorry.


The goon on the right in the video seems to be identical to my goon (authentic)
However the one on the left (clone) has a few telltale signs, very shiny, the air holes don’t look right, the 510 pin is not brass and the screw on the underside looks wrong etc…
However if you never had one before, i would think it hard to tell the difference between them.
To me the one on the right is an authentic.


Good deal on a lava box dna 200. $39.99, can’t go wrong. Limited time though. :yum:


Tried to order 3 hours ago and back to normal $99 price, so looks like all 300 have gone :disappointed:


Sorry you missed out bro. Knew they would last long at that price. :pensive:


Is it really that great of a deal with shipping added? It’s almost $50 with shipping? Not that I don’t appreciate you posting this. I’m honestly just curious because I have never looked into buying one of these. I guess it would have been a better deal if it were actually the 200watt one but they are listing it as the 75watt mod. They have some available on the cite now.


The link today takes you to a 75 watt mod. Yesterday it took you to a 200 watt mod.

The 200 watt mod was only available to the first 300 customers.


Oh ok! I got you. It’s slick on them though for people who are not paying attention!


But the 75 watt is a bit a of a deal if you are in the market for one. They normally run $79.99 to $89.99.


It was originally for the 200w version but i see they have changed it to the 75w.
It was a good deal for those that got in early, you gotta be quick. :wink::+1:


I haven’t ordered from Efun before, and it’s a new tank for higher wattage vaping, makes me sad. Beautiful rainbow tank, but I am not a high wattage vapor. Anyway, if any of you are and are interested, it’s on pre-order at Efun and code ECO12 brings it down to $17.99.



26650 batteries - highly rated by mooch -

$5.90 each a fantastic price


IPV 3 LI on sale for $24.99. I just scooped up 3 of these and a vape band to get free shipping.




Vape Mail 2017!

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