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Good Deals 2017!


Be careful with this though. It says ships in 7 days. I had a bad experience with this company during a black Friday sale. It’s a great deal just be prepared! HOHM Wrecker only in black for $24.99.



Could you detail your experience with them? Are they in the U.S.? That’s a great deal.


And do you mind if I repost your link on the G2 thread?


When the shipping costs more than the mod you know you should be very damn careful


Ahh. I see.


I do not think that is a G2 only the G2’s can do the new updates


Sure you can repost. I ordered a bottle of Cannoli Be One $9.99, Baby Beast for $9.99, 2 RX75 for $19.99 each. I was shipped the 2 RX75. I emailed them because when I got my package there was a big hole in it and I thought someone from USPS stole my Baby Beast and Cannoli Juice. Reply “I am so sorry that this happened. Luckily though your order was not complete. We are awaiting shipment of inventory for your other two items before we can complete your order. We’ll send you tracking information once send it out.” (Date 12/07).

Date 12/22
Hello I see that the items that were not shipped on this order have been in stock on your website for a little while now. Can you please tell me when they are going to ship? I ordered these items for a Christmas gift on black Friday. When I ordered them they didn’t say pre-order other wise I would not have ordered them.

Reply 12/27
Hey Bonnie,
Thanks for reaching out, and we apologize for the delay here. I’ve reached out to our warehouse for an update here, I’ll follow up as soon as I have some more info.

In the meantime let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

12/28 I don’t have the email but he told me that they got those from an outside source and it didn’t seem like they were going to be getting the Baby Beast in again.

On 12/28
I was finally shipped the juice and was given a $10 giftcard.

01/03/17 I placed another order with the giftcard and got it in a few days.

Now mind you both items were for sale on they’re website. The baby beast said it would ship out from VaporWorld


Thanks for the heads up.


are these billows good , i mean for that price they are probably great


I haven’t tried the 3 yet but for 10 and 11 bucks I’ll give them a try.


ya for the price how can a persom go wrong right ??? ty


160W mod with very good reviews on Youtube for $30


15% Off iJoy EXO RTA at FastTech right now

$21.87 - silver
$22.47 - black


Aspire UK Deal… 75% OFF

Kangertech NeBox - £16.99



Starre Pure by Freemax for $15.96




They have a sale on the Billow V3 right now for 10.00


Oh my! Do I really need another velocity style tank? I watched a few reviews on these today! I will probably still order some just to have them! The Vapeocolypse :wink:


Thinking along the same lines. I need another tank like I need another hole in my head, but I’ve got one of each in my cart. $27.75 shipped. Might as well.