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Good Deals 2018!


Fasttech - 5% off through January 31 with coupon code SAVING.


Received my Geekvape 521 Tab Pro kit today, 7 days to the UK is very good.
Thanks again @woftam for finding this.


Of course the day after I order from them :rofl::rofl:



Thanks! Unusually for me I saw this before I pulled the trigger on my FT basket and it works :hugs:


My geekvape tab pros arrived today 12 days from china to au is pretty good.


The Aromamizer SC-200 for $6.00 USD!


Fasttech has the upgraded base:


E-Leaf - https://www.eleafworld.co.uk/

Use Code:

NY2018 - For a 25% Reduction on all full priced items

Valid until 31st January - You have 7 days…


Cuboid mini 80W mod only $11.82usd + ship (bought one for $16.00 shipped)
Cuboid mini full kit 15.22 + ship
Code: jan15


I personally think this is a great deal. Maybe not a “fire sale” or anything like that, but I truly love this mod. Wonderful in the hand. Excellent chipset to include great TC out of the box. It does smudge. Great battery life. 25mm flush. Centered 510. Zero movement battery door. No rattle. Light press fire button. Great frame with just the right weight (for me). I see a lot of posts for that 200W device under $50. Mod only under $50.


https://www.vaporbeast.com/dailydeal $44.99

image $1297

These are just a couple of the deals they have over at www.vaporbeast.com in there deal section. Located in the States with quick delivery


If anyone is interested in a free subscription to Vape News Magazine (6 issues)
they are offering it by taking a super quick survey (giveaways are a part of it). I have a current subscription myself and can say the mags are a lot of adverts however, there are some nice articles, interviews, advocacy etc. Offer ends 1/31/18



Below you will find several products marked way down until Monday, 2/5.

For everything else I am giving YOU a coupon code for $10. You can use it on anything you would like or almost. I have added dozen of products in the last few days and will be adding many more this weekend. This coupon also expires Monday. Two rules for this code though. It can only be used once per person and it can not be used on any of the sale items below.

The code is “Weekender”.

Happy Shopping.

Bonza RDA by Vandy Vape and The Vaping Bogan


Mesh RTA by Vandy Vape


Atopack Dolphin Kit by Joyetech


Fuchai Squonk 213 Mod by Sigelei


Hcigar VT75


Triple RTA by Vandy Vape


Vape Boy Classics-100 ml - 3mg, Unicorn Milf



1st. Offer has been extended to the 20th of February
2nd Hey Sinnerman you out and about?


Nice. Out and about?


Nice! They were super quick when I ordered from them before and shipping is free! Great deal! Thanks!


Yeah, there a legit vendor for sure :+1:


Nice $14.99 for 60ml of dinner lady delivered to my door, thanks!


Which flavor diner lady is the one you would recommend?


Bretts a good guy and an honest vendor. I get my FSK boards from thecloudyvapor and have never been disappointed.


Lemon tart, is the only one I’ve tried. Also the only juice that I can fully taste for 4-5 days of continued use.