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Good Deals 2018!


Anybody here pick one up??


Turns out this shop is 2 miles away from me. Might be a Franchise with other locations.


VOLCANOecigs… seems to have a lot of good deals here recently… I’m looking at a tfv8 cloud beast for $13… 3 dollars shipping. =$16 total.
This is the kind of bargain bin buys I look for …
Appears they ship out of Hawaii USA…
Anybody purchased anything from them ?
When did they step on to the scene…?
I see above someone got a mod with a defective screen from them but looks like they replaced it immediately… that seems good…
Just looking for feedback about them… or coupon codes. Or any better deal to be had on a tfv8 .(rba base included)


I’ve bought a couple of mods through them and had no problems at all. That price on the TFV8 is pretty good. I’m tempted, but I have two of them already.


I have ordered from them, Free fast shipping to the midwest over 29.99, they don’t waste time getting it out within 24 hours, I had a issue only once with a mod with a glitch in the screen and they were great about paying return shipping and a new one was back to me within a week, that is with both ways shipping, I have to say that they have been very good for me, no coupon codes active now, but they do have points rewards. And some really great deals that pop up, so I always am checking them first lately.


Own this domain today
Our Price: $2,595 (USD)

If I had the money I would snatch this domain up, lickety split.

They also have monthly payments for this domain


I have and they have excellent shipping times and customer service.


They have really good shipping times and excellent customer service.


I took advantage of a couple of their deals and got everything in less than a week and I’m in Texas. No issues so far.


I have and didn’t have any problems. I got some outrageous bargains on 2 discontinued mods, an Eleaf Astor RT ($9.95) and Kanger Juppi kit ($14.95).


I don’t understand, Labor Day 2018 is September 3. Well, at least in the US it is.


What would be your plans for it?


What’s been your experience with them? I always end up waiting 4 weeks.


I would jump on that! Unless you want to scour the For Sale/Trade threads. I’ve done business with vendors in Hawaii and received my shipments faster than I expected.


It is China Labor Day, I think they may call it May day as well


I can vouch for https://www.volcanoecigs.com/ they have some good deals and orders ship out fast, they are centrally located in the pacific ocean :smile:
The surf is up at: https://www.volcanoecigs.com/deals/vape-specials.html
you can buy a dead rabbit for less than $19


1st of May is the International Workers’ Day aka Labour Day.
It is just that USA that has to do everything differently from the rest of the world :wink:


I know, it totally drives my crazy. We should have switched over to the metric system years and years ago. I mean, it is so much easier. :wink:


$43.99 after login



I am thankful.
But, let’s not get political or spout our nationalist bias too much here, ok? Cool.