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Good Deals 2018!


I just ordered 1 myself… They say it’s in stock, hopefully I get it in a few days.


I truly hope you love it. I really do love mine. The construction of the device with a DNA250 chip alone is worth the price to me. They added the C board with that wonderful menu and of course replay. Hard to go wrong.


You’re a tasteful Ogre! :smile:
received my Paranormal last week, but as I go one step behind, mine is a DNA75C. Lol, My vape does not exceed 50w, so I opted for autonomy … I hope to be well served in it.
This Mod is beautiful. :heart_eyes_cat:


I can’t agree more and I truly think it will serve you well. At some point replay should be available for the 75C and I think especially since you don’t exceed 50W that feature will also work well for you. Replay does require some substantial headroom as I noted it fired a cold atty at 71W although I had the mod set to 55W. Makes sense as it is compensating for a cold atty.


It will be my baptism mod with dna chip, so it will be for initiation of vap in TC mode … any of the ways it is beautiful! :yum:


I was wondering how the replay feature would perform with titanium. I heard that one can only operate this feature by playing with watts NOT temp control.


Can’t say for sure on titanium. I use ss. Yes, you heard right. You set the power per normal VW starting low and working up. Then you vape. Obviously as you vape the atty warms up and at some point you will get the vape you are looking for. After that vape you press save. Now you can put the mod down, let the atty cool and when you take the next vape it will be like you never set it down. I’ve only had it a few days but so far every vape has been very consistent. Replay will also keep you from dry hitting and provide you with the closest vape it can to the saved one as the wick drys out. To my way of thinking although it uses some of the same technology that TC does it is a VW experience.



Something weird and cheap … $10 bucks… thinking about getting 1


I have one, for $10 sure not bad, I think I paid like $25 if I remember, it is not great for temp and the board reminds me of a KangerTech, the wierd part is the way the drip top is, it did come with a adapter to use a tank like normal on top, and it says up to 25 mm tanks inclosed, but alot of the 25s I tried were really tight and the door would not fully close, also with most tanks you have to take it out to fill, and that is kind of a Hassel, I think I was using a obs were you could just lift the top of the RdA to fill but it was still a tight fit, and like I said the board in it is nothing to right home about, but for$10 it would do for a beater or back up. It is pretty big too.


Ty for the response. And sharing your thoughts. Very helpful



My bad… you said c… just noticed that



DNA 250C for $104

I don’t know if Vapecige is a good company or not. But it’s a good price for the chip.

Edit: I wasn’t able to see the deal advertised here when I went to the vendor’s website.
I am also wondering how this compares to the Paranormal 250c


FromVapour Depot (UK)

"15% off site wide!

Simply add your products to the basket and use the code ‘SAVE15’ to get an instant 15% discount."

Disappointingly (for me) they entitled the mail “We have something to tempt you” which instantly made me think " Botanic Elixer re-stock" . No such luck. Their B.E. stocks are still half-depleted. So they really meant “Something to tempt someone else”

Well you might be that somebody else , so I’m passing it on. The discount code is good til May 4th (don’t be confused by the English date format)



labor day sale
retail 10%off coupon: labor10
date: Apr. 29 - May. 1


SMOK ProColor 225W TC Box Mod $19.99


Ships from USA


OMG I try so hard to stay off of this thread, but thats a good price.




For that price, I could add a second one to my collection.


This was just posted on the Real Flavors Facebook.