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Good Deals 2018!


I have never built with a FSK board. could you tell me a little bit about them?


It’s the board that comes with the Hohmwrecker mods. I think there have been a few of us that have been looking to find an enclosure for the G2 version but no luck as far as I know. If you have an original Hohmwrecker mod, you might want to replace it with the G2 board. The temp control is pretty good and supposedly able to do Kanthal TC (I’ve never tried). Max wattage is 171.


Love the FSK board, have you made a new enclosure for it?



I have never vaped with a hohmwrecker, I hear they are good. Personally I am a YIHI fan.


No, wish I had the tools and talent though :grinning: if you ever come across one, please let me know.


Your “badge” looks like an olive lol


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I posted this in the squonking thread but thought it should go here.Ginger Vapors have several of the Boxer mods on sale now.The Boxer Mod Classic BF squonkers now listed at $99.00 for both the 18650 as well as the 2x700 models.I have both and I think they are good mods. I paid $159.00 for the 2x700 version back about six months ago and $139.00 for the 18650.
I love the 20700 version after I found a place to get the Sanyo 20700A cells.
I get them from an eBay store. I also asked them to join our forum after @SthrnMixer suggested it .I do not have any ties to this person other than I have purchased a few items from him and he has always treated me right.I hope I am not breaking any rules @Ken_O_Where by posting this?


I would like to turn one of my G2’s into a Squonker :smiley:
I also love the FSK board


You and me both, that would kick ass!

@Lostmarbles a friend of mine is working on a flask style 3d printed mod that houses dual 26650 and will accomadate a 30mm tank with no overhang. Not sure when it will be finished but if I hear more I will let you know.


That is BRILLIANT. HAHAHAHA LOL and all the other letters. know all we need is a martini glass.


Not that i am aware of, good sir. :slight_smile:


Thanks , I didn’t really know.He is a small seller but I didn’t want to look like he was spamming.He did mention if any member buys from his eBay store to mention ELR and he will kick in some goodies.


Now my comment doesn’t make any sense.

Looks like the ramblings of Dan the Mad Man


And you should be different, why?


Liquid barn is having a good sale on vg and pg.
I got an email. The customer service rep says itll be going on for most of February. No coupon needed!


Healthcabin.net is having a Chinese New Year sale , here are the details they sent me. Starts the 10th.
2018 Chinese Spring Festival Sales
Whole Order 10% OFF (except Clearance)
Coupon Code: CNY2018
Date: Feb. 10 - 25 (-0600GMT)


Thanks for the share.

How often do you shop there? Is it a good place to order from?


I ordered from health cabin on black friday. The shipping takes a long time but the products i recieved were unharmed and work well.