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Good Deals 2018!


The new black label


@tartarusspawn Whew, that’s a quick steep.


he must live in the nice part of town w/ 4 windows


80 degrees is hot?




Squonk for cheap.


eightvape has been having some awesome deals lately


Thanks to my fixed income, I cant even afford shipping but…


Strawberry, Blueberry, (NEW!) Dr Soda, Hawaiian Drink, and (NEW) Lemon Lime Soda are all free for the 10ml samples!


How much shipping?


US was $4.95 and a 10 bottle limit


Thankfully I just deposited money in bank. Then took wife to Walmart and checked my email. What a surprise… they got me with the word free.

Bills are due or I’d order all the black labels @ 50% off


Sorry, but the black label french toast is nothing to write home about.
I’ve got a bottle of 70vg/30pg @ 3.5% single flavor, and it’s very lacking – to me.
The concentrate bottle smells amazing, it just doesn’t vape that way – for me.


I’m very much enjoying it @ 3% . But as they say taste is subjective…


@tartarusspawn @DaveDave taste is definitely subjective, I found it overwhelming at 3%, my current bottle is at 1.75% and we will see how that is in a day or so, 1.5% was just a little light but 2.25% was a little much, my 3% tester went mute on me after 6 hits in a row, had to put it down and vape something else for a while just so I could taste it again when I went back to it lol


Not A Vape Deal

Eyebuydirect.com is doing buy one get on free with the code ‘BIRTHDAY’. If you are like me, and don’t like spending $250-$300 on RX glasses, this is a great way to get a pair that won’t break the bank. My last pair was around $30 (with astigmatism, so more expensive for me). You just input your RX info, and boom they make them. If your glasses don’t work, or the vision is off at all, they will keep making them until they are right. They have frames starting at $6. :grinning:


You still need to see to mix and build coil decks, so it is vape related.


I’ve thought of using them but I require trifocal lenses and I’m just not sure they can make them right. I’d like to know if anyone has had success with multi focal lenses with them. My last pair cost me 300.00 + AFTER my insurance benefits.


Well, that is where it gets a little bit harder, but the good thing is, Bi and Trifocals are a little easier produced than Progressives. I ended up getting both my parents Progressives from there, and while my mom’s Rx was on point, my dad’s lower (reading portion) was a little bit off, ended up being too low. They of course corrected the placement until it was right. I had to provide pictures of his face, as well as pictures of where exactly on his nose he wears them. I am now convinced that Bifocals would have been easier for him to adapt to, but all in all we spent $70 for his Progressives, with no insurance the local Optical Shop tried quoting like $600, which was crazy.


$70.00??? Holy crap, that might be worth trying out even if there is a little hassle involved. Thanks for the info!


The cool thing about the hassle is they will keep making pairs until they work perfectly, and if for any reason they don’t, they refund you. And they always pay for shipping back to them. Win-win! :grinning: