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Good Deals 2018!


Finallyyyy. I am ALWAYS down for saving some cash. www.diyvaporsupply.com - plus I use the ELRECIPES coupon. Awwww yea. Thought you guys might want to know.


For the UK people, there are good deals to be had there. They also sell nic salts (which aren’t on sale).

FA Butter/Milk/Pandoro/Pannetone available for £1.50 if you love your diketones, healthier options otherwise and a bunch of INW for £1 a bottle.



Walgreens has the MyBlue starter kits for 99 cents (plus tax of course). These are actually rebadged My Von Erl pod systems. The pods can be refilled too! I cleaned out my local Walgreens of them :grinning:

If you don’t have a local Walgreens here in the states, you can order them online at the Blu site for a $1 shipped.


$4.99? Are you outta your mind? Get 'em all for a bundled price.

If you’re into big and chunky, and got $20.00…


@Lostmarbles That is brilliant price, to bad they charge 7 dollare shipping. Anyway I have an ebay page, do you think the royal hunter will sell for 13.00 a piece?


Go for it! I think you’d sell a few. At the 4.99 price, I wouldn’t wait too long though.


I am gonna pick up a few things from their sale page. Have you ordered from them? Some of the reviews complain of bad customer service?


I purchased from them 3 times and had 1 bad experience which they made right immediately. Their CS was on it and sent three apology emails. I won’t “highly recommend” them but I won’t trash them either. Suffice to say that I wouldn’t have posted the sale if I thought they were terrible. Good luck brother!


ya, I am the same way. Thanks bro.

If I sell some of the items I got at good prices, I should do pretty good.

Thanks for the post


You might actually like them. I got one in pink and love that spit back prevent cap lol.

There CS isn’t bad but they are slow af. Especially during sales so keep that in mind. Other than that I’ve never had issues with them or any of my orders.


The Walgreens by me did not no anything about this when I went in early this morning, maybe I will try to get them online, I am not really interested in them to much but they would be great to hand out to smoking friends. And I have some nic salts coming.


Yeah I saw on reddit that people were picking them up at Walgreens and some gas stations for a $1. Guess it may just be where you are located. I didn’t care for the liquid that the starter kit came with and refilled it with nic salts. Very easy to refill and it looks like it would be simple to at least rewick the coil too.


Illumn.com Father’s Day Sale & New Product Announcements

Start your Father’s day planning now! From now until Wednesday 5/13 11:59PST take 30% off most full priced flashlights with coupon code “FATHERS2018” * Excluded brands include Zebralight, Malkoff Devices, and Eagletac. Checkout our chargers section for discounted products without a code! High Discharge protected Keeppower 30Qs are now available along with unprotected flat top 30Qs for your high output flashlight needs!


inc: LG HG2 @6.50 & XTAR SC1 @4.99

Once again I cant afford this fabulous sale but thought you might.
I think they typoed the date, should be 6/13

Smoker wanting to convert to vaping, need to choose a device

Super cool I need new batteries :+1:


The LG HG2 (Chocolates) had been out of stock their for some time, Order 2 and get a free plastic battery case!



Pretty good deal for a couple of gallons of VG & a bottle of flavor


I ordered 10 so I should get 5 cases yay :grinning: thanks for posting the link. If I’m not mistaken those batteries are usually $10 each. Won’t need batteries for a while


Thanks for posting!! Needed some new batteries and was waiting for a good deal to pop up on here :+1:


LG HE4 - 2500mAH / 35AMP 18650 BATTERIES - $3.91
SAMSUNG 25R - 2500mAH / 20A 18650 BATTERIES - $4.26
Link: https://www.centralvapors.com/lg-he4-high-drain-35a-2500mah-18650/


Don’t know how good this one is but at this price, it may be worth trying. Use code VIPHDWR10 to bring it down to $3.60 USD (plus shipping).