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Good Deals 2018!


Who wants a Payday deal?

Use code ‘Payday’ at checkout for 20% off your order at

Valid from Friday 29th June until Sunday 1st July.


Just another answer: I ordered once from volcanoecigs.com and I haven’t/won’t ever again. A week went by so I called; --they didn’t have stock to fill the sales item but wanted to fill the rest. Um, no. Worst is that they lied saying they tried to reach me about it.

Then, after asking for a cheap freebie or sample, they would only send me surplus 0 nic juice to make up for it (even tho I asked for something very low-priced that I could actually use) and, then “faster shipping” – priority mail. I was exasperated after the 3rd phone call. One mod I really want has been put on-sale for $20 twice, but it’s not worth the grief.

I don’t appreciate companies treating customers shabby, as if t we’re just clamouring over each other to give away our money. It’s a thing, for me. So I make sure to spread the word. Grain of salt.

Edit: typos – cookie monster ate up my T’s


i do appreciate the feed back with the sales this weekend thru the 4th i have a lot of thinking to do


cool… Localvape.com has 30% off everything, code JULY30
I’ve never ordered from this site, but it looks like they have some fairly decent deals once you apply the 30% code




California was a nice place to be, in 1920 :slight_smile:


Looks like they were normally extraordinarily overpriced (unless they jacked the prices up to have a “sale”)… As they’re showing the same price ranges for TFA, FW, LA.

Just at a glance I looked at Apple Jacks (FW) in 30ml, and they showed the normal price was $4.21/30ml.

Meanwhile, BCF sells it for $3.49/30ml. Almost a 75¢ difference. :flushed:

A 20% off sale at BCF would make it virtually the same price (as this 35% off sale).

Still, not a bad deal all in all… But shipping could tilt matters. Could work out well for some I imagine.


I kinda wondered the same thing on a order I placed last night from Gremlin DIY. After the Real Flavors issues as of late I figured I try and grab a flavor before it went bulk only at RF, but I was too late.

After searching around I landed at Grem DIY and I got 70% off, but the initial price was $7 for 30 mls which seemed pretty high to me. But at checkout 2x30ml bottles was $7 with shipping which is a very good deal IMO.


IIRC, when RF first launched the extracts (Aug 2016), they were $7.95/30ml. Later, into one of the iterations of the SC line… They dropped to $6.99/30ml. But I pretty much hopped off that train by then. Not sure if they dropped much more (if at all) since, but $7/30ml sounds like the normal price last I knew.

Not sure how two for $7 equates to 70% off…but I also would not be surprised to see third parties making adjustments when RF decided to stop selling the 30ml options direct (which also seems vaguely familiar).

Still, $3.50 a pop for 30ml of RF isn’t bad for those that like them! Glad you found a supply! :thumbsup:


It’s actually $2 a pop + $3 shipping


Well yeah! Very nice!
(guess it would help looking at the picture, instead of strictly reading) :laughing:

OK… failed at reading too. sigh
“$7 with shipping”

SO. It’s going to be one of those days is it?


For the life of me I couldn’t remember what 30 mls sold for. I’ve always been able to get RFs nearly free or on sale.


Flavour Hub (UK) Flash sale
40% OFF

Grab 40% off everything on our site, excluding CBD items and Capella. Please use discount code SALE40

Be quick as you only have today and tomorrow to use this code as it will expire at midnight tomorrow (Tuesday the 10th)

Please note: While this code is active, Free Shipping will be unavailable


Washington Vapes (UK)

3 x 100ml for £12.99 or £5 each!!



Dead Rabbit SQ, Anglo and Loop. Squonk ready RDAs under 20.00 USD



@HealthCabin has a nice deal on the Kylin Mini for $22 here:

And I haven’t checked, but you should be able to use the current 20% off coupon codes (from the World Cup soccer promo) here:

(use only one of the following codes to pick your team to win:
Belgium: WorldCup#BEL
Croatia: WorldCup#CRO
England: WorldCup#ENG
France: WorldCup#FRA
which should knock another $4.40 off the $22 clearance price!)

The only colors available are black, gold, and rainbow.

I still want one of these… As they come highly recommended by friends whose opinions I trust!


Purple or White Rage for $50.00! with a spare bottle (random color). That’s about 15.00 less than the last sale they had, plus a spare squonk bottle!

Offer Valid on White And Purple Rages Only
Use the code “Friday13” at checkout
Valid till Sunday 7/15/2018 8pm pst
Orders will ship Tuesday 7/17/2018



OMG that was one of the first mods i ever bought , boy how time flies and things change


not to mention the prices.
I listed it for the nostalgia


yes especially the prices i think i paid 80 dollars or so for that when it came out