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Good Deals 2018!


JULY SOCIAL FLASH SALE TERMS & CONDITIONS: Must use discount code referenced to receive discount. $15 minimum purchase required. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. Not valid on previous purchases. Shipping, taxes and other fees may apply. Some exclusions may apply. Free shipping available for orders originating and delivered to addresses within the Continental U.S. only (excludes WA, UT, AR). Delivery dates not guaranteed. Offer valid from 11:00 AM PST on 07/22/18 and ends at 2:00 PM PST on 07/22/18 or while supplies last. Maximum of one use per transaction. This sale may be extended or terminated and the terms and conditions may be modified at any time, and from time to time, without prior notice.


It’s a drop ship, and while it comes from NR, it’s not NR directly. If that makes sense, I don’t know how to explain it lol.


no need, i know how it works and vice versa


This was so tempting… https://101vape.com/charon-tc-218-w-box-mod-by-smoant-camo.html But I already spent the vape funds on this, I think I got one of the last black on black, but it looks like they still have the black/red kevlar. https://www.eightvape.com/collections/mods/products/lost-vape-triade-dna-250-250w-tc-box-modpreorder I ordered it last night and the already sent a shipping notification 8 vape is pretty darn fast. There is some other good deals at both places too.


Great price for the drag 32.50


USA company ??


Great deal 32.50 w/free shipping


Yes, based in cali.


:man_facepalming: Ohh no! not another vendor for me to browse clearance items at


i browse the clearance more often than i look at new stuff lol


me too… lol love me sales alwatsd


Watched this gem start at 30usd when released and sky rocket to present of 84usd Sadly never snagged one when i should have and heard nice things about it so if this is your thing, looks great at 27.They do make an rda to match as well.


just got this in the mail…if any one is looking for the Pulse BF mod at a good price…for 24.95 its a steal if u want to squonk



$24.95 I barrowed money to get it. :sunglasses:



That’s a really good squonker for that price. If I didn’t already have too many I’d pick that up in a heartbeat!


I knew i should have stayed away from this thread.I am trying to save some money but I MUST have this one. I have a friend who loves it. Squonking has totally changed my vaping experience. Flavors taste so much better.


Great price, went and watched a video on it and the Recurve RDA and decided to get them both and guess what… the price of the mod expired and it’s now 39.95 I guess I missed the sale by all of 20 minutes! Oh well… maybe next time.
EDIT: When I first went to the website it was still at the 24.95 price, but changed when I went to look at the Recurve and put it into the cart :frowning:


another good deal …the Wismec P80…i have this mod also…got it as a bang around mod for outside…but was surprised how good it is…you can also add Artic fox to it if u like…i have not…for the money its a very nice mod…


I did the exact same thing. I went and read @mjag review and I almost didn’t get it, but I don’t really need a great TC mod and for 24 bones it was a deal. Anywho, the whole time I was reading the review, I had a little voice (a devil or an angel) telling me that when I get back to my cart, it would be GONE!!! Oh ya, and the time it took for me to find someone willing to loan me a measly 30 dollars. (shipping).

Sorry you missed it bro.


it’s helpful to have the extensions “honey” or " vouch " or "coupon sumo " in google store, just do a search for “apply coupons at checkout” so you get the extension, then when you shop, at the checkout, the extension will go thru to find you the best coupon and apply it.