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Good Deals 2018!


Yes i agree. I use honey all the time. Esp for vape gear.


Could you elaborate on this a bit more?
First time I’ve read about such! And it definitely sounds like an interesting process…

When you say “extension”, are you talking browser extension (ie: plug-in) or do you mean like an affiliate link (being an “extension” to the end of a website address), or something else I’m not quite wrapping my head around yet?

Thanks for the enlightenment! :smiley:


It’s an add-on for your browser.


Having a 35% off spools clearance sale, that will last the whole week, for all spools (ss 316/ss430s)

on top of that, the whole SS430 line is already marked down since it will be discontinued? Anyways, the code adds another 35% off.

Code: “SPOOL35” while supplies last. No back orders etc.

Changes will be made, it looks AVS is redoing their whole line? Make sure you stock up, because who knows what these changes will be, my favorite staggered fused spool isn’t even listed anymore :frowning:


Thanks Kenbu! =)


@Sprkslfly a browser extension here’s a link.,joinhoney.com/ref/213qdkl

you can add it to chrome, upper right hand side of page, or if you want to use another besides honey, u can search in the upper left of the store,in this example, i used the search words " shopping apply coupons at checkout https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/shopping%20apply%20coupon%20at%20checkout?hl=en-US


Added thks but sry u missed out on 50 gold=.50usd by not referring a friend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mine’s in Chrome, and I mostly used it to find the Best Deal on Amazon. It wasn’t until I saw it mentioned here that I took the time to dig around, where I found out you need to click the extension icon in the toolbar to apply the coupon codes it stores. Thot that was automatic (& just annoying, as it pops up when you view the cart. So, thanks to the community – I learned something valuable !


Found it for 25.99 plus an AUG10 code for 10% off.


24 in stock (dropdown box for colors) & code expires in 2 weeks. I know nothing about the company. Would appreciate feedback on that.


hell of a deal and they are a vendor here if that soothes anything but the long ship’n time cant be avoided


My bad sry, that average for the mech, i jumped the gun thinking was the 80w reg. one


I have seen the Mechs go for 15 bones.


I use it all the time. If no codes are found during the checkout process, it will usually add 1% or more as a cashback option. It’s saved me a few bucks here and there.


thanks worm1! :kissing_heart:i did not know that!! here’s a link that makes it easier to join honey thru my referral. it will prompt you to add the shopping extension to your browser, no cost or obligation, – you can disable or remove the extension by right clicking on it




Royal Hunter RDA 0.99, Limitless Gold RDTA (great tank) 2.99 and a few more items…

EDIT: more deals…

Code 101VAPE brings it down to $28.50 USD


for new customers, you can get a assortment of 10 x 10ml E-liquid samples. I figure recycling the empties will be worth the $1.00 fee. Use the code to try new flavor combinations, possibly get past recipe writer’s block.

Welcome Sample Pack - 10 Bottle Bonanza Extravaganza $1.00 with Code: WELCOME10


Unfortunately not valid for my country …


Thanks for the heads up! Ordered.


3AVape has the COV Tempest 200w for $9.90. Black or white.

Things to note, it does not have onboard charging or the ability to upgrade firmware and it takes 3 batteries.


Authentic IJOY 20700 3000mAh 3.7V 40A Li-ion Battery €3.63