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Good Deals 2018!






Mod and tank for $20.00 USD. Red, Silver and Rainbow available



Sold out! :frowning:


All these for Vaporl Chinese site? here are a few from the states almost as good. less wait time wotofo-220w-mod https://breazy.com/products/predator-228-box-mod-wismec https://breazy.com/products/veneno-225w-tc-box-mod-smok https://breazy.com/products/veneno-225w-tc-box-mod-smok Don’t have any affiilation with them but I know they ship really fast with no hiccups so far dealing with them 3 days or 3 weeks? remember to use cose CVD10 for a additional 10% off. I have been on the hunt so a few more will come from others here that are fans of fast shipping.and they also have the Aleader X=drip for 10% less with code. just watch the doors with that one, I have had a few that don’t fit right from Aleadr and mor with the resin models.


Sorry. I did a test run prior to posting and they had the three colors remaining. Guess at that price they wouldn’t last long.


one more some good ones here https://www.vapordna.com/vape-clearance-s/2720.htm?Click=94647 use code ECA10 for a extra 10% off


another, https://cheapvaping.deals/dovpo-basium-squonk-box-mod


sorry, but one more that sent me out solicitations, yes way to many got my # Try Local Vape for 30% off like a rage for 60+ and a few good deals on higher end gear. LOCALVAPE.COM


Flash Sale …Code" MOD10" brinngs the price down to 22.49


https://www.lightningvapes.com/?utm_source=Lightning+Vapes+Newsletter&utm_campaign=50f47f0e85-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_08_22_05_20&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_8bf7ccdc7b-50f47f0e85-369568693&mc_cid=50f47f0e85&mc_eid=4fccd63b04 works out to a little over $3.00 if you get the 8 pack bogo =16 batteries less than $50+shipping


Maybe not for everyone, but i keep checking at alibaba express, and it keep saying that they will have a big discount in 4 days. For almost all items, it seems. I havent checked it through though.


I know a few people here use this UK vendor chefsflavours on here, decent discount for this UK Bank Holiday

Enjoy 25% off EVERYTHING with code BH25

Offer valid from Midnight on Thursday 23rd August - Midnight on Monday 27th August

The following #supportthecreator brands have been excluded;

DIY or DIE, Divine, MIXT, Shyndo, E-Juice Makers, Pixlated and Nick & Mix


Cool looking Mod, but out of stock.


Yeah, i know sorry.It was a flash sale. That site has daily flash sales.


VapersTek is currently having a sale on their nicotine: 12% off with the code Nic12
(Excludes wholesale orders and requires a $10 minimum order)

I just got in their 240 ml of 100 mg/ml nicotine(100% PG), and it’s good-clear, zero taste and smooth. They offer lower concentrations, but it appears only at the 1 liter size. Also, there are no ratios in their base-It’s either 100% VG or PG.


$18 with code “ALLVAPE”
Free shipping on orders over $50


$19.80 with code “ALLVAPE”
Free Shipping on orders over $50


$59.35 with code SAS10. Price is for the Purple Rage only.


This device is all pro. Love it.*

  • I do not use TC so I can’t speak for that function. I have used bypass mode and it kicks like a mule. Great little squonker.