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Good Deals 2018!


I think you’ll love it. The convenience of a tank with the full on flavor of an RDA. Easy to build on and wick. I prefer wicking to just below half way down the glass. All the way to the floor of the base seems to just pool at the bottom and not transfer up as fast. Try it both ways and see what you prefer.


use those to wing at people, only 70 cents a piece :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Few nice deals there tho the Druga kit for 19 is appealing (to me it aint for everyone)


I still love this thing.


That RDTA has replaceable build decks, is the stock build deck ok ?




According to the description it is a Twisted Messes style deck which looks like the pic above. It should be pretty simple. My preference would be to have individual holes per screw but the slotted shouldn’t be a hassle at all.


I think the best one out of all the limitless rdta’s I have them all and I bought a bunch of these when they were $4.99. I thought that was steal. that is a different deck @TinMan posted, you can purchase that one seperate. The one it comes with is 4 holes, with the 4 purple titanium screws, No doubt worth a buck. good o-rings on all of the ones I got.


I hope that’s the case with these. But I would pretty much be happy with anything other than the clamp style decks.


Awesome. Thanks!
Still a bit difficult to find all the available post options though.
@thetinman - ditto the clamp style…


The deck I got on the ones I bought a month ago are the clamp type. I’m not a big fan but once you get it all trapped it’s pretty easy. It was easier for me on the limitless, than it was on the goon. I honestly have no complaints.


Recurve RDA - $18.08 with coupon code vscoupon and 100 reward points.


No code necessary, as long as supplies last. (US vendor). $12 any color.


I guess I missed the sale. I put 2 in my cart and they were 2.99.when I checked out they were 5.98 a piece with another 6 something for shipping. Bummer


Oh, sorry you missed out but 6.00 is still a VERY good price for a great tank. Maybe they’ll do it again soon. They’ve been having some crazy good sales there lately.


Ended up getting a geekvape blitzen. I saw good reviews on it. In search of a good flavor tank. I bought the Zeus and not enough flavor.


@HealthCabin has a pretty smoking clearance deal on the Smoant Battlestar RDA right now for only $13!


https://cheapvaping.deals/geekvape-aegis-box-mod they only have it left in yellow but was so tempting. also thought this was a pretty good deal there too. https://cheapvaping.deals/joyetech-cuboid-tap-box-mod oh and this one I bought from there too, If you count the free 20700’s in its almost like getting the box for close to nothing. https://cheapvaping.deals/ijoy-genie-pd270-234w-box-mod-38-80 now if you pick either 2 of these and toss in a pack of cotton bacon prime or something else cheap shipping is free. I have shopped there before and was very happy with shipping speeds.


Also for all the original crown fans, use code COIL820 to get your crown coils for $7.16 for a pack of 4. That’s cheaper than the last time I ordered from China. They had 3 different ones in stock last I checked the .25, .05, and the NI200 .015. www.vaperoyalty.com/uwell-crown-tank-coil-heads-4-pack/ the code is good for 20% off all of the coils they carry, not sure of any free shipping limit but they are pretty fast from my recollection too.


I know this is a mixers forum, but this is a good deal, and if you are novice like me, or have a case of mixers block, I suggest this site where you can buy e-juice for less than you can mix it:

This is 4x30ml to total 120ml of e-liquid for $4.44, just for 1st time orderers. I am trying the 10x10ml samples I had linked above in this thread and can say they are simple but tasty recipes.


check out TOT concerning this company’s products if you want: