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Good Deals 2018!


Might be why it’s reduced to $35… Just Kiddin!


Not great, but some decent prices on some things…

Druga squonk kit. $13.00 USD Red only

Pixie BF RDA. 14.50USD + shipping for silver color. Other colors 0.80 more. Log in for price.


I recv’d and use that druga kit almost daily and have to say u can beat it for that price. The rda alone is worth it. The box has a few quirks, button harder to push but due to a hefty contact bar which is a plus, the door wants to pop open when u squeeze, bottle is colored which makes it hard to see juice level…


Yeah, I’ve read the RDA is not bad at all. Not much into mechs myself, but I might get it for the RDA and vape-forward the mod.


It is decent 22 rda, nothing special tho the thumb post screws make it lil easier that they are slotted and can remove em and lay both wires across vs, threading thru a hole. Flavor nice for side airflow, set coils up high, would warn it get very hot (even at .3) as it’s aluminum and that very short 810 needs to get swapped for taller. Currently got her setup as single and it does really well w/ the plug to cut down on the chamber size.


This is a pretty good sale. 30% off and 40 bucks off a 100 is pretty awesome

EDIT: I forgot to put the codes. 30% off for selected items with code: DEALS30
$40 off over $100 with code: DEALS40


Sorry Y’all the codes are
30% off for selected items with code: DEALS30
$40 off over $100 with code: DEALS40

For the Health Cabin discounts


Is this a good deal?


It showed a 25% discount for you entire order…

Use discount code “AVS25” at checkout for 25% off your whole order!

I like the no Nickel aspect of this wire… probably less metal taste.

EDIT: Got it!


Should be AVS25 if still active, if not use AVS for the regular 15% off.

@CosmicTruth the 430 ss spools are discontinued, hence the huge price drop. I’m not sure about 430, I use only 316l, maybe you can find some more info on the 430 or ppl using it can chime in.

All I heard is, it needs a “special” 430 ss option on mods, if you want to tc it. Not sure if true, tcr option should be normally enough, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to say it’s true or false.


SS430: “0138” [0.00138] :slight_smile:

They sent me a 30’ spool shipping was like $4 something, and I got a FREE STICKER! Swag :slight_smile:


Sorry… I was still searching when you replied, now if I can find the TCOR I might just order some.

EDIT: Looks like I’m late this time… Thanks @CosmicTruth


No worries, we all a bit slow/fast today :wink:


My PC keeps telling me to backup the hard drive, But I cant find the gear shift or reverse gear button :frowning:


I think I have some of that in premade coils from an order earlier this year but haven’t used any in a while.


not quite the same I guess. I recall it not being great in TC SS mode and not wanting to mess with TCR. I should give it another go in wattage mode but I recently got a 30’ spool of:

Triple Core Parallel Fused Clapton 316L SS - 28gx3/36g

which I love so I will probably forget to try the 430.

Next order I am planning to get some of that hex-core fused clapton they just added to the shop.


A little different, this is 28G x2 + 30G but do try it again in TCR mode: SS430: “0138” [0.00138] it is supposed to be more accurate than SS316L


Thanks, I might but I gave up on TC after I started squonking single coils about a year ago. The Pulse 80w’s and RSQ’s I use all suck in regular TC mode and I CBA to read a manual and figure out how to even switch them to TCR mode if they have it.


I think the way that some mod works is as you switch from Ni -> Ti -> SS -> XXX and the XXX is actually TCR mode so you can input the TCR value. But hey VW mode is good too, I use that more often than TC.


I like the 430ss part but I don’t like the 30g wrap. To each their own though.

have you ever used it?


Never, I have some RDAs en route, all my old ones are stripped, I have some ss316L coils coming as well. I just bought that because it was on clearance. I bet I can make it work :slight_smile: