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Good Deals 2018!


Purple or Red-Rubber Rage Squonk box for 64.35 (+ S/H) at www.recoilrda.com with code LABORDAY. All other colors are out of stock. Don’t know how long it will last.


you had me at cleito., but its the 120 :frowning: ty anyway for the share :wink:


They still have the black regular cleito in stock for $12.


I just picked up the Red. Thanks a lot as I missed all the deals a while back around this price and I finally snagged one, thanks once again.


No problemo!



That’s a heck of a deal. I picked one up a few days ago, so far I like it.


$3.00 Baby Beast compatible coils

Out of stock :frowning:

Edit: checked it again and they are back in stock! except there is a $25.00 minimum order :frowning:


Weekend Promotion - Kaees x Tony B Stacked 24mm RTA

Spend $25 or more and purchase this item for $4.99 using coupon code “STACKED”. Item finishes are chosen on the drop down menu. Due to the nature of this sale, no returns or exchanges will be accepted and all sales are final. Limit One (1) per transaction, while supplies last. Only One (1) promo code may apply.

I see it now after a closer look at your post…


$31.49 USD (SH not included) with code October1



I am a notorious time waster. Just ask any boss I’ve ever worked for. During all my wasting of time, I was able to hone my bullshit filter skills. :rofl:


@worm1 That one just NEVER gets old !!!


Nor this @SessionDrummer



@Mark_Turner How the hell do you find this stuff !!! I honestly did not know about that one. +1 Big Dog.:+1:


IDK I just really follow legislation Federal & State articles and such. I am a big Advocate for Vaping rights. Mainly in my Home State of PA. so I get tagged and have a plethora of news & articles in my Social Media feed.


Deal of the week $35.00


I reviewed this product not long ago, and I would pay 50 bucks for it for sure, and I very rarely pay over $40 for a mod.


ty just bought a red one since the black was out of stock


It’s great for users who live on power mode… But is subject to issues with TC in my experience (and I’m not just talking about the bug with respect to it being programmed to SS 430 in SS mode!)

Even TCR mode has ended up being flaky for me. =(

Technical review and insight coming soon!
And it’s way overdue, but there’ve been cumulative, and multiple issues, that I’ve been experiencing and trying to nail down first.