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Good deals?


shame you don’t get 10% off the delivery time…:angry:


Anyone buying anything good from Fasttech? I just bought 2 more subtank mini’s, flush cutters to clip wires, and brushes to clean tanks out.


One trick to buying from Fasttech and have faster shipping…buy in small quantities…just make more orders if needed.


I was thinking about grabbing one of these from them https://www.fasttech.com/products/3028/10012406/2137600-derringer-styled-rda-rebuildable-dripping-atomizer anyone tried it?


another tip: read the availability. Some items say in stock or ships in 3 days or 7 days, or whatever. if you have several items with different availabilities, they’ll ship when all items are ready.


I use the Derringer as my dedicated flavor testing atty and use another one on my Dripbox 160. Great little flavor atty. Make sure you get the V3 one which has the velocity deck on it. They have multiple colors of the V3 as well.


Since I just bought the Aromamizer V1 for $10.00, I thought I’d get the V2 base for it from FT. Don’t have to worry about the vape bands and I’ll have a spare base just in case. Might also pick up some spare TFV4 RBAs while I’m at it.


Smok TFV8 baby beast for £13.50




This is a real nice looking mod. If I didn’t already have 2 DNA75 mods I would be all over it. Here is a tip, if you open an account, log in and add it to your cart just wait for a day or 2 and they will usually send you a 10% off coupon.

If it had the FSK board from the Hohm Slice I would be all over it, I really like my Hcigar VT75 and SMY SDNA75 but the Hohm Slice just performs better for me. I just wish the build quality matched the other 2 I mentioned.

Does anyone want to buy my SMY DNA75? If so then the Skar would be mine…lol


@mjag $89.59 coupon code VapeSkar FREE shipping to US (reg Air Mail)

Might wanna consider the HCIGAR VT75 Nano (single 18650) for $63.09 (flash sale)


Gotta keep checking that “Deal of the Day”



Efun still has two iJoy 26650s for $15


you can buy cool decorative sleeves



WHAT!? DEAL OF THE DAY Listen up peoples!

Avidartisan Daedalus Coil DIY Tool !!! $34.99


Use code NAT for 5% off and pick a free prize (from their list) with code freeprize (I got a TF RDTA G2 deck)


That is a really good prize, in fact the best prize i have ever seen on that product. :thumbsup:


I think @BoDarc caused their site to crash! I was going to grab one for that price!


Yeah i tried to get in and the site is not responding at all for me.


hah! yes it crashed while I was in… I was definitely tasking their server


I hope you ordered enough of them for everyone!:grin: Is that just a sale for today only?:rage:


I blame Windows Updates :wink: I was about to checkout damnit!


Anyone know where I can get a cheap coil jig or coil kit? I need one for my girlfriends house.